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Week 1 Recap

And away we go as we kicked off our 20 game pre season schedule last Friday night.

Early tilt between Nordic rivals Sweden and Finland was fairly close through 2 periods.  Finland scoring once in the opening frame and once in the second period.  Finland put this match away early in the 3rd scoring twice and Sweden got one back late in the period.  Finnish stud Eric Fletcher got a hat trick in this one and he usually saves those for playoffs.  Dr. Joel May got the other Finnish goal.  Sweden’s Moe Connell got the only Sven marker in their opening match.  Players of the Game went to Finland’s Eric Fletcher and Sweden gave it to Moe Connell.


Sweden has begun a locker room tradition with their Player of The Game wearing a beauty cap and will pass it on each week to a new player unless Moe keeps electing himself all year, haha.  Maybe the other 4 teams could do the same.  If so send me pics and I will post.  I’m thinking a big Kabossa for Poland.  For Finland something Italian as there is more Italians on that squad than Finnish dudes.  Forza Finlandia!!!!!   And for the Americans either a Donald Trump wig or a Clinton wet cigar!  Or maybe a chair to sit in during the national anthems.

Late game between USA and Canada was also close.  Both squads missing some key players for this one.  USA scored the lone 1st period marker.  The 2nd frame saw the Americans get 4 goals and the Canadians only 2 for a USA lead of 5-2.  Canada made it 5-3 early in the 3rd period but thats how this puppy finished.  Canada went 1-1 on the PP.  USA goals from Mihalic, Rundle, Dan Barrett, McKean and Russell.  Canada gets goals from Boudens, Kidd and Ron Chantaj.  Players of the Game went to both goalies.  Canada’s ageless wonder Bobby Ide and USA new member Art Senkowski.  Art was challenged by the media post game on why Poland did not select him on their National squad and Art replied “maybe I wasn’t blonde enough!!!”

So thats it we are off and running.  All stats are updated on the website.  We will NOT be tracking rookie scoring as we just have 2 official rookies, Paul Barbosa and Art Senkowski.  Welcome boys and good luck chasing that Calder trophy.    Also a special thanks to Sal Guerra for referring the 2nd game as only one ref showed up.  It showed in the back nine the next day.

Next week games go Friday, September 30, 2016.  The early game at 9:15 pm between Finland and USA, our 2 undefeated teams.  And at 10:30 the much loved Polish team will face off against the Swedes.  Canada gets the night off.

Lets get all our dues in next week as well and final sweater numbers assigned so we can get Brenda a list for the game sheets.  Please let your Team reps know if you will be away for any games and please ensure ALL ‘garbage’ is cleaned out of your rooms after your games.  There is a new manager at the rink and he is a stickler.

See you all on the ice!



PCOHL Golf Tournament

What a fabulous day on Saturday at Lakeview Golf Club.  The only thing missing was Leo Brideau and what outfit he was going to wear.  Moe, Barkin and Plewes won this years event with a 65.  Guerra and Rukavina and sons scored 66 as well as the Barrett brothers foursome.  Lots of laughs as usual and a big shout out to Mihalic and Plewes for organizing and the guys who donated prizes as well.



Who’s son is who’s????  What is Rukavina Sr wearing???



Its ok Cormier the boys just thought you were sleeping on my lap!!!img_3693

Last time this group was sober…2nd hole.

img_3897Handsome six some, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Here are the Barrett brothers looking for their ball 2 fairways over and we were playing best ball.


Murray found his range ball!!!!img_3695


Draft Night at the Pump

So much fun Draft Night at the Pump to kick off our 30th campaign and unveiling of our new sweaters.  Big shout out to the lovely Pump waitress for modelling our new jerseys and Johnny Annan for working with her in the back!!!!!  Oh yeah Eddie last man drafted got 35 guys cheering his name, we all have our 15 minutes of fame!






2016 2017 Team Rosters

1876_PCOHL Logo


2016 Draft Night

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Port Credit Pump

8:30 pm