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Week 5 Recap End of Round 1

Ok our 1st round of games are in the books.

Last week early game between Poland and Canada was a beauty and belonged to both back stops.  1-1 after the opening period and the same score in the 2nd as both squads just managed a goal a piece for a 2-2 tie.  The final frame was shut outs at both ends as this puppy ended in a 2-2 draw between the Polocks and the red and white.  Poland went 1-3 on the PP and Canada was 0-2.  Poland got goals from Annan and Wright.  Canada got goals from Russell and Diluzio.  Players of the Game were both the goalies, such deservedly, Frank Rispoli for Canada and Art Senkowski for the Polocks.

Late game between the winless Swedes and the Americans.  Both squads dressing only 9 skaters each.   1-1 after the opening period.  3-3 in the 2nd for a 4-4 tie after 2 periods.  Sweden took the lead early in the 3rd but 3 unanswered goals from the Americans gave them a 7-5 lead with only minutes to go.  Sweden pulled their goalie with a minute to go and scored their 6th goal with 39 seconds left.  With their goalie still out Sweden tied up the match at 7’s in the dining seconds.  An exciting affair for sure as the Swedes get their first point of the season.  USA went 1-2 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  USA got 2 goals from Rob McKean, Joe Cosentino and Ron Cormier (Gordie’s Manny) and a single from Steven Sparrow.  Sweden got 5 goals from DA Robin Flumerfelt, yes thats right 5 goals.  Singles from Rukavina and Steve Ferrin.  Sweden goalie Bobby Ide claims teammate Flumerfelt also scored on him as well but Flumerfelt denies he actually touched the puck and claims all media are liars.    Players of the Game goes to USA Joe Cosentino and obviously to Swedens Robin Flumerfelt who will have the week with the horns.  Mrs Flumerfelt is so much happier with the horns vs last years Polish moustache, hat and sash, mmmmmm.  Except she told reporters she has seen the horns on a Monday night in the past few weeks.  Not sure what that means?????  A face only a mother can love!!


So after all teams have played each other once we have Finland on top with 6 its.  Canada in 2nd with 5 pts.  Poland and USA with 4 each and Sweden with 1 pt, sand baggers!!!!!  Goals for almost dead even for 4 of the 5 teams with the exception of Finland with 25.  Goals against lead goes to Canada with only 11 in 4 games, next best is 18.  Canada deploying the trap system very well.  The canuckle heads also lead the league in attendance, whats going on in that dressing room.  Swedes sit on top in penalty minutes with 22 but Flumerfelt sits at zero, what?????  There is a story circulating that Flumerflet has a bet on that he will go Brenda free for his first 5 games in the season.  Poor Brenda!!!

Finlands Jimmy Maguire is on FIRE leading the league in all the offensive categories, can any team stop him???  Rookie sensation from Canada Paul Alloway is also looking to challenge the 31 year PCOHL rookie scoring records and off to a great start.  Nice way to make friends in the league.

This weeks games, our Halloween special, October 27 are as follows.  9:15 Canada vs USA.  10:30 Finland vs Sweden.  Poland gets the trick or treating night off.

See you all on the ice lads.

Week 4 Recap

Week 4 in the books from last Friday night the 13th.

Early game between the rested Swedes and Canada.  The red and white home boys scored the only 2 goals of the opening frame.  Canada made it 4-0 in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd.  Sweden got a late power play marker and then notched their 2nd of the game in the dying seconds of the 2nd period making it a game, 4-2 after 2.  The Canadians were just too much as they scored their 5th goal early in the 3rd and thats how this puppy finished, 5-2 Canada victory.  Sweden went 1-3 on the PP and Canada was 1-5.  Sweden got goals from Alan Robb and Patty Sharp.  Canada got a hat trick from rookie Paul Alloway and singles from the ageless Gary Julius and Enzo Ianno.  Players of the Game went to Swedens backstop Bobby Ide with a solid game as he did not get much help form his players and almost single handedly kept his nordic men in this one.  Bobby also celebrated his 65th birthday at the start of the month and now is officially receiving CPP and OAS.  Lots of love and best wishes Bobby Ide from all of us.  I think maybe only Ronnie Chantaj has been in our league longer than Bobby.  Still good hair for an old fart.


For Canada rookie sensation (we have a lot of those this year) Paul Alloway with a 4 point night.

Late game between Finland and Poland was a good one.  3-1 Finland after the opening period.  3-2 for Poland in the 2nd for a 5-4 Finland lead with a period to go.  All Finland in the final frame as they score 3 unanswered for a final victory of 8-4.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-2.  Poland got 2 goals from Patty McCormick and singles from Brian Burke and Eric Fletcher.  Finland got 3 goals from Jimmy Maguire alongside 3 assists for a 6 point night.  Jimmy now with 17 points in 3 games played is looking to obliterate all PCOHL records.  The man is on FIRE!!!!  The Swedes want to give him the horns to take home one weekend to celebrate with his better half.   Finland got singles from Tim Randa, David Dupal, Gerry Boudens, Dan Barrett and Bruce Freeman.  Kind of neat seeing Bruce our oldest member score and get pats from his son rookie Peter. This tilt also showcased a battle of the Barrett brothers.  Which one is better looking???  I know.


Players of the game for Poland went to Pat McCormick and for Finland David Dupal with a 4 point night.

This week games on Friday, October 20 will complete our 1st round of regular season games or as Leo famously states our pre season.  Early puck drop of 9:15 will show case Canada vs Poland and the late match at 10:30 of Sweden vs USA.  Jimmy Maguires hot stick and his Finland teammates get the week off.  Everyone is asking me what has gotten into Maguire and what is he eating??????  Jimmy please tell us.

See you all on the ice!

I think I will keep posting this pic until Jimmy is shut out.

Version 2

Week 3 Recap


Week 3 in the books.  Early tilt between USA and Poland.  1-1 after the opening frame.  The Trumpsters score the only goal in the 2nd frame.  Poland ties it up early in the 3rd.  The Americans take a 3-2 lead with a short handed goal with 8 minutes to go.  Action was hectic at both ends as the Americans hung on.  The Polocks pull their backstop and tie up this match with 30 ticks left on the clock and thats how this puppy finished 3-3.  Poland went 0-2 on the PP and USA was 0-1.  Poland got goals from John Annan, Pat McCormick and the late game tier from Murray Barrett, the better looking brother.  USA got single markers from their 3 speedsters Rob McKean, Joe Cosentino and Dwayne Tygesen.  Players of the Game went to Polands John Annan and USA Gord Ide.

Late game between Canada and Finland.  Or maybe I should say Canada vs Jim Maguire. 2-1 Finland after the opening period.  2-1 for Canada in the 2nd as this match was all tied up at 3’s after 2 periods.  All Finland in the final frame as they score 2 unanswered to win this game 5-3.  Penalty free game, yes!!!!!!   Canada got 2 goals from Enzo Ianno and a single from Marcello Diluzio last years MVP.  Finland got 4 goals and an assist from Jim Maguire and a single from Dan Barrett, the uglier brother haha.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s Enzo Ianno and obviously for Finland Jim Maguire off to a torrid start.

Version 2


So this week post gobble gobble and a Friday the 13th is our upcoming games.  9:15 Sweden gets back into action vs Canada.  At 10:30 the high flying Polocks face off against the same high flying Finland.  The Trump loving USA get the week off.

See you all on the ice lads.

Week 2 Recap

Week 2 in the books.

Early match between Finland and USA.  Exciting opening frame as both squads score twice notched at 2-2 after 1.  USA flexed their speed and out scored the Fin’s 4-1 in the 2nd for a 6-3 lead.  Finland battled back and scored twice in the 3rd making it a 6-5 game with a little over 6 minutes left on the ticker.  Great end to end action but the Trumpsters scored late to take this battle 7-5.  USA went 0-2 on the PP and Finland was 0-1.  Americans got a hat trick from sniper Rob McKean, 2 goals from Steve Sparrow and singles from Joe Cosentino and Ronnie Cormier (Gord’s personal driver).  Finland got 2 goals from last years leading scorer Daniel Barrett and singles from rookie sensation Steve MacDougall, Tim Randa and Brent Byer.  Players of the Game went to USA’s Ron Cormier (Gord Ide states “don’t worry the truck drivers think you are sleeping in my lap”) and for the Fin’s Steve MacDougall.

Late game between Sweden and Polands debut.  1 -1 after the opening frame.  Deja vu in the 2nd as not much changed as both squads score twice for a 3-3 tie after 2.  The Polocks scored with seconds on the clock at the end of both periods.  Opening 5 minutes of the 3rd both teams scored twice keeping it notched at 5’s with under 10 minutes to go.  The high flying Polocks then put the metal to the petal and scored 4 more times winning their opening match of the new season 9-5.  Sweden went 1-3 on the PP and Poland was 0-2.  Poland scoring, hat trick from John Annanski, 2 goals from Leo Brideauski and Frank Nweisserski and singles from Joe Peacockski and Pat McCormickski.  Now try and say that fast 3 times.  Sweden got single goals from Tony Thomas, Gord Manning, Mike Rukavina and 2 goals from Patty Sharp.  Players of the Game went to Polands Frank Nweisser and to Sweden’s Tony Thomas.



Is that Tony smiling???????  No way, say it isn’t true.  Not sure how Mrs. Thomas heart will do when Tony wears this head gear at home this week.

So we are off and after 2 weeks we have 4 teams at 2 points and Sweden still winless.  Rukavina is tied for the lead in penalty minutes with 4, goon or maybe just wants to spend some time with Brenda.  We picked up a new Greek dude on team USA, welcome George Letsos.  George is replacing George Karabinis who is recovering from some ailments.  One Greek dude for another, mmmmm.  Both their wives names is Voula.  What the heck, both George, both Greek, both same spouse names and apparently the new George likes to also drop the soap in the shower, what………….

This weeks games is our Gobble Gobble Turkey special.  Friday, October 6 at 9:15pm Team Poland vs Team USA.  Trump states Polocks are very very dangerous people, he has tweeted “Poland hockey players are all little kolbasas!”  At 10:30 pm Finland will face off against the rested Team Canada.  The 0-2 Swedes will get the turkey weekend off for some dry land training and team bonding with their mini Swedish meatballs!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members and their families.