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One More Sleep Lads!

One more sleep and we will be at our Championship Night and end our 29th season of Port Credit Oldtimers Hockey.  The excitement is mounting as we enjoyed media day today at the rink.  Some interesting quotes for your amusement.

“Kiss your Sister???  Are you kidding me, we will win the Bronze tomorrow night and I will come home and tell my honey that it is gold haha!!!  Oh by the way I love my sister.”  Oilers Brian Spence.

“1st to 4th, no way.  It can not happen.  The Oilers will pay dearly in the Bronze game.  There will be no holding back and no mercy.  The Islanders will fill the net.  I hope Rispoli brings some sun tan lotion for the back of his neck.”  Islanders Ken Coffin.

“We are playing the Habs?  For Gold?  Are you kidding me, the Habs really?  That’s gotta be a mistake.  Why are we even playing it will be embarrassing.”  Flyers Jodie Young.

“We made it to the Gold game?  Really?  Are you kidding me, it must be a mistake.  And its nationally televised as well?  Will Poland get reception?”  Habs Eddie Kuzniewski.

“Is there any chance I can get traded today to Montreal?  Please…. I will pay large dollars to wear the cherished jersey just one time!”  Bruins Robin Flumerfelt.

So there you have it.  Curfew is 10 pm tonight and yoga classes for everyone tomorrow at 5:00.

Kiss your Sister Bronze game goes at 8:15 pm with the Islanders and Oilers looking to win.  9:30 pm is puck drop for the Gold medal and all the marbles as the Flyers will do battle with the Canadians.  See you all at the rink.

Championship Night Preview

Now that we are set for our Championship Night here is a preview of our 2 big games.

The infamous ‘Kiss your Sister’ Bronze Medal Game will go at 8:15 pm this Friday as the #1 seed Islanders will do battle with the #3 seed Oilers.  Here is how these 2 teams played each other during the regular season.

NYI 8  Oilers 4

NYI 8  Oilers 3

NYI 2  Oilers 8

NYI 6  Oilers 1

NYI 2  Oilers 5

That’s a 26 to 21 edge for the Islanders.  Islanders were led by McKean with a 60 point record breaking season and Riddell with 35 points.  Goalie Bobby Ide won the Vezina with a league best 3.95 goals against average.  Islanders had a 12% power play and a 92% penalty kill.  Oilers were led by Brideau with 33 points and Nelson and Maguire with 28 each.  Rispoli with a 4.70 GAA.  Oilers had a stronger power play at 17% and a 90% penalty kill.  Islanders beat the Oilers in the playoff round robin 6 to 5 in a spectacular comeback game.  Islanders top blue liner Moe Connell is a day to day call and if he is playing the edge will go to the Islanders to win this one but way too close to call.  Oilers looking to revenge that 3rd period epic collapse a few weeks ago.

The Gold game will go at 9:30 pm as the #2 seed Flyers will meet the #5 seed Canadians that are surprising everyone in the playoffs except for the Flyers.  Here is their head to head recap during the regular season.

Flyers 2  Canadians 3

Flyers 8  Canadians 1

Flyers 6  Canadians 6

Flyers 6  Canadians 5

Flyers 6  Canadians 1

3 very close games out of the 5.  Flyers out scored the Habs 28 to 16 with the 2 blow out games.  McCallum with a 4.20 GAA and Ervin with a 6.90 GAA.  Flyers had a 17% PP and a 86% penalty kill.  Montreal with a league best 22% power play and a 72% penalty kill.  Flyers led by Diluzio with a 41 pt campaign and McCormick with a big comeback season and 35 pts.  Habs led by Rukavina with 33 and Peacock with 28 pts.  The Flyers have the Barrett brothers managing the blue line as the Habs lean heavily on Thomas and the youngest and better looking Robin Chantaj.  Flyers went undefeated in the playoff round robin and the Habs only loss was to these same Flyers 6 to 1 in the opening match in the playoffs.  Habs have made some moves on their roster the 2nd week of the playoffs and it has paid positive dividends as they won twice and tied once.  Habs goalie Barry Ervin has a 3.75 goals against average in the playoffs almost cutting his regular season average in half and has been a huge factor in their success.  Ervin has gone public guaranteeing nothing but Gold for these #5 seeded Habs.  ‘Habs will SHOCK the world’ says Ervin.  Flyers Jimmy Martin has been quoted as saying that Barry can expect a lot of traffic in his house for the big tilt.  Barry is the only league member shorter than Jimmy and asks Jimmy to bring it on.  This one on paper should be an easy pick for all bettors as the Flyers are extremely favored to dominate this match but hey you gotta play the games and anything can happen.  Habs should be the cinderella favorite with the fans for this one and may be their 6th man on the ice.

So, should be an exciting night of games, bring out all your family and friends.  Reminder if either game is tied after regulation time we will go right to a sudden death shoot out to decide the winner.  One at a time until a winner is decided.

See you all on the ice!

DSC00694Hey are you kidding me?  Boston is not playing Championship Night?

Final Night of Playoff Round Robin

Our final night of playoff round robin games went Friday and with all 5 teams still in contention much tension was clearly evident.  The early tilt between the top 2 regular season seeds Islanders and Flyers.  Flyers with a lock already for the Gold game looked to eliminate the Islanders out of the playoffs with a win.  Islanders top demean Connell injured and the Flyers top forward Robb also out for this big tilt.  Shutout at both ends for the opening period.  Islanders get the only 2 markers in the 2nd period for a 2-0 lead.  Flyers make it a 2-1 game at 9:29 of the 3rd.  Islanders get a short handed goal at 6:27 make it 3-1.  Flyers look to get their legs back late in this one and score at 2:28 to make it a 1 goal game then score again with 90 ticks left and this one finishes all tied at 3’s.  Islander tie eliminates the Bruins from Championship Night and locks the Islanders for the Kiss your Sister Bronze game next week.  Guerra, Tygesen and Sparrow score for the Island and Dan Barrett, Murray Barrett and Carlisle score for the Flyers.  Flyers went 0-3 on the PP and Islanders went 0-1.  Players of the Game go to Islanders Dwayne Tygesen and Flyers Tony Carlisle.

Late game between the Canadians and the Oilers.  An Oiler win will send them to Gold and a Habs tie or win will send them to Gold.  All Oilers early on this game as they out score the Habs 3-1 in the opening frame.  Habs find a bit of their mojo in the 2nd frame as they outscore the Oilers 2-1.  Oilers lead now 4-3 after 2 periods of hockey.  The final period was tense as both squads press at both ends but Habs Barry Ervin and Oilers fill in Bobby Ide playing back to back games looked sharp.  Habs tie up the game at 8:51 as Peacock buries a beauty.  Habs continue to press and Rukavina misses a wide open net on a rebound that send the crowd in a tizzy including the rink dude who chirped him pretty good.  Oilers pull their goalie inside of 2 minutes and press hard but Habs block multiple shots helping their goalie and with the final buzzer the les habitant celebrate the improbable outcome of playing next week in the Gold medal game, what?????  Oiler players stunned congratulated the Habs and will now settle and meet the Islanders next week in the Kiss your Sister tilt Championship Night.  Habs got goals 2 from rookie David Thompson and singles from Randa short handed and maybe the biggest goal so far this season and his career by Joeseph Peacock.  Oilers get goals from Nelson, Maguire, Leenaars and Spence.  Oilers went 0-2 on the PP and Habs were 0-1.  Players of the Game went to Habs David Thompson and Oilers Brian Spence.

So after our 20 game pre season we are all set for our Championship Night next Friday, April 22 at Port Credit arena.  8:15 will feature our Kiss your Sister classic for the Bronze medal as the #1 seed Islanders will battle the #3 seed Oilers.

Kiss your sister

And the big one for all the enchiladas our Gold game puck drop will be at 9:30 as the #2 seed Flyers will meet the #5 seed Habs for Gold.  Buy your tickets early as we anticipate a sell out once again.

stanley cup a

See you all on the ice!!!

Championship Night now set.

We are now set for our Championship Night.  Flyers will meet the Cinderella Habs for Gold and the Islanders will face off against the Oilers for the Kiss your Sister Bronze game next week.  Bruins will have a date with the golf course.  Details from last night to follow.

Big Night Tonight!!


Only a few more hours until our final night of round robin playoff games kick off.  Puck drop tonight for 2 monster games.   8:15 pm the top 2 seeds face off as the Philadelphia Flyers will meet the New York Islanders.  Flyers have already booked their ticket next week for the Gold Medal Game.  Flyers will try and send the Islanders packing, the very first team in 29 years to finish the season as our regular season champs and be eliminated from Championship Night.  And at 9:30 pm the Montreal Canadians face off against the Edmonton Oilers.  An Oiler win will most likely put them into the Gold game next week but a loss could possibly eliminate them as well.  Hab’s need a tie or a win and they will play for Gold.  Habs already are locked to play in the Bronze game with a loss tonight.  Bruins are off and really need a Flyer victory and they will play in the Kiss your Sister Bronze game next week.  So much at stake, so much excitement, you’ve got to be there!!!

See you all tonight and bring your Game faces.

Los Angeles Times | Year in Review 2012

Possible Championship Night Outcomes

Playoff Week 4 Recap Sunday, April 10

Our 4th round of playoff games went Sunday night at Port Credit arena and our opening game was a doozy, March Madness, Masters and all that sports stuff legends are made of.  Our top seed Islanders struggling desperately needed a win vs the Oilers or would be eliminated from Championship Night and that has never happened in our league EVER!!!!  Before I begin I have to send a shout out to another league member, our 3rd, to join the career 500 point mark.

DSC00354Thats right the one and only Oiler Mr. Leo Brideau finished the season at 502 career points.  Leo joins Rukavina and McCormick to this club BUT those 2 schlepps did it in 16 seasons and Leo did it in 15.  Give Leo a pat on the back next time you see him, our latest Mr. 500 congrats sir.

Ok back to the wild game that took place on Sunday.  A very tight opening period, Oilers opened the scoring at 3:57.  Islanders tied it up just before the end of the 1st on a short handed marker.  The 2nd period was a gong show for the Islanders as the high flying Oilers could not be stopped scoring 4 times as the Islanders just managed 1.  5-2 Oilers with 15 minutes left on the ticker and the Islanders last hope in playing Championship Night.  New guy Barbosa was seen talking to Moe on the bench and saying “go and do it for us Moe, I know you can”.  Islanders get 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the final frame making it a 5-4 game.  Oilers on their heels now as momentum clearly was on the blue side.  With 3 minutes to go Moe goes end to end on a power play and ties up the game.  Wow, can you believe it?  With the Oilers now pressing Islanders take a penalty with 1:48 to go and things looked in favour for the Oil.  Short handed the Islanders pull their backstop and make a final push and with 11 ticks left on the clock Islander Guerra buries it past Bobby Ide and the Island win, Island win!!!!!  What a game and life still in the Islander organization.  Oilers go 0-2 on the PP and Islanders go 1-2 and score 2 short handed goals as well.  McKean and Connell with 2 gaols a piece and Ferrin and Guerra with his biggest of the season.  Brideau Mr. 500 gets 2 for the Oilers and the ageless Freeman, Atchison and Spinner Spence get singles.  Islanders award Moe Connell as their player of the game and Oilers give it to Art Senkowski, the Polish Wall filling in for Frank Rispoli.  Just a note we gave Flyers back stop Scott McCallum props last week for his efforts and apparently he didn’t even dress as Art filled in for him so apologies Art.


OK look at new guy Barbosa on Moe’s right shoulder.  “Moe you are the Best!!!!”


DSC00647I think we had more Flyers in the stands than Boston Bruins on the ice as the Flyers on a night off were out scouting their potential Gold medal opponent.  We gave them a camera and they took more pictures of themselves than the boys playing and many I could not share with you all, nice.  Late game between the surprising 1 and 1 Habs and the 1-2 Bruins.  Another big tilt to determine the Championship Night opponents.  Bruins with only 8 skaters for this one was puzzling but hey you got wash your hands!!!  Habs get the only goal in the 1st period.  Deja vu in the 2nd as the Habs take a 2-0 lead into the final frame.

DSC00678Baby Danica Rinaldo out with the whole Fam to cheer on rookie Hab David to another victory.  She spent the entire game checking out the Barrett brothers as she could not bear to watch the Habs play.  But hey beautiful turn around Daddy is winning!  2 more goals in the 3rd for the Habs and only 1 for the depleted and exhausted Bruins and a final Habs victory of 4 to 1.  Habs go 0-2 on the PP and Bruins go 0-0.

DSC00668Here is rookie Bruin Murray Russell asking Brenda “Look at me Brenda I still have my hair!!!!”  Brenda is playing coy.  Bruins get their lone goal from Jay Cummings.  Habs get singles from Thomas, Rukavina, Randa and Robin Chantaj.  Players of the Game goes to Habs Barry Ervin with a monster game and Bruins Ron Cormier.

DSC00700Habs with their 2nd straight win are shocked and are asking “Did we win again????        WTF????      Shock the World!!!


DSC00709Hey Murray here how it is done my friend.


So with only one more set of games this Friday, April 15 at 8:15 Islanders will meet the Flyers and at 9:30 Edmonton will battle the Canadians.  Bruins get the week off.

Here is what we know.  Flyers are in for the Gold game regardless what happens.  Habs are in for sure but need a win or tie to get to the Gold game, a loss they will play for Bronze.  Islanders and Oilers still could play for Gold, Bronze or be eliminated.  Bruins could only play for Bronze or be eliminated.


Lots still to determine should be a fantastic night this week, see you all on the ice!!!



No Games Friday, April 8

Reminder there are NO games tonight at Port Credit arena.  Playoff resumes Sunday, April 10 at Port Credit arena.  8:15 pm Islanders vs Oilers and 9:30 pm Habs vs Bruins.  Would like to take Team pictures after both games on Sunday make sure your Mom brings a comb to make you look purdie.   Our final night of our playoff round robin goes Friday, April 15 at Port Credit arena.  8:15 pm Islanders vs Flyers and at 9:30 pm Oilers vs Habs.  Bruins get the week off.  Then our Championship Night on Friday, April 22, 8:15 our ‘Kiss your Sister’ Bronze Game and at 9:30 our Gold game.

Don’t forget to hand in your applications and $50 deposits to secure your spot for next season and let us know if you will NOT be returning next season as soon as you know.

Last few weeks of our defending Stanley Cup Champions from last season.  Will the Oilers repeat?  Can the Islanders bounce back?  Will the Flyers continue to roll on?  Can the big bad Bruins do it?  Or can the Habs SHOCK the world?  Stay tuned lots more drama to unfold.



Interesting but true

beer league poster

Week 3 Playoff Recap

Well well well the upsets continue last Friday in our 3rd week of our playoff round robin.  The early game between the winless Islanders and Bruins was a critical one for both squads.  Both teams score in the opening frame.  Islanders jump out to a 3-1 lead in the first 4 minutes of the 2nd and looked to be back on track.  Bruins make it 3-2 at 10:23 and then score 2 goals in 42 seconds midway through the 2nd to take a 4-3 lead to close out the 2nd frame.  Islander players just squeezing their sticks a bit too hard in the 3rd and Gord Ide playing a key role in keeping the Islanders from tieing up the match.  A late Bruin goal made this a 5-3 Bruin victory and the Islanders open the playoffs 0 and 2 vs the 2 lowest seeded teams.  What is happening in Brooklyn????  Islanders go 0-5 on the PP and Bruins went 0-1.  Bruins get goals from Chalovich, Fletcher (Mr. April), rookie Marshall, Cosentino with the game winner and Jeffery Kostick.  Islanders get 2 goals from Barkin (3 point night for the man, impressive) and a single from Tygesen.  Islanders honor #23 Jeffery Barkin as their Player of the Game and Bruins give it to Gord Ide with a monster 3rd period.  Newest Islander Paul Barbosa was seen talking to Bruin management after the game to see if there is any deal to take him back as he regrets his comments a few weeks ago post his trade.  A few Islanders only had the following to say to the media after this loss, “at least the beer is cold”.

The late game may be a preview of our Gold medal game and it sure felt like that right from the puck drop as the Oilers faced off against the Flyers.  Flyers score the lone goal in the opening period.  Action was hot and heavy at both ends of the rink and much the same in the 2nd frame as the Flyers score the lone goal of the period for a 2-0 lead after 2.  The 3rd period was crazy as the Oilers pressed but could not solve McCallum.  Oilers made it a 2-1 game at the 10 minute mark and continued to press.  A couple of late Oiler penalties was what the Flyers needed to lighten the pressure in their end and an empty netter finished this one with the Flyers on top 3-1.  Oilers went 0-1 on the PP and Flyers were 1-3.  Oilers lone goal by Robbie Nelson and Flyers got goals from Manning, Carlisle with the game winner and Diluzio at the end of the game.  Players of the Game went to Flyers Gord Manning and Oilers Frank Rispoli.  Excellent hockey game and maybe another one in the horizon.

So with the Flyer victory they now lock down a spot in the Gold medal game regardless of what happens in the next 2 weeks.  Their opponent can be any of the remaining teams, even the Islanders who are at 0-2.  And all 4 other teams can finish out of Championship Night.  Reminder of our playoff tie breaking rules.  If only 2 teams are tied in points it goes to their head to head result.  If more than 2 teams are tied then it goes to the +/- % and if still tied team with the least penalty minutes.  With the Oilers, Habs and Bruins all tied with 2 points and Islanders with 0 I think we may end up using the tie breaker this season.  Pretty exciting.

So no games this Friday, April 8 as the figure skaters have their year end gala event at the arena.  Next games go Sunday, April 10 at Port Credit arena.  8:15 pm puck drop will feature the winless Islanders vs the 1-1 Oilers.  At 9:30 pm the 1-1 Canadians will meet the 1-2 Bruins.  The 3 and 0 Flyers get the week off and will be scouting both games Sunday night as they officially prepare to win a Gold medal this season.

See you all on the ice!