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Week 22 Recap


Last weeks recap.  Two teams score 9 times each in 2 blow out games.

Early match between the top seed Bruins and the bottom seed Habs.  Habs with all 15 players for this big match.  2-1 for the Bruins with under a minute to go in the first period.  Both teams playing with a man short in that last minute and the Bruins score twice for a 4-1 lead.  Bruins score 3 more goals in the 2nd taking a 7-1 lead.  Bruins outscore the Habs 2-1 in the final frame for a convincing 9-2 lead.  Bruins went 1-2 on the PP and Habs were 0-2.  Habs get both goals from Rukavina.  Bruins get a hat trick from league leader McKean, 2 from Brideau and singles from Peacock, Harty, Flumerfelt, and Sharp.  Players of the Game go to Bruins #18 Patrick Sharp and for the Habs #20 Ronnie Chantaj who played only 3 shifts and was a +1 for the night.  Ronnie left with an elbow injury from excessive bending in his garage, it was very ugly and he was so courageous to even dress for this one…oh yeah Ronnie please keep the mouse in the House!!!!!!

Late game between the Islanders and the Oilers.  Islanders with all 15 players for this one as well.  Can not remember when we ever had 2 teams in one night with all 15 players.  4-0 for the 2nd place Oilers after 1 frame. A bit tighter 2nd period as the Oilers out score the Islanders 3-2 for a 7-2 lead.  Islanders win the final frame 3-2 but lose the game 9-5.  Oilers go 1-1 on the PP and Islanders 0-0.  Islander goal scorers, a hat trick from Kevin Nicholson, his 2nd trick of the season.  Fletcher and Carlisle with singles.  Oilers goals, hat trick for Frank Nweisser, and singles from Baratta, Randa, Burke, Mihalic, Ianno, and Karabinis.  P{layers of the Game obviously went to the 2 Trick Boys, Islanders #19 Kevin Nicholson and Oilers #7 Frankie Nweisser.  Congrats Boys.

So with the Islander loss they have now secured the 4th seed and the Flyers have now confirmed the 3rd seed for the playoff round robin.  The  sand bagging Habs secured the 5th seed back in November haha.  All that is left is who will finish 1st?  Bruins will face the Oilers next week on the 27th at 9:15 and a Bruins win will lock them into the #1 seed.  The late game next week working through both their playoff line ups will be Montreal vs Philadelphia.  Islanders get the week off.

Boys if you check out the team standings page I have updated the playoff schedule.  Still needs to be confirmed by the City but we have preliminary dates and times for all 6 of the Playoff games.  I also inserted the Habs, Islanders and Flyers in their spots so if there is any planning needed for some romantic time with the shopping bags you can check out the schedule.  April 3rd and 10th the ice is not available so we will be going on different nights and times.  All games hopefully will be at Port Credit arena.

A correction from last weeks games.  Islander Chris Salapoutis sent me an email that he did not score a goal that the refs gave him credit for but actually Mark Plewes gets his first of the season with a sizzler from the point.  Class act Chris for correcting that.

See you all on the ice lads.

Week 21 Recap

Start of our final round of regular season games last week.

Early match between the 4th and 5th seeds, Islanders and the Habs.  2 goals each in the opening frame.  The first 3 and a half minutes of the 2nd period were a complete disaster for the Habs as they allow 4 quick goals in those opening minutes as the Islanders surge to a 6-2 lead.  Habs get 2 back before the 2nd frame ends making it a bit of a game 6-4 into the final period.  Habs make it 6-5 at the 9:26 mark and seemed to be taking the momentum back but as much of this campaign goes the Islanders score quickly after that 5th Habs goal and score an empty netter to take this game with a final score of 8-5.  Habs went 1-2 on the PP Islanders were 0-0.  Islanders got goals from the following players, 2 from Fletcher and Murray Barrett, and singles from Salapoutis, Dupal, Robin Chantaj, and Annan.  Habs got goals from McCormick, Rukavina, Kryslak and 2 from Al Lightowler.  Habs backstop Art Senkowski stopped 50 Islanders shots and maybe 15 Habs shots on his own net.  If only Art can stop more own goals Habs may have a chance one day, those sand baggers!  Players of the Game went to Islanders #23 John Annan and Habs #14 Al Lightowler.  Hopefully Mrs. Annan and Mrs. Lightowler can reward their men properly for this very high achievement.

Late game between the Flyers and Bruins.  Another good one.  Flyers take a 2-1 lead after the opening 15 minutes of play.  Bruins score twice late in the 2nd period taking back the lead 3-2 after 2.  Flyers tie it up early in the 3rd and the play was aggressive at both ends of the pond as McCallum and Ide looked sharp.  League scoring leader McKean buries it past McCallum giving the Bruins a 4-3 lead at 9:34.  And thats how this puppy finished.  Bruins bounce back from their loss last week with a solid 4-3 victory.  Flyers went 1-3 on the PP Bruins were 0-1.  Flyers got goals from Diluzio, Rundle and fill in Cosentino.  Bruins goal scorers were Julius, Lott, Peacock and McKean.  Players of the Game went to Flyers #14 Steve Ferrin and Bruins #30 Gorde Ide.


So the Habs loss now officially puts them as the 5th seed for the playoff round robin as even with 3 more wins they cannot catch the Islanders.  Flyer loss now secures them either for the 3rd or 4th seed with the Islanders as they can not catch the Oilers or the Bruins who both have locked in the top 2 seeds with 4 more games to go.

This weeks games scheduled for Friday, February 20 are as follows 9:15 Montreal vs Boston and 10:30 Islanders vs Oilers.  Flyers get the week off.

See you all on the ice!

Week 20 End of Round 4 Recap


End of 4 of our 5 rounds of regular season play on Feb 6.

Early tilt between NYI and the mighty Bruins rolling on a 8 game win streak.  There was a special wager on this match as brother Ide’s were facing off against each other and either a dinner or some chores were on the line.  Both teams missing their top skaters.  Opening frame belonged to the Ide brothers as neither squad could penetrate their strong play between the pipes.  The same went for most of the 2nd period until the Islanders finally beat Gordie at 7:21.  Islanders closed out the 2nd period with another goal taking a 2-0 lead into the final period.  The elder Ide, Bobby never looked better.  An early Islander goal in the 3rd really took the wind out of the Bruins sails and 2 more late goals made this a final 5-0 victory for the Islanders who celebrated well into the night.  The seasons 2nd shutout goes to Bobby Ide as Gordie had the only other shut out of this season.  Islanders got scoring from Annan with 2, Martin, Robin Chantaj and fill in Ronnie Chantaj with singles.  NYI went 1-2 on the PP and Bruins were 0-0.  Players of the Game were no brainers as both goalies, Bobby and Gordie Ide were selected by their teammates.

Late game between the Flyers and the Oilers was a good one.  1-1 after the opening frame.  Both squads scored twice in the 2nd for a 3-3 score with a period to go.  Playoff type atmosphere in this one.  Oilers scored early in the 3rd to take the lead and finished the Flyers off with a late goal making it a 5-3 Oiler win.  Both teams went 0-1 on the PP.  Oilers goals 4 from rookie sensation Tim Randa and a single from Baratta.  Flyers got 2 from rookie Diluzio and a single from the doctor May.  Players of the Game went to Oilers #12 Tim Randa and Flyers #28 Marcelo Diluzio, rookie night for sure.

So 16 games now completed by each team with one more round of games to play before the playoffs.  Bruins hold a 1 point lead on the Oilers.  Flyers looked locked and loaded in the 3rd seed.  Islanders have locked down the 4th seed with a glimmer of hope to catch the Flyers and the Habs looked destined as this years Schlepps and the 5th seed.

Bruins Rob McKean leads the league in scoring.  Bruins Flumerfelt looks to take the penalty minute belt from teammate Tony Thomas (still 4 more games to play for these lads).  Dan Barrett leads the rookie scoring but not by much over Bruins Peacock and up and coming Flyer Diluzio.

Lots more fun to come in the next 5 weeks before our Playoffs begin.

See you all on the ice and remember we are just a beer league, have some fun boys and take it easy.

PCOHL Super Bowl Pool Final Winner

I have no words left to say watching the end of that game.  Feel for Steve Ferrin because a 1 yard run by Seattle wins them and him the big prize.  But the gods have blessed Mr. Jeff Kostick as our big winna!!!  New England 28 Seattle 24, Jeff had the 4-8 square.  Congrats boys that was a lot of fun!

PCOHL Super Bowl Pool Q3 Winner

Seattle 24 New England 14 so 4-4 wins again.  Steve Atchison wins the 3rd quarter prize.  Nice!

PCOHL Super Bowl Pool Halftime Winner

OK 14 – 14 score.  Winner goes to Steve Atchison.  Now the boys that just missed, Seattle should have kicked a field instead of that late touchdown so it should have been Billy Jackes or if Seattle would have missed that last touchdown then Neil Kelly would have won BUT Atchison is our winner.

Week 19 Recap

OK what happen to all the low scoring games?  Early match last week between the Habs and the Oilers.  Excellent game for a little over 2 periods.  Oilers score the lone goal in the opening frame.  Habs tie it up early in the 2nd and then the Oilers take back their 1 goal lead to end the 2nd period.  Connell with a beauty individual effort, one of the best goals scored this season.  Habs tie it up in the opening minute of the 3rd but the Oilers score 70 seconds after.  Habs bounce back and tie it at 3’s 20 seconds after the Oiler goal.  Action Jackson at both ends of the pond.  The Oilers then score three goals in one shift at the 9 minute mark taking a 6-3 lead and that shift just changed the game.  Both squads score one more goal each for a final Oiler victory of 7-4.  Habs go 0-2 and Oilers go 0-1 on the PP.  Habs get 2 goals from rookie Barrett, singles from Maguire and Rukavina.  Oilers goal scorers were rookie Randa with a hat trick, Connell with 2, Kelly and Cosentino with singles.  Players of the Game goes to Oilers Tim Randa and for the Habs Art Senkowski who actually really stood on his head with a monster game.

Late game between the Flyers and the Islanders.  2 lone goals from the Flyers in the 1st period.  3 more unanswered Flyer goals in the 2nd for a 5-0 lead after 2.  Islanders get 2 in the final frame and the Flyers get 3 more for a final Flyer win 8-2.  There was a lot of open ice dual flat tires in this one.  David Dupal scored both Islander goals.  Flyers Tim Runkle Rundle gets a hat trick and a shiner too.  Diluzio, Ferrin, Cummings, Wright and Cosentino (fill in) scoring for the Flyers.  Islanders went 0-2 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to Islanders #8 Robin Chanatj and to Flyers #88 Tim Rundle.

This week Friday, February 6 games are as follows.  9:15 Islanders vs Bruins and at 10:30 the Oilers face off against the Flyers.  Montreal will get the week off.

See you all on the ice and send your good thoughts to 2 Flyers that will undergo surgery on Monday, David Riddell and Steve Atchison.

PCOHL Super Bowl Q1 Winner

Ok 0-0 after 1 quarter so the winner is Marcello Diluzio or Marchman.  Neil kelly and McCallum should not be happy as Brady throws the interception on the 5 yard line and one of them 2 should have been the Q1 winner.  Will update after each quarter.


Good luck!