Week 2. 2019 Playoffs

Well well well just when you think you know everything a big surprise happens.

Early game between the rested #1 seed Swedes and the #5 seed USA coming off a trashing their opening playoff game from Canada.

First Period

1.  USA, Flumerfelt 1 (Kostick, Randa) 12:05

2.  SWE, Russell 1 (Mihalic, Cosentino) 10:50

3.  USA, Maguire 1 (Randa, Chantan) 10:13

Penalties – SWE Ron Chantaj 5:11

Second Period

4.  USA, Maguire 2 (Young, McKean) 14:03

5.  SWE, Brideau 1 (Russell) 8:29

6.  SWE, Tygesen 1 (Wright) 3:07

7.  USA, Randa 1 (unassisted) 2:14

Penalties – SWE Brideau 12:28, SWE Martins 6:36

Third Period

8. USA, Flumerfelt 2 (unassisted) 14:47

9.  SWE, Russell 2 (Cosentino) 14:09

10.  SWE, Tygesen 2 (unassisted) 7:19

11.  USA, McKean 1 (Kostick, Flumerfelt) 6:08

12.  USA, Nicholson 1 (McKean) 2:01

Penalties – none

USA 7.  SWEDEN 5. 

Goalies – USA G. Ide WIN 1-1-0. SWE Rispoli LOSS 0-1-0

Power Play.  Sweden 0-0.   USA 0-3

Players of the Game – SWE – #11 Dwayne Tygesen. USA #5 Robin Flumerfelt

So a major upset as the yanks win this one and even their record at 1-1 they will get the next week off.  Sweden now losers of 3 straight look to rebound this week against the 1-1 Finns.

Late game between Canada and Finland, both squads winning their opening playoff matches.

First Period

1.  CAN, Harty 2 (unassisted) 13:22

2.  CAN, Annan 2 (Ianno) 10:52

3.  CAN, Annan 3 (Julius) 5:58

4.  CAN, Burke 1 (Arruda) 2:47

Penalties – none

Second Period

5.  CAN, Robb 4 (Boudens, Arruda) 13:28

Penalties – CAN Chamberlain 10:18, FIN Rinaldo 10:13, FIN Leenaars 7:58,

FIN Leenaars 3:21

Third Period

6.  FIN, Messenger 1 (Plewes) 14:09

7.  FIN, MacDougall 3 (Barrett) 12:34 Short Handed

Penalties – FIN Carlisle 12:59, CAN Robb 4:00, FIN Spence 4:00


Goalies – CAN Senkowski WIN 2-0-0.  FIN McCallum LOSS 1-1-0

Power Play – CAN 0-4. FIN 0-1

Players of the Game    CANADA #5 Johnny Annan.  FINLAND #12 Rob Messenger

So Canada sits atop with 2 wins, USA and Finland are both 1-1 and Poland and Sweden at the bottom with an 0-1 record.

This week Friday, March 29 our games will go an hour earlier.  First game puck drop is at 8:15 pm as Sweden faces off against Finland and at 9:30 Poland will skate with Canada.  USA get the week off.

See you all on the ice Boys!!

Week 1 2019 Playoffs

And we are off with our 32nd playoff season as last Friday we kicked off week one of our playoff round robin games.

Early game between the #2 seed Canada and the #5 seed USA.  The Canucks are rolling at the right time as they have reeled off 4 straight wins entering these playoffs and the Americans win a monster game at the end of the season spanking the #1 seed Swedes.

Opening period was all Canada as they scored 5 unanswered goals.  2nd frame saw both squads get singles and the the 3rd period Canada gets 3 more as the yanks could only score once.  Canada wins big time 9-2 to open our playoffs and send a message to the rested Swedes their may be a new king in town.

First Period

1.  Canada, Fletcher 1 (Ianno) 11:58

2.  Canada, Harty 1 (unassisted) 10:54

3.  Canada, Fletcher 2 (Coffin, Ianno) 5:43 GWG

4.  Canada, Arruda 1 (Ianno, Chalovich) 2:40

5.  Canada, Annan 1 (Guerra) 0:21

Penalties – none

Second Period

6.  Canada, Robb 1 (Julius, Harty) 13:50

7.  USA, Cummings 1 (Kostick) 10:10 PP

Penalties – Arruda CAN 11:40, Cummings USA 8:57

Third Period

8.  Canada, Robb 2 (unassisted) 8:19

9.  Canada, Robb 3 (Ianno, Fletcher) 7:49

10.  Canada, Arruda 2 (unassisted) 5:03

11.  USA, Barbosa 1 (Chantaj) 4:03

Penalties – Boudens CAN 14:38

Power Play – Canada 0-1.  USA 1-2

Goalies – Canada Senkowski W 1-0-0. USA G. Ide L 0-1-0

Canada 9. USA 2

Players of the Game went to Canada’s #1 Art Senkowski


And for the Americans George Karabinis, who did NOT play, ouch!!!

Karabinis USA

Late game between the #3 seed Poland and #4 seed Finland looked to be a good one.

No scoring in the opening period.  Poland out shot the Finns big time in the first but could not find a way to beat Finlands backstop McCallum.  Poland score 2 quick goals on the same shift early to take a 2-0 lead.  Finland scores in the latter half of the 2nd to make this a 1 goal game into the final frame.  Again both goalies looked sharp in this one.  Finland ties up the game early in the 3rd on the PP.  Finland takes its first lead of the game at the 10 minute mark of the 3rd.  Poland presses the rest of the way but McCallum shuts them down.  Finland wins this crucial opener 3-2.  Excellent game at both ends of the pond.

First Period

No scoring or penalties

Second Period

1.  Poland, Ferrin 1 (Rukavina) 14:24

2.  Poland, Rukavina 1 (Dupal, Krajewski) 13:58

3.  Finland, MacDougall 1 (Fasulo, Carlisle) 4:30

Penalties – none

Third Period

4.  Finland, MacDougall 2 (Carlisle) 11:00 PP

5.  Finland, Carlisle 1 (McCormick) 9:55 GWG

Penalties – Dupal POL 12:55, MacDougall FIN 1:09

Power Play – Poland 0-1.  Finland 1-1

Goalies – Finland McCallum W 1-0-0.  Poland B. Ide L 0-1-0

Finland 3 Poland 2

Players of the Game went to Polands #1 Bobby Ide


And for the Finns 2 players awarded #1 Scott McCallum and #5 Tony Carlisle


So a great start to our playoffs.  This week Friday, March 22 at 9:15 Sweden will debut their playoffs against the USA looking to bounce back from last weeks debacle.  And at 10:30 pm Canada and Finland will do battle with the winner of this one taking top spot in the playoffs.  Should be a beauty.  Get your tickets early before they are all sold out.  Poland gets the week off.  See you all on the ice!!!!

Playoff Round Robin Kick Off

This week Friday, March 15 we will kick off our new season as we are all tied with 0 points each.  9:15 Canada vs USA and at 10:30 Poland vs Finland.  Sweden gets the week off.  Please note that all games are at Port Credit arena and the days and times will change from our regular season.  Schedule is posted on our website under Events.

A couple of friendly reminders for the playoffs.  No fill in players are allowed and your team needs a minimum of 7 skaters and a goalie for a game to be legit.  Please let your team reps know if you will be away.

Tie breaker rules for the round robin are as follows and in this order;

1)  If 2 teams are tied then head to head, if more than 2 teams are tied then go to #2.

2)  GF/GF+GA for total round robin games

3)  Least penalty minutes total round robin games

4)  Coin Toss

Goalie call up wasn’t really honoured last year so here is our rule.  If your goalie is away first call must go to the team that is OFF that week.  If that can not be filled then to either of the goalies that are playing that night in the other game.  If that is not available to our goalie call up list.

Good luck to all teams in your playoff runs this season.


Week 25 and End of the Regular Season Recap

Early game last week was a big one as Poland faced off against Canada.  The winner gets the #2 seed the loser #3 seed.

First Period

No scoring, no penalties

Second Period

1.  Canada, MacDougall (fill in) (Ianno). 10:09 PP

2.  Canada, Coffin 4 (Ianno, Chamberlain) 9:03

3.  Canada, Harty 5 (Ianno). 6:18

4.  Canada, Julius 1 (Guerra). 4:55

5.  Poland, Thomas 1 (Barrett, Ferrin). 4:38

Penalties – POL Atchison 14:18, POL Barrett 12:01

Third Period

6.  Poland, Kelly 6 (Falcone, Krajewski) 0:44 SH

7.  Poland, Dupal 7 (Rukavina, Barrett). 0:21 SH

Penalties – CAN Coffin 8:39, POL Rukavina 7:29, CAN Ianno 7:15, POL Falcone 0:59

Goalies    CAN Senkowski Win 9-9-2.  POL B. Ide Loss 8-9-3

Canada 4.  Poland 3

Players of the Game goes to Canada’s fill in player Steve MacDougall.  Wheres the hat?????


And for Poland the one and only Jeffery Barkin.



Special shout out to Gary ‘DAD’ Julius.  Playing in only his 3rd game this season buries his 1st goal of the campaign and it proves to be the game winner that puts Canada in as the #2 seed.  The ageless wonder!!!!


Late game between #1 Sweden and #5 USA a meaningless game that will prepare both squads before the playoffs.

First Period

1.  USA, McKean 6 (Kostick)  PP 10:21

2.  USA, Young 4 (Randa, Flumerfelt). 3:01

3.  USA, Flumerfelt 14 (Cummings, Randa)  1:59

4.  USA, Barbosa 5 (Cummings, McKean)  1:18

Penalties – SWE Ron Chantaj 11:19,  SWE Sparrow 6:25

Second Period

5.  Sweden, P. Freeman 7 (Mihalic, McLaughlin)  14:32

6.  USA, Flumerfelt 15 (Young). 13:58

7.  Sweden, McLaughlin 2 (Chantaj, P. Freeman)  9:26

8.  USA, Cummings 8 (Barbosa, McKean). 3:56

Penalties – none

Third Period

9.  USA, Flumerfelt 16 (unassisted). 11:21

10.  USA, Cormier 8 (Cummings, Randa). 8:47

11.  USA, Randa 14 (Young). 3:31

Penalties – none

Goalies   USA Win G. Ide 6-10-4.  SWE Loss Rispoli 12-4-4

USA 9.  Sweden 2

Players of the Game goes to Sweden’s #12 Rob McLaughlin and USA #5 Robin Flumerfelt.  A special shout out to Robin for going penalty free the entire season WOW what an accomplishment!!!!!  Well done Robin, just say NO to the BOX!!!!

So that wraps up our 20 game regular season.  Sweden finishes as our reg season champions with 28 points, congrats boys.  Canada 2nd with 20, Poland 3rd with 19, Finland 4th with 17 and USA 5th with 16 points.  Sweden had the most goals for with 101.  Canada had the least against with 83.  Poland led the league with 50 penalty minutes and Canada was the least Brenda friendly with just 18 minutes.  The record low in out history was 38 minutes, well done Canada!!!   Canada also had a perfect 100% penalty kill record.  Finland had the best power play at 31%.  No team swept any team with 5 victories this year, nice.

Individually Swedens Dwayne Tygessen wins his first scoring title and Rocket Richard most goals scored with 21 goals and 18 assists for a 39 point campaign, thank you Leo!!!!!  Best goals against looked like it was a lock for Swedens Frank Rispoli to win his 5th in the last 6 seasons until the last game of the year USA put 9 past him and he loses out to Canada’s Art Senkowski by one goal, oh my.  Poalnds Dan Barrett led the league in helpers with 27.  Finlands John Fasulo wins the Johnny Sparrow award for most penalty minutes with 12.  And rookie scoring race was a tie between Canada’s Frank Arruda and Finlands George ‘don’t drop the soap’ Letsos each with a 23 point campaign.  Congrats to all of you.

This week will be our opening night of our brand new season where everyone starts at 0 points.  Early game Friday, March 15 at 9:15 Canada and USA.  Late game at 10:30 Poland and Finland.  Sweden gets the 1st week off.

See you all on the ice Boys!!!

Week 24 Recap

Last weeks games recaps.

Early game between Sweden and Canada.

First Period

1.  Canada, Guerra 3 (Harty, Ianno) 8:22

Penalties.   SWE – Martins 6:27

Second Period

2.  Canada, Robb 8 (Guerra, Fletcher) 8:43

3.  Canada, Arruda 15 (Boudens, Robb) 8:30

4.  Canada, Fletcher 15 (Ianno, Guerra) 6:39

5.  Sweden, Nweisser 6 (Martins, Russell) 5:51

6.  Canada, Ianno 12 (Boudens, Fletcher) 1:36

Penalties   SWE Tygesen 13:34, CAN Harty 13:28


7.  Canada, Fletcher 16 (Harty) 14:51

8.  SWE  B. Freeman 7 (Wright, Nweisser) 12:31

9.  SWE  B. Freeman 8 (Nweisser, Tygessen) 9:39

10.  SWE. Tygessen 21 (Martins, Brideau) 2:51

Penalties.   none

Canada 6 – Sweden 4

Players of the Game for Sweden #19 Bruce Freeman and for Canada #12 Sal Guerra



Late game between Poland and Finland

First Period

1.  Finland, May 14 (unassisted) 14:32

2.  Finland, Sharp 10 (Letsos, Connell) 8:40

3.  Poland, Ferrin 7 (Peacock, Tavares) 8:06

4.  Finland, M. Barrett 1 (Fasulo, Rinaldo) 3:02

5.  Finland, Spence 4 (MacDougall, Letsos) 1:54

6.  Finland, Leenaars 5 (McCormick, Plewes) 0:39

Penalties. – none

Second Period

7.  Poland, Peacock 18 (D. Barrett, Ferrin) 14:12

Penalties.  –  none

Third Period

8.  Finland, Rinaldo 1 (MacDougall) PP

9.  Poland, Falcone 5 (D. Barrett, Kelly) 2:46

10.  Poland, Diluvio 17 (Barkin, Atchison) 1:01

Penalties.  POL  Peacock 14:55

Finland 6 – Poland 4

Players of the Game went to Finlands #4 Murray Barrett and for Poland #5 Dan Barrett, brotherly LOVE!!!!!!!

One more week to go to complete our regular season games this Friday, March 8.  At 9:15 will be a doozy as Poland will do battle with Canada.  The winner of this one gets the 2nd seed and the loser is the 3rd seed for our Playoff Round robin games.  A tie favours the Polocks.  Which week do these guys want off, mmmmmm.  Late tilt at 10:30 will feature the #1 seed Sweden facing off with the #5 seed USA.  No meaning for this game but the Swedes opening playoff game in 2 weeks will be against these same Trumpsters so a message could be sent here.  The #4 seed Finland get the week off to prepare for their playoff run.

See you all on the ice boys!!!!


Playoff Schedule now confirmed


We have now confirmed our playoff schedule and have posted it under Events 2019 Playoff Schedule.

Sweden has locked the #1 seed, Finland has locked the #4 seed and USA have locked the #5 seed.  Canada and Poland will play this week and the winner of that game will get the #2 seed, loser the #3 seed.  A tie then Poland gets the #2 seed.

Please note time changes from our regular times starting week 3 in the playoffs and our Championship Night will go on Sunday, April 14 at Port Credit arena.  8:00 will feature the Kiss your Sister Bronze medal game and 9:15 the Gold medal game.  Thats just 2 days after our final round robin games, can our aging bodies handle that???

Pretty exciting stuff.

See you all on the ice.  Wondering if Henry has any more birthdays this spring???

Week 23 Recap

Friday night recap.  Early match between USA and Poland turned out to be a special night for one lucky Polock.


What the heck was going on behind the Polish bench?  Lots of screaming and every lady had an Oh Henry bar???  What the heck.

First Period

1. USA, Cummings 7 (Kostick)  11:38

2. USA, Young 3 (McKean, Chantaj)  10:19

3.  Poland, Ferrin 6 (Tavares). 7:32

4.  Poland, Krajewski 2 (Rukavina, Falcone)  6:21

Penalties – Kelly POL 9:36; McKean USA 3:56

Second Period

5. Poland, Dupal 6 (Diluzio, Atchison)  7:33

6. Poland, Rukavina 10 (Tavares)  2:32

7. Poland, Falcone 4 (Barrett)  0:51

Penalties – Ferrin POL 10:53

Third Period

8. Poland, Rukavina 11 (Thomas)  12:14

9. Poland, Peacock 17 (Diluzio)  SH 10:33

10. USA, McKean 5 (Chantaj)  PP 6:53

11. USA, Chantaj 7 (Flumerfelt, Maguire)  5:36

Penalties – Ferrin POL 12:09, Rukavina POL 8:46

Goal – Poland Bobby Ide (W 8-7-3)  USA Gord Ide (L 5-10-4)

Power Plays   USA 1-4. Poland 0-1

Attendance – 15

Poland 7  –  USA 4

Players of the Game for USA Robin Chantaj


And for the Polocks none other than birthday boy Henry Krajewski who scored a goal in the game and in the evening at Roc & Docs.  Happy 63rd Oh Henry!!!!!


Late game between Finland and Canada

First Period

1.  Canada, Fletcher 13 (Arruda) 13:13

2.  Finland, Connell 6 (MacDougall) 8:14

3.  Finland, Fasulo 2 (May)  4:25

4.  Finland, Spence 3 (MacDougall, Leenaars)  4:02

5.  Canada, Diluzio temp (Boudens, Chamberlain). 3:43

6.  Canada, Arruda 13 (Guerra). 2:16

Penalties – none

Second Period

7.  Canada, Fletcher 14 (unassisted). 11:51

8.  Canada, Arruda 14 (Fletcher, Ianno). 0:01

Penalties – none

Third Period

9.  Canada, Coffin 3 (Chamberlain). 11:27

10.  Finland, Letsos 7 (Connell). 3:49

11.  Finland, May 13 (McCormick, Fasulo). 0:15

Penalties – Fasulo, FIN 13:29, Fasulo, FIN 9:15

Goal – Canada Senkowski (W7-9-2). Finland McCallum (L6-10-3)

Power Plays – Canada 0-2.  Finland 0-0

Attendance – 0

Canada 6  –  Finland 5

Players of the Game goes to Finland’s John Faso and for Canada Kenny Coffin.  Love their hat omg so funny.


This weeks games goes Friday, March 1, 2019 at 9:15 Sweden plays Canada and at 10:30 Finland will face off against Poland.  USA get the week off.  We added our playoff schedule under the team stats section BUT should get final approval early this week and will let everyone know.  Right now we are looking at the entire Easter weekend off.

Sweden is the only team to secure their playoff seeding, the rest are still up for grabs.

Cheers and see you all on the ice.

Week 22 Recap

Ok last Friday’s recap

Early match between Finland and USA.  All Finland in the 1st as they score 2 unanswered.  USA bounce back big time with 3 straight early 2nd period goals.  Finland tied it back up at 3’s as the 2nd period comes to an end.  Finland go back on top at the 12 minute mark of the 3rd.  The Trumpsters tie it back up with 8 minutes to go.  And as the Wall Emergency Fund is announced the Americans score 3 more times winning this game 7-4.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP USA was 0-0.  Finland got 2 goals from sophomore sensation Steve MacDougall and singles from George ‘don’t drop the soap’ Letsos and Robbie Leenaars who won a lot of moola this year haha.  USA got a hat trick from the very bearded Jay Cummings and singles from Tim Randa, Jimmy Maguire, Robin Chantaj and Tommy Marshall.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Steve MacDougall and to Jay Cummings from the USA.  FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!


Late game between the 1st and 2nd place teams was a good one.  Sweden and Poland.  Sweden scores the lone goal in the 1st.  Poland scores the lone goal in the 2nd as they go into the final frame tied up at 1’s.  Both Rispoli and Ide looked very sharp in net for this one.  Poland jumped out on top early in the 3rd period with a pretty goal from Joe Peacock.  The Swedes tied it up at the 10 minute mark and then took the lead with 7 minutes to go.  Swedes score 2 more times and Poland only managed 1 goal for a Swedish win of 5-3.  Poland got goals from Mike Rukavina, Joe Peacock and Neil Kelly.  Swedes got 4 goals off the wood of Dwayne Tygesen and a single from Tim ‘Pork chop’ Martins.  Poland went 1-1 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Sweden’s Dwayne Tygesen with a 5 point night.


And for the Polocks #11 Aggie Falcone gets the nod.


I think this is a perfect pic for us Old-timers.  Check out Polands Steve Ferrins knee after the game….we call that the JANICE knee.



With this Swedish victory they continue to roll as they are unbeaten in 10 games straight and have now secured the #1 seed for the playoff round robin.  All other seeds are still up for grabs.

This weeks games goes Friday, February 22.  At 9:30 pm USA will do battle with Poland. At 10:30 pm Finland will skate against Canada.  Sweden get the week off to celebrate their regular season 1st place finish.

See you all on the ice lads.

Week 21 Recap

Start of our final round of reg season games went last week.

Early tilt between Sweden and USA was a doozy for the first 2 periods.  1-1 after the first period.  Finland scored the lone goal in the 2nd taking a 2-1 lead into the final frame.  All yellow and blue in the 3rd as Sweden pours it on scoring 5 unanswered winning this game 6-2.  No penalties Yeah!!!!   Patty Sharp and George Letsos score for the Finn’s.  Sweden got 2 goals from both Tim Martins and Dwayne Tygesen and singles from Leo Bride and Rob McLaughlin.  Players of the game went to Sweden’s Frank Rispoli.


ahh yes sir.  And for Finland John Fasulo.

Late game Canada vs USA.  Tariffs and border walls!!!!  Canada scored the lone goal in the opening period.  USA tied it up early in the 2nd and then a north of the border on slaught as Canada scored 7 straight 2nd period goals.  The final frame was a scoreless draw as Canada wins this one 8-1.  Patty Sharp scored for USA as a fill in.  Canada got 2 goals from Enzo Ianno and Frank Arruda, and singles from John Annan, Ian Chamberlain, Eric Fletcher and Alan Robb.  No Penalties again, yeah!!!!  Players of the Game went to Canada’s Gerry Boudens.


And for the yanks Rob McKean.


Canada has told the press the reason for their winning ways is a hot dog machine that has been used as a motivating tool for victory.



So this weeks Valentine Special games goes Friday, February 15, 9:15 Finland will battle USA and the late game at 10:30 will showcase Sweden and Poland.  Canada and their cooking utensils get the week off.

See you all on the ice!

Week 20 Recap End of Round 4

Ok last week ended round 4 of our 5 round regular season.  Early game between Sweden and USA.  Swedes score 2 unanswered goals in the 1st frame.  Sweden out scores the Americans 2-1 in the 2nd taking a 4-1 lead into the final period.  Not much changed in the final period as the Swedes score 2 more times for a final victory of 6-1.  Sweden went 0-1 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  USA lone goal off the wood of Robin ‘Penalty Free’ Flumerfelt.  Sweden got 2 goals from both Leo Brideau and Dwayne Tygesen and singles from Tim Martins and Joe Csoentino.  Players of the Game went to USA Kevin Nicholson.


And for the Swedes Mrs. Dwayne Tygesen.


Late game was a doozy.  Canada facing off against Poland.  Poland opened the scoring early in the first but Canada bounced back with 2 goals before the end of the period.  The 2nd period was all Canuckle heads as they scored twice and Art stoned the Polocks.  Canada lead 4-1 with a period to go.  Poland got 2 goals in the first 3 minutes of the 3rd making it a 1 goal game.  Poland ties the match up at 4’s with a little more than 6 minutes to go.  Crazy action at both ends as Bobby Ide duelled save for save with Art Senkowski who secretly wants to be traded to his native country again.  With 3 minutes left Poland completed the comeback with the winning goal and a victory of 5-4.  Awesome game from both squads.  Canada went 1-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Canada goal scorers John Annan with 2 and singles from Frank Arruda and Enzo Ianno.  Poland got 2 goals from Mike Rukavina and singles from Steve Ferrin, Paul Tavares and Marcelo Diluzio.  Players fo the Game went to Canada’s Johnny Annan (my god how much do I love the Canada POG hats, priceless)


And for the Swedes Tony Thomas.


Joe Peacock took a beating in this one for his teammates and girlfriend.


Here are some player of the game pics I missed while away for your amusement.


So Swedes extend their lead by 7 points with 24 total points after all teams have played 16 games.  Poland is in 2nd spot with 17 pts, Finland in 3rd with 15 pts, Canada and USA with 12 pts each.  Lots still to be decided.  Brideau and lineman Tygesen lead the league in scoring with 29 pts each.  Polands Diluzio leads in goals with 16 and Dan Barrett in helpers with 22.  Polands Atchison and Finlands Fasulo spend the most time with Brenda with 8 minutes each.  Might be a record low in penalty minutes this year.  And note Robin Flumerfelt is still penalty free, JUST SAY NO TO Penalties Robin!!!!  Well done sir.  Rookie scoring still led by Finlands ‘don’t drop the soap’ Letsos with 18 followed closely by Polands Italian Syallion Falcone with 17.

This weeks games goes Friday, February 8 at 9:15pm Sweden will face off against their rivals Finland.  At 10:30 Trudeau vs Trump, or Canada vs USA.  Poland gets the week off.

See you all on the ice lads.