Week 21 Recap

Start of our final round of regular season games last week.

Early tilt between Sweden and Finland the Scandinavian Rivalry!  Close 1st period as Sweden out scores Finland 3-2.  Finland gives it right back to the Swedes in the 2nd out scoring them 2-1 for a 4-4 tie after 2 periods.  Sweden takes back the lead at 9:43 of the 3rd and Finland ties it up at 7:01.  Then the Finn’s pulled their backstop Gordie Ide for his brother Bobby Ide from team USA.  WTF????????   Sweden scored late and win this match 6-5.  Penalty Free game yeah!!!!!!   Sweden got 2 goals from Joe Peacock and singles from Mike Rukavina, Paul Barbosa, Eric Fletcher and Steve Kaaaaallllluuuuuuzzzzznnnnnyyyyyy!!!!!  Finland got all singles from rookie sensation Tim Freeman, father Bruce Freeman, Dwayne Tygesen, Rob Leenaars and Tim Martins who went straight to Swedens Rukavina and said “what?????”  Players of the Game went to Swedens Scott McCallum and to Finlands Tim Martins.

Late game between Canada and USA.  Canada out duels the Americans 3-1 after the 1st period.  Deja Vu in the 2nd as they take a 6-2 lead after 2 periods.  Final period saw both squads score once for a convincing Canuck win 7-3.  USA got goals from Peter Freeman (maybe call this night the Freeman night as all 3 boys scored), Steve Ferrin and Murray Russell got the other goals.  For The Canadians Patrick Sharp continues to roll at an unprecedented pace scoring twice and with 2 helpers he now has passed USA Diluzio for the scoring lead.  Patty has 17 points in his last 5 games wtf????   On Fire!!!  Canadian George Letsos also had 2 markers, singles for Paul Harty, Pat McCormick and Robin Flumerfelt.  Lots of visitors with Brenda in this match.  Canada went 0-3 on the PP and USA was 0-4.  Canadian Flumerfelt got his first minor penalty in over 2 years in this one and had tears in his eyes at the end of the match.

This weeks games will be our LOVERS special on Friday, February 14.  Early game at 9:15 USA vs Finland a battle of the Barrett brothers, Ide brothers and Freeman brothers.  USA and Finland have split their season series at 2 wins a piece and this game will decide the season winner, should be exciting.   Late game at 10:30 Sweden vs Poland.  Canada and Patrick Sharp will have the week off thank god for the rest of us.

Our playoff schedule has been verbally confirmed by the City and we have updated it on the bottom of the Team stats page, please check it out as times and some days will change as they always do based on what is available from the City in the spring.

Also wanted to add one more note on the historical stats scoops.  4 active members are celebrating this season as their 20th season in the league, Gary Julius, Neil Kelly, Jimmy Maguire and Patty McCormick congrats boys.  We have 11 active members out of 75 that have more than 20 seasons in the league.  We believe Ron Chantaj is our longest active member at 30+ seasons followed closely by Billy Dawe, Gordie and Bobby Ide, Kevin Nicholson, Frank Rispoli and Mark Plewes.  And then 4 members somewhere between 21 and 25 years Mike Rukavina, Sal Guerra, Johnny Annan and Richard Chalovich.  A big congrats to the 11 old farts in the league that will need walkers soon.  Remember to call the doctor after 4 hours boys!!!

A friendly reminder for just a few more members to complete our website survey please.  McCormick, Kelly, Letsos, Gunther, Nicholson, Lewis, Diluzio, Bobby Ide, Kostick and Tony Thomas.  You would have received an email from Survey Monkey, check your spam folders just in case.  Thanking you all in advance for your support.

See you all on the ice and remember keep your sticks on the ice we are a BEER league!!!