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Week 19 Recap January 26, 2018

Last weeks recap.  Early game between Poland and Finland.  Poland scores the lone goal in the opening period.  Finland bounces back and out scores the Polocks 2-1 in the 2nd tieing up the game at 2’s.  Intense battle in the final period.  Poland takes back the lead with 5 minutes to go and closes the deal with 2 minutes winning this game 4-2.  Both squads went 0-1 on the PP.  Finland got goals from rookie Peter Freeman and Dan Barrett.  Poland got goals from the most handsome Old-timer Joe Peacock, Leo Brideau (did he actually play??), Bryon Wright and Tony Carlisle.  Players of the Game went to Finlands rookie # 10 Peter Freeman and for the Polocks team sponsor #5 Frankie Nweisser.

Late game between the rested Swedes and our top squad Canada.  Swedes had some fans out with many Swedish flags and Sephano Ferrin seemed to be very excited, not sure why.  Swedes end the 1st frame on top 2-1.  The surprised Canadians bounced back big time in the 2nd out scoring the last place Swedes 4-2 for a 5-4 lead after 2.  Swedes who usually fade fast in their final periods scored twice early taking a 6-5 lead.  What?????  Canada tied it back up at 6’s with 9 minutes to go.  A feisty affair as Canada took multiple penalties in the last third of the game but the Swedes could not solve the temp backstop Mike Jende and this game ends in a tie 6-6.  Swedes celebrated like they won the Stanley Cup, thats what you get with only a win and a tie playing the top squad.  Canada went 1-3 on the PP and Sweden was 0-3.  Goals for Canada, 2 from the wood of rookie Tim Martins and singles from Paul Alloway, Enzo Ianno, Murray Russell with a beauty and Robin Chantaj.  Sweden got 2 goals from league leader in goals Robin Flumerfelt and singles from Jay Cummings, his 1st of the season, Mike Rukavina, Stephano Ferrin, who after scoring had his glove at his mouth staring down the crazy Swedish fans, Tony Thomas rounded out the scoring.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s #7 Steve Atchison and for the Swedes a big game on the blue line #2 Billy Dawe.  One horn up one down for the tie.



So this week Friday, February 2, 2018 there will be NO games as we have our All Star Weekend off.  Obviously there are no all stars so all 75 members will be travelling down south and enjoy their week off with their loved ones.

We will complete our 4th round of 5 rounds of regular season games (or as Leo says Pre Season games) on Friday, February 9 when USA will face off against Sweden at 9:15 pm and Poland will do battle with Canada at 10:30 pm.  Finland gets the week off.

Our Super Bowl squares are all completed and numbers drawn.  Posted on a previous post.  This Sunday, February 4 the Patriots will do battle with the Eagles, I think 6:30 kick off.  Looking forward to the halftime show with the possibility of another nipplegate with Justin Timberlake.  Good luck to all the boys who bought squares.  Will post winners Sunday night after the big game.

See you all on the ice!!

Super Bowl Squares


We sold out our squares and did the numbers draw last night at the arena.  Here are all the final numbers for next weeks 52nd Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.

1st quarter score wins $50

Halftime score wins $100

3rd quarter score wins $50

Final score wins $300

Best of luck lads!!!



Week 18 January 19, 2018 Games Recap


Early game last week between our top 2 teams Canada vs Finland.  Could this be a gold medal game preview, maybeeeeee.  Canada scored first early.  Finland responded with 3 goals to take a 3-1 lead after 1 period.  Finland scored early in the 2nd up 4-1.  Canada got a late goal to stay within reach 4-2 after 2.  Canada made it a 1 goal game as they scored at 11:50 in the 3rd.  Frantic action at both ends as both backstops took over and shut out all shooters and Finland wins 4-3.  An exciting game!  Canada went 1-3 on the PP and scored short handed.  Finland was 0-2.  Finland got 2 goals from rookie sensation Steve MacDougall and singles from Brian Spence and Dan Barrett.  Canada got goals from Murray Russell, Neil Kelly and Paul Harty.  Players of the Game went to both goalies Scott McCallum and Frank Rispoli.

Late game between Poland and USA.  2-1 for the Polocks after 1 period.  2-1 for the Americans in the 2nd tieing up this tilt at 3’s after 2 periods.  USA backstop Gordie Ide suffered a knee injury and left the game in the 2nd period.  No back up goalies were available and USA played without one.  Both squads scored twice in the first 5 minutes of the 3rd.  Poland took the lead once again at 8:41 of the 3rd but then camaraderie between both squads took over and they decided to end the game early and record it as a 5-5 tie, ahhhhhhh!!!  Poland went 0-1 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  Poland got 3 goals from the new league leader Patrick McCormick and singles from Eric Fletcher, Kevin Nicholson and Bryon Wright.  USA got 2 goals from Ron Cormier and singles from Paul Barbosa, Joe Cosentino and Rob McKean.  Players of the Game went to USA Ron Cormier and to Polands Pat McCormick.

This weeks games go Friday, January 26, 2018 at 9:15 pm Poland will face off against Finland and at 10:30 pm Sweden vs Canada.  USA get the week off.

Reminder our Super Bowl squares are almost all sold out, Mark Plewes will be around this week to finish selling remaining squares.  We will do the draw once all sold out and let everyone know on our website.  $10 a square get in while the getting is good.

Also some sad news Canada’s Marcelo Diluzio lost his Mom this week.  No details available as of yet.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marcelo and his family during this difficult time.

See you all on the ice boys!

Friday, February 2, 2018


The City has offered us back Friday, February 2 as their booking cancelled.  After feedback from all the team reps we have decided to leave this Friday as a full league night off to enjoy with family and friends.  The current posted schedule will stay as is.



Week 17 Recap. Friday, January 12, 2018


Last weeks games recap.

Early game between Sweden and Poland.  Some Swedish fans showed up for this tilt with bearing flags and a boisterous crowd.  Poland scored the lone goal in the opening period.  Both squads scored 3 times in the 2nd for a 4-3 Polish lead.  Polocks get 3 early goals in the 3rd and Swedes manage only 2 for a final Poland victory of 7-5.  Poland went 1-3 on the PP and Sweden was 1-3.  Poland got 2 goals from the very handsome, maybe best looking Oldtimner, Joe Peacockski.  Singles from Kevin Nicholson, Bryon Wright, Tony Carlisle, Frankie Nweisser and Eric Fletcher.  Sweden got singles from Harve Mihalic, Gord Manning, Alan Robb, Steve Ferrin and Robin Flumerfelt (…and the crowd went crazy!!!).  Players of the Game went to Polands #15 Bryon Wright and for the Swedes #14 Alan Robb.  Now I know once you see this image you will think Bubbles from Trailor Park Trash BUT no it really is Alan Robb.  Swedish First Aid Kit was out for the first time in 2018 and interesting discussion around politics, Oprah, the Leafs and oh yes the Philippine barber Al recently visited.  The Italian and Pork Chop have gone for haircuts everyday this week.



Maybe this is why the Swedes have only won one game this year.  Beauty is only skin deep!!!

Late game between Finland and USA.  Finland gets the only goal in the 1st period.  Shutouts at both ends for the 2nd period.  USA tied up the game at 1’s with 5 minutes to go.  Finland takes back the lead with 65 seconds left on the clock but the Trumpsters stormed back and scored with 35 seconds to go and this one finished 2-2.  Playoff type game.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP and USA 0-0.  Finland got goals from Tommy Marshall and David Dupal.  USA goals from Dwayne Tygesen and Sal Guerra.  Players of the Game went to USA #6 George Letsos and Finland #4 Tommy Marshall.

This weeks games go Friday, January 19, 2018 9:15pm Canada vs Finland and at 10:30 pm Poland vs USA.  Sweden gets the week off and will be doing dry land training at the Philippine Barbers.

Reminder to buy Super Bowl Squares this week while squares are available.  $10 a square.  Mark Plewes will be around all the rooms selling squares.  Good luck!

See you all on the ice!

Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser!


We kicked off our Super Bowl Squares last Friday.  Plewesie didn’t get a chance to get to all the rooms last week but will this Friday.  $10 a square with 4 winners.  1st Q $50, Halftime $100.  3rd Q $50 and Final score winner gets $300.  Once all squares are sold we will draw the numbers and let you all know.  While supplies last so hurry and buy.  Open to all members, family and friends.

super bowl 2018

Week 15 & 16 Recap


Finally back in action sorry for the delay.  Before I give you updates from the Holiday games just wanted to send out our love to Steve Waters on Team USA who lost his Mom over the holidays.  On behalf of all of us Steve our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

So Dec. 29 early game between Canada and Poland.  2-1 for the Canuckle heads after the opening frame.  All Polocks in the 2nd as they score 3 unanswered goals taking a 4-2 lead into the final period.  Both squads scored once in the 3rd for a final big victory for the Polocks 5-3.  Both teams went 0-0 on the PP keeping Brenda very lonely, nice.  Poland got goals from Brian Burke, Eric Fletcher, John Annan, Joe Peacock and Patrick McCormick.  Canada got goals from Marcello Diluzio, Enzo Ianno and Dr. Joel May.  Players of the Game went to Polands #15 Bryon Wright and to Canada’s #11 Robin Chantaj (the best looking Chantaj by the way).

Late game on the 29th was Sweden vs USA.  Trumpsters score the only goal in the 1st period.  More of Donald Boys in the 2nd as they out score the Nordic team 4-1 for a 5-1 lead.  Both squads get singles in the final period for a final USA victory of 6-2.  Sweden went 0-1 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  Goals for Sweden Patrick Sharp and Paul ‘Pork Chop’ Tavares.  USA got a hat trick from Joe Cosentino, 2 goals from Paul Barbosa and a single from George Letsos.  Sweden called up Mike Jende to play goal and awarded him easily as their Player of the Game as he faced 105 shots this game.  Bobby Ide taking the night off to heal his bruises sent Mike a text hahahahahahahahaha.     USA gave their award to Replacement dude John Fassullo????????

Early match on January 5 between Canada and the USA.  Just note Brenda ran out of ink for this one.  Shut outs at both ends at the end of the 1st period.  10 goals scored in the 2nd period as Canada gets 6 and USA gets 4.  3rd period saw another 7 goals scored, 4-3 for Canada for a final Canuck win of 10-7.  Interesting game.  Zero penalties in this one.  Canada got the following goals scored, 2 goals each for Tim Martins, Marcello Diluzio and Paul Harty and singles from Enzo Ianno, Ron Chantaj, Robin Chantaj and Dr. Joel May.  For the Trumpsters 2 goals from fill in player from Sweden Patrick Sharp and the rest all singles, David Rinaldo, George Letsos, Dwayne Tygesen, Sal Guerra and Joe Cosentino.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s #9 Marcello Diluzio and to USA Patrick Sharp.  Lets see if Patty shot his load as he now will play a double header, mmmmmmmm.

January 5 late game between the struggling Swedes and their arch rival Finland.  All Fins in the opening period out scoring the Swedes 3-1.  No let down for the Swedes as they out score the Fins 4-1 in the 2nd frame taking a 5-4 lead into the 3rd.  Finland scored twice in less than a minute early in the 3rd taking back their lead 6-5.  2 more Finnish goals to close out this tilt with a victory of 8-5.  Sweden does not like the 3rd period thats for sure.  Feisty affair with lots of Brenda contact.  Finland went 0-4 on the PP and Sweden was 0-2.  Finland got 3 goals from Steve MacDougall, 2 goals from the handsome Brent Byer and singles from Tommy Marshall, Bruce Freeman and Peter Freeman.  What????  Father and son both scoring in the same game ahhhhhhh.  Classy move from the rookie MacDougall who also had 2 break aways late in the game and just shot the puck in the corner, class act!!!!   Sweden got a hat trick from District Attorney Robin Flumerfelt and singles from Mike Rukavina and Steve Ferrin.  An Italian, a Croatian and a lawyer walked into a bar……  Finland gave their Player of the Game to rookie Steven MacDougall well deserved and Sweden gave it easily to backstop Bobby Ide returning to face a 90 shot night.

ide POG 2Ide POG 1


Ok that gets us all caught up.  This weeks games January 12 are as follows; 9:15 pm Poland vs Sweden and at 10:30 pm Finland vs USA.  Canada gets the week off.

Drive safely lads and see you all on the ice!

Super Bowl 2018 Squares!


Our Super Bowl 2018 Squares Fundraiser is back again.

super bowl 2018


This years Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 4 in Minnesota.  Mark Plewes will be around all the rooms starting this Friday night selling squares.

$10 a square.  The score at the end of the 1st quarter wins $50.  Halftime score gets $100.  End of the 3rd quarter gets $50 and final score winner gets $300.  Once Mark sells all the squares we will draw the numbers and let you all know what you have.  This fundraiser is open to all league members, family and friends.  If the first sheet sells out quickly we may do another sheet at $5 a square, we will let you know.