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2009 PCOHL vs Maple Leaf Alumni Game

You can hit the link below to see a neat video highlight of our arena’s 50th anniversary PCOHL vs Maple Leaf Alumni game.  Wow I look so much better back in 2009, now I am just an old fart.



Super Bowl Squares Sheet One


Our first super bowl squares sheet is completed and numbers have been drawn.  The horizontal numbers will represent the Denver Broncos scores and the vertical numbers will represent the Carolina Panther scores during next weeks super bowl.  We are well under way into our 2nd squares sheet and your last chance to get into that action will be this week and next Friday.  Again thanks to all the members for supporting our fund raiser.




Sad News


Moe Connell (Islanders) recently lost his Dad.  All our thoughts and prayers are with you Moe and your family during this difficult time.  Service will take place Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 2:00 at St. Alban the Martyr Anglican church just north of Georgetown.  Address is 537 Main Street, Glen Williams, Ontario, L7G 3T1.  Reception will follow the service.  Church is located near the Eagle Ridge golf club.

Week 18 Recap

Well well well right when it looked like our penalty box was emptier than ever we had many visits with Brenda this past week.  Full moon???  Post Holiday stress syndrome???  Or just wanting to be close to Brenda…mmmmm.

Early game between the Habs and the Flyers.  22 minutes in penalties in this one and the game felt like a playoff match.  A late opening period goal by the Flyers was the only puck to get past McCallum or Ervin.  2nd period saw both squads score twice for a Flyer 3-2 lead with a period to go.  Both teams score twice each in the first 8 minutes of the 3rd but the Flyers would not relinquish the lead.  Flyers made it 6-4 with 5 minutes to go.  Flyers run into multiple penalties in the last 2 and a half minutes.  Habs pull their goalie for a 6 on 3 advantage and get one past McCallum to make it a 6-5 game with 90 ticks left on the clock.  A mad dash by the Habs but they could not tie it up and Flyers escape with a 6-5 victory.  Habs went 1-3 on the PP and Flyers were 0-1.  Many coincidental penalties in this one and boys a reminder swinging your sticks at each other will not be tolerated we all need to get up in the morning and go to work.  Habs get 2 goals each from Steve Kostick and Rukavina and a single from Peacock who had a light breakfast on Friday but was planning a big breakfast Saturday morning.  Flyers get 4 goals from the Italian stallion Diluzio and singles from McCormick and Robb.  Players of the game went to Habs #20 Steve Kostick and Flyers #18 Marcelo Diluzio.

Late game between the Oilers and the Bruins.  10 minutes in the time out box in this one.  3-1 for the Oilers after the opening frame.  Both teams score single goals in the 2nd period.  It was all Oilers in this one as they score the lone 2 goals in the final frame taking this one 6-2.  Bruins went 0-2 on the PP and Oilers were 0-1.  Bruins got goals from Flumerfelt and Wright.  Oilers got 2 goals each from Brideau and Maguire and singles from Leenaars and Nelson.  Thats 3 big guys and one little guy.  Players of the Game went to Bruins #44 John Annan and Oilers #7 Jim Maguire who just so happened to score his 201st and 202nd career goals.  Nice as he becomes the 5th Oldtimer to join the 200 club.

Now that the fill moon is gone lets get back to being nice again lads.

This week games on January 29 are as follows, 9:15 Montreal will face off against the Oilers and 10:30 a big ass showdown as the Islanders and Flyers square off to see who will capture top seed.  Boston gets the week off.

Sounds like our first Superbowl squares has sold out and Mark has started a second one, nice, so he will be around this week and next before the big game on February 7th.  We will draw the numbers for the AFC and NFC of the first sheet this weekend and send them out to all of you so you know which numbers you have.


Leenaars Landscaping 2 thumbs up!


Don’t normally do this but felt I wanted to share with you all some work I used this Fall at my home.  I booked Rob Leenaars (Edmonton Oilers) from our league for some major backyard, side and front of house landscaping work.  He and his team did an amazing job.  I can not tell you how happy my wife and I were with his team and the quality of work he did for us.  The cost was excellent and he worked for almost a month at our place.  We had some changes during the project and Rob and his team were completely accommodating and also offered valuable suggestions.  Bottom line I highly recommend Rob if any of you are planning any landscaping projects just book him early as he does get booked quickly.

You can reach Rob at Leenaars Lawn and Garden at the following emails or on any Friday night that the Edmonton Oilers play. or


Super Bowl Squares

Boys we have about 25 squares left so make sure you get yours this week as Mark Plewes will be around this Friday to hopefully finish off our sheet.  Once it is done we can draw the numbers and let you all know which numbers you have.  $10 a square.  4 winners.

Thanks so much.


Week 17 Recap

Early game last week with the Islanders looking to bounce back faced off against the rested Oilers.  The opening frame belonged to the goalies as they shut out all shooters.  Bobby Ide for the Islanders and McCallum filling in for the absent Rispoli.  The Islanders score the only 2 goals in the 2nd period.  Oilers made it 2-1 early in the 3rd frame.  Islanders took back their 2 gaols lead at the 9 minute mark and then put the medal to the pedal and scored 3 more goals to close out this tilt with a 6-1 victory.  Close game until the last 9 minutes of this one.  Islanders went 0-1 on the PP and Oilers were 0-0.  Islanders got 3 goals from McKean and singles from Coffin, Ferrin and fill in Cosentino.  Oilers lone goal off the wood of Jim Maguire and it was a big one, his 200th career goal.  Jimmy becomes the 5th PCOHL player to score 200 career goals.  Well done Jimmy!.  Both goalies were awarded Player of the Games, Bobby Ide and Scott McCallum.

Late game between the Bruins and last weeks big upset winners the Habs.  Habs looked very good in the opening frame taking a 3-2 lead.  Habs continued their strong play for most of the 2nd period taking a 5-2 lead.  But the Bruins had no quit in them as they scored 2 quick goals in the last 30 seconds of the 2nd period making it a 5-4 game.  Bruins then tied up the match in the first 40 seconds of the 3rd.  That was their 3rd goal in basically less than a minute.  Habs could not stop the Bruins onslaught as they score 2 more quick goals at 11 and 10 minute marks taking a 7-5 lead.  Habs made it 7-6 at 9:34.  Habs take 2 penalties at the 5 minute mark and the Bruins make them pay and score 2 PP goals on top 9-6.  Habs make it 9-7 with 69 seconds left on the clock.  Bruins score 2 more times in the dieting seconds for a final victory of 11 to 7.  What a game, like the Green Bay Packers playoff game.  And ironically both Barry and Gordie played solid games even with 18 goals allowed they both stopped breakaways and big saves as well from in close.  Bruins went 2-3 on the PP and Habs were 0-1.  Desrosier scored twice with Rukavina, Randa, Sharp, Peacock (who has been having full breakfasts the last 2 Fridays?????) and Dupal.  Bruins got hat tricks from Cosentino and Flumerfelt, 2 goals from Annan and Fletcher and a single from rookie Marshall which was the game winner and a power play goal as well.  Players of the Game went to Habs #9 Denis Desrosier and Bruins #12 Eric Fletcher.

So quite the night.  This week games go January 22.  9:15 Philadelphia will play Montreal and at 10:30 Edmonton will play Boston.  Islanders get the week off.

See you all on the ice!

Week 16 Recap

2016 and the start of Round 4 of our 20 game pre season schedule is in the books.

Early game between the Flyers and the Bruins.  One of the Barrett boys back from their Finland trip.  Not sure what happened in Helsinki but what happens in Helsinki stays in Helsinki and there is ointment for the rash.  Flyers score the only 2 goals of the opening frame.  Bruins get the only goal in the 2nd frame as the Flyers take a 2-1 lead into the final period.  Flyers get up 3-1 at 9:45 but the Bruins score 2 goals just 30 seconds later tiring up the match at 3’s.  Flyers go back on top at 6:45 and then score their 5th goal with 5 minutes left and thats how this one finished 5-3 win for the Flyers.  Cummings, Fletcher and new temp dude Marshall scoring for the Bruins.  Robb, McCormick, Carlisle, Diluzio and Messenger scoring for the Flyers.  Flyers went 0-2 on the PP and Bruins were 0-1.  Alan Robb gets the Player of the Game for the Flyers and Gorde Ide for the Bruins.  Flyers move into a tie with the Islanders for top spot with the victory.

Late game between the top team Islanders and the basement dwellers the Habs looked like a mismatch.  Islanders with only 10 skaters load up their top 3 forwards on one line and Habs looked nervous.  1-1 after the opening frame as Islanders out shoot the Habs by a lot but Habs goalie looked sharp early on.  Islanders pretty well have a similar 2nd frame but only manage 1 goal past Ervin as frustration started to creep into the Islanders forwards.  Habs tied it up early in the 3rd as the momentum began to change towards the boys in red.  Habs take the lead for the first time at 8:11 and then 2nd year Patrick ‘Mcdreamy’ Sharp scored a beauty one timer giving the Habs a 4-2 lead with 3 and a half minutes left in the game.

IMG_2632 3Habs Goalie Barry Ervin then completely shut down the Islanders as the Habs win.  I think a few of the Islanders will not be sleeping well with this image in their heads.  Barry clearly was the Player of the Game for the Habs and Sal Guerra gets the nod for the Islanders.  Habs get goals from Steve Kostick, Rukavina, Sharp and rookie Desrosiers who had a 3 point night and takes over the rookie scoring race with 12 pts in 8 games.  McKean and Tygesen score for the Islanders.  Playoff type atmosphere for this one.

This weeks games goes January 15.  9:15 the Islanders look to bounce back against the rested Oilers as the Islanders are 2 and 1 against the Oilers.  The 10:30 game will showcase the Habs and the Bruins as the Bruins lead the season series 2 to 1.  Flyers get the week off.

See you all on the ice!


Career Milestones

OK too much time on my hands.  Here are some interesting career milestones for your amusement.

Rukavina and McCormick are the first 2 boys to pass the 500 point mark in scoring.  Brideau is sitting at 487 so he will join them sometime this season.  Dr. Joel May passed the 300 milestone this season already.  Guerra is at 283 and may join the Dr. late this season.  Nicholson and Rundle passed the 200 career scoring marks this year.  And Rob McKean was at 169 at the start of this campaign and blew by 200 a few weeks ago, he is at 207 and surging.

Goals scored Rukavina, Brideau and McCormick are in the 200’s and John Annan joined that group in the last few weeks.  Maguire is sitting at 199 and just needs one more goal to hit 200, should happen with his next game.  Rundle passed the 100 goal mark this year.  Ron Chantaj is sitting at 94 as of today so a few rushes may be coming form the old man.  Nicholson has 95 and Rob McKean blew by 100 early this year.  Chalovich is at 48 goals and just needs 2 to hit 50 career goals.

Same 3 bandits Rukavina, Brideau and McCormick all have over 200 assists.  Guerra has 197 today so 3 more helpers he will join the 3 schlepps.  Atchison has 184 and needs 16, maybe….  Rundle has 99 assists and needs just 1 to hit 100.  Mihalic needs 5 more helpers to also hit 100.  Moe Connell has 92 as of today.

Career Penalty minutes really just one guy to talk about.  Ron Chantaj is 2nd in the league with 147 as of today.  John Sparrow is our leader with 201 so Ronnie if he stays healthy and stays nasty should pass him in the next 2 years.  Mihalic is just 2 misconducts away from catching Ronnie but has zero penalty minutes this season and may have turned over a new leaf.

Some fun facts to digest Cheers

2016 Super Bowl Squares


We will be running our Super Bowl Squares again this year.  This years super bowl takes place Sunday, February 7, 2016.  Mark Plewes will be around selling the squares.  No knowledge of football is needed.  $10 per square.  Open to all PCOHL members, family or friends.  Once all the squares are sold we will draw the AFC and NFC numbers then we watch the Super Bowl.  At the end of the 1st quarter the actual score of the game matching square winner gets $50.  At halftime winner gets $100.  At the end of the 3rd quarter winner gets $50.  And the final score winner gets $300.  This fund raiser will give our league $500.


Last years winners – Q1 Marcelo Diluzio $50, Halftime Steve Atchison $100, Q3 Steve Atchison $50 and final score winner Jeff Kostick $300.

So see Mark Plewes to buy your square before they all sell out and enjoy this seasons Super Bowl.