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New Individual and Team single season Records



We have now added a new page to our Historical Records.  Single season individual and Team records.  Enjoy!!!

Funny Rec League Hockey Player Labels

Robin Chantaj sent this to me, very funny as I think we have all of these guys in our league but will only call out a few of them including myself.  Open for discussion in each of your rooms.  Enjoy!

The Ringer

Some teams wait until the playoffs to unveil this option. Others go with

it right from the opening faceoff. Either way, without a ringer, your

team is done. The challenge for managers is convincing a good player to

suit up for a bad side. This can be accomplished a number of ways,

including promises of goal-scoring glory and awe-inspired teammates.

Most effective, however, is free hockey. It’s simple math, really.

Everyone else pays an extra $50 and everyone else gets a shot at the

Division-7 title.


The Young Guy        Tim Randa

At first glance, he can easily be mistaken for a ringer, since the young

guy still wears the shorts and socks of his junior or college team. But

it’s time for the next phase of life now, and that means an office job.

The young guy stays in shape for the first half of the year. Sadly, an

increasingly sedentary existence catches up by Christmas. Ten to 20

pounds later, he’s just another player, huffing and puffing with the

rest. Welcome aboard, kid.


The Old Guy             Gary Julius, Tim Rundle and Bruce Freeman

Forget the 50-and-over league; that’s not for him, even though his

gloves reach up to his armpits and he still uses a wood stick. To be

fair, the old guy can be an effective player, especially if he’s a wily

old guy — a hook here and a chop there, because that’s how they did it

when professional athletes were real men. ‘ Eddie Shore — now there was

a hockey player! Lost an ear against the Maroons. Sewed it back on himself. Never missed a



The Beginner

Required only for cheap laughs. On the one hand, you have to admire the

beginner. It takes a lot of courage to take up hockey in adulthood. On

the other, learn to take a pass, man. It’s right on your stick. How does

that knock you over? And now you’re offside.


The Complete Psycho

Also good for a few giggles . . . from afar. The complete psycho is

capable of anything: running the goalie, challenging an entire bench, a

tomahawk chop — all in the repertoire. Do not feed the complete psycho.

He doesn’t want to be fed. He wants to hunt.


The Naked Guy                Ronnie Chantaj

Bane of the dressing room. Most players have the courtesy to stretch

their hamstrings while sporting, at the very least, a bit of underwear.

Not the naked guy. He’ll carry on full conversations, too, and you’ll

maintain eye contact like your life depended on it.


The Guy with the New Girlfriend       Used to be Chalovich

A good way to lower everyone else’s fees is to load up on a few of


The guy with the new girlfriend will show up to five games, tops, so

it’s not like you’ll lose ice time by putting him on the roster. That

said, beware that the guy with the new girlfriend might very well turn

into the guy with the wife, at which point he’ll never miss another



The Fat Guy

The guy that has no lace in the front of his pants but miraculously his

pants stay up because it took 2 guys to get them over his ass, he offers

$20 to anyone that will tie or untie his skates, he gets winded when

forced to tie his own skates, his helmet sits on the very top of his

head (watch Gene Makowsky if you don’t know what I mean) and his

equipment smells like a small animal crawled in his bag took a sh!t and

then died.


The Organizer                 Mike Rukavina

This guy is absolutely brutal but since nobody else could be bothered to

do all the paperwork and collect the money he gets to play.  Is

frustrating to play with because they can barely skate let alone take a

pass but nobody gets mad at him cuz he’s a really nice guy.  Is often

heard in the dressing room saying ‘Sorry guys, that one was my fault’

and if he’s lucky somebody will chip in something like ‘No worries

Donny, it’s a team effort.’ What everybody is really thinking is ‘Hey

Donny, my grandmother is a better player than you and yes you are right,

that was your fault.’  If you are lucky the Organizer is usually smart

enough to take himself off the ice in critical situations.


 The Minor Hockey Allstar

Looks promising at a glance as they fool you with reasonably good skills

but after you get zero passes you’ll get the picture.  This guy topped

out at ‘AA’ Midget and can be spotted by the huge blinders attached to his helmet.

Play is characterized by energetic rushes down the wing, (no passing), then into

the corner (still no pass), behind the net (hey dickhead I’ve been open

for the past 5 minutes),then into the next corner (everybody has gone back to the

bench to watch) followed by a blind give away pass to the high slot / break out

pass for the other team.  Cut this guy.


The Johnny Try Hard

Great to have on your team but they suck to play against because they

have somehow managed to keep themselves in ridiculously good shape. They

were probably the star on their high school hockey team and won athlete

of the year because they played hockey, volleyball and track all in the

same year.

Guaranteed they have a membership at the ‘Running Room’.  Play is

characterized by constant hustle which if caught off guard can embarrass

the more talented yet fatter player.


The Stanley Cup Champion

This player will raise their hands and cheer when they score.  If this

is an opposing player you must nip this behaviour in the bud by catching

him off guard with a sickening open ice hit that causes him to blow snot

bubbles. If this player is on your team quickly chastise him in front of

the other team to let them know that this is not how the rest of your

team rolls. Remind him how much of a loser he is by retrieving the puck

from the net the next time he scores and presenting it to him in front

of the other team.


The Tough Guy

This guy maxed out at the house-league level, has never been in a fight

and is characterized by antagonizing behaviour on the ice.  In extreme

cases he will ‘cheap shot’ another player. The fact that your beer

league does not allow fighting has given this guy a false sense of

courage.  What this guy does not realize is that this will not prevent

someone from knocking his teeth out if he cheap shots the wrong guy.

There is a number of fun ways to handle this player which all end with

him lying on the ice bleeding, looking for his teeth and crying.


The Wrong Guy

Not to be confused with ‘The Complete Psycho’.  This guy shows up,

doesn’t say much and pretty much flies under the radar screen. The kid

that gave him the cheap shot him will eventually look his name up on

Hockey DB after his facial surgery and realize he had 355 PIMS in the

East Coast 3 years ago.


The Gary Roberts

Can be described as being way too intense.  This guy is one of your

better players but is unable to adjust to the lower level of play.  At

the best of times he will try to coach players on the fly and at the

worst of times he will snap and call his entire team a bunch of

house-leaguers.  He believes the game should be played a certain way and

despises ‘pond hockey’ style play with no

back checking or positional assignments.   Most likely is suffering from

a complex of ‘unfinished business’ from his previous hockey career and is

looking to capture some shred of glory via the rec-league championship.

This guy is probably better off playing with his own kind in a senior-A




At first glance just a regular family guy, married with 3 kids, a cush

corporate job and fancy car.  Once he enters the locker room its Party

time & latest tales of bangin’ broads and the good times.  PreGame beer

and smoke, outrageous stories of hookers from last weekend in Vegas, to

the point everyone is crying with laughter.  This guy is Reg Dunlop

(Slapshot) meets Chris Farley, raw-raw, kick their ass, run-up the

score, the ref-beats-his-wife, non stop chatter on the bench.  Has above

average talent and knows it, but is more focused on making sure his

teammates show up and enjoy themselves at the post game festivities at

the Brass Pole Ballet, always carries an extra set of clothes in his trunk!

Special Saturday Morning Visit




John Annan and Mike Rukavina paid a visit to 4 time Stanley Cup Oldtimer Champion Mark Woods on Saturday morning.  It was a very cool visit as Mark just returned from a week with his main squeeze in St. Martin.  We presented Mark with $500 of gift cards from all 75 of us at PCOHL.  $300 of Cara Restaurants, $100 of Keg, $50 of Cineplex and $50 of LCBO for him, his wife and his 2 beautiful daughters to use as they like.  We told Mark how amazing all the guys in the league were with very little notice and we sold out of an entire Super Bowl squares sheet in one night.  He was very thankful and proud to be a part of a great group of guys.  We ask all of you to continue to keep Mark in your thoughts as his journey begins this week with aggressive treatment.  He is in very good spirits and like on the ice is ready for the battle and we all look forward to having him back on the ice as soon as he can.  He misses seeing Peacock without his shirt on as well in the Habs dressing room haha.  Again on behalf of Mark and the entire Exec we want to thank all of you for your unbelievable support in getting this small token of appreciation for Mark done in such a short period of time.  Very proud to be part of PCOHL.



Week 22 Recap

Ok after last weeks games we have one team now officially slotted in a playoff slot.

Early game between Montreal and Boston the 4th and 5th seeded teams.  Bruins get the only goal in the opening frame.  Bruins out score the Habs 2-1 in the 2nd period taking a 3-1 lead into the final frame.  Habs make it a one goal game at 12:56 of the 3rd.  But then the Bruins take over and dismantle the Habs scoring 6 times and Habs scoring only 1 for a final Bruin victory of 9 to 3.  Habs I think scored a few times in their own net in that collapse of 10 minutes of hockey.  You could hear Habs goalie Ervin mumbling “really????”    Habs went 1-1 on the PP and Bruins were 0-1.  Habs got goals from Rukavina, Robin Chantaj and Thompson.  Bruins got 2 goals from Cummings and singles from Flumerfelt, Annan, Cosentino, Marshall, Chalovich, Karabinis and Cormier.  Players of the Game went to Bruins backstop Gorde Ide and Habs David Dupal.  With the Bruin victory Habs officially will be the 5th seed in the Playoffs, 2 years in a row now.  Bruins still have a chance to catch the 3rd seed or remain in the 4th.

Late tilt between the Islanders and the Oilers.  Tough game that looked like a playoff match.  Oilers get the only goal in the 1st period.  Oilers out score the Islanders 2-1 in the 2nd for a 3-1 lead after 2.  Islanders score a short handed goal early in the 3rd making it a 1 goal lead.  Oilers jump back on top by 2 at 10:26 then put a nail in the Islander coffin with their 5th of the game and this one finished 5-2 Oilers.  That was Oilers 4th straight win as they sweep through everyone in the league and now are surging and still have a shot at top seed with some help.  Islanders get goals from McKean and Tygessen.  McKean with a single point now needs 5 ptrs to tie the scoring record in his last 2 games.  Oilers get 2 goals from Maguire and singles from Nelson, Brideau and Rundle.  Both teams went 0-3 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to both #7’s, Islanders Kenny Coffin and Oilers Jimmy Maguire.

This weeks games on Friday, February 26 will feature at 9:15 Boston and Edmonton and at 10:30 Montreal vs the rested Flyers.  Islanders get the week off.

Lots still to play for as we have 3 more weeks of our regular (or pre season) games.

See you all on the ice!

2016 Playoff Schedule

Friendly reminder we have confirmed our Playoff Schedule with the City.  All games will be at Port Credit Arena but different dates and times.  Schedule is also available under Events tab and on the Team standings page.  Will add actual teams to the seeded numbers as we complete our regular season.

Friday, March 18  9:15 pm  2nd seed vs Montreal  10:30 pm 3rd seed vs 4th seed   Off Team will be 1st seed

Friday, March 25  Good Friday  NO GAMES

Monday, March 28  7:45 pm  1st seed vs Montreal seed  9:00 pm 2nd seed vs 4th seed  Off Team will be 3rd seed

Friday, April 1   8:15 pm  1st seed vs 4th seed  9:30 pm 2nd seed vs 3rd seed  Off Team will be Montreal

Friday, April 8   NO GAMES

Sunday, April 10  8:15 pm  1st seed vs 3rd seed  9:30 pm 4th seed vs Montreal  Off Team will be 2nd seed

Friday, April 15  8:15 pm  1st seed vs 2nd seed  9:30 pm 3rd seed vs Montreal   Off Team will be 4th seed

This will complete our round robin playoff games and all 5 teams will be re-seeded for our Championship Night.

Friday, April 22  8:15 pm  Kiss Your Sister Bronze Medal game   9:30 pm  Gold Medal game  Off Team will be the new 5th seeded playoff team


Week 21 Recap


First of the final round of reg season games took place last Friday, our VD Lovers Special!!!!!  Did you hear that Joe?

Habs faced off against the league leading Islanders.  This one turned out to be a good game as both goalies played very well.  A goal each in the opening frame.  Islanders get 2 in the the second as the Habs manage only a single for an Islander lead of 3-2.  The final period was close as well but Islanders prevail with a final victory of 5-3.  Habs I think out chanced the Islanders for the brundt of the game but the ageless Bobby Ide played extremely well keeping his squad right in this game.  Habs Barry Ervin also played well not allowing the Islanders to run away with this tilt.  Islanders went 0-2 on the PP and Habs were 0-0.  Islanders got single goals from McKean, Riddell, Connell, Kidd and Coffin.  Habs got goals from Randa, Desrosier and Dupal.  Players of the Game went to Islanders Bobby Ide, an easy pick, and Habs Tim Randa.  McKean with a 3 point night is now 5 goals and 6 points from tieing the single season scoring record and with 3 games left, will be close as the excitement mounts and the press gets larger with each of the Islanders games.

Late game between the Flyers and the Bruins was interesting.  Flyers again depleted in skaters needed to pick up 3 from the early game as Rukavina, Chantaj and Connell joined them. Flyers looked like a multi colored group of boys on the ice, not that there is anything wrong with that.   Bruins equipment manager needed to work over time fixing skate blades.  2-1 Flyers after one period.  3-1 Flyers in the 2nd frame for a 5-2 lead.  And more of the same in the final frame as the Flyers out score the Bruins 4-1 for a final victory of 9-3.  Ugly kind of game really and hard to describe.  Bruins went 0-1 on the PP and Flyers were 0-0.  Bruins got goals from Flumerfelt, Annan and new temp dude Barbosa (great handle).  Flyers goals, a hat trick for McCormick, 2 for Diluzio and Messenger and singles from Rukavina and Manning.  Art filled in for McCallum, vacationing in Costa Rica,  continuied his undefeated fill in record for us this season.  McCallum picks up 1 goal and 6 assists in this one as all the temp players scoring goes to him, nice job Scottie.  Players of the Game goes to Flyers Pat McCormick with a 5 point night and Bruins Frank Nweisser.

This weeks games, Friday, February 19 at 9:15 Habs face off against the Bruins and at 10:30 Islanders play the Oilers.  Flyers get the week off.  Oilers Brideau was quoted in the press that McKean will not score a goal this week vs the Oilers, mmmm a challenge I think.

See you all on the ice and remember we are a fun league so take it easy lads.  Anyone who still owes any money from the football squares please see Sal Guerra on the Islanders this week, thanks so much.

Mark Woods escaped with his wife to St. Martin this week, good week to go Markie Mark!  I will visit him this weekend.

Week 20 Recap

Ok so 4 rounds completed and in the books, that’s 16 games played by each team and one more round of games to complete our 20 game pre season before the money games begin.

Early tilt between the Bruins and the Islanders.  2 key Bruin forwards missing for this big game and it showed.  Opening frame was close as Islanders get the only goal.  The 2nd frame saw the Islanders score 3 unanswered goals for a solid 4 nil lead after 2.  Final period saw 2 more Islander goals for a final 6-0 win.  First shut out of the season for the ageless, re built, Bobby Ide.  Islanders went 1-2 on the PP and Bruins were 0-3.  Islander goals, 2 from Riddell and 2 from McKean, singles from Connell and Coffin (say that fast 3 times).  Players of the Game obviously Islanders backstop Bobby Ide, getting a shut out in our league is huge on the WOW factor.  Flumerfelt gets it for the Bruins and he never visited Brenda on this night, nice!!!!

Late match between the Flyers and the Oilers.  Only 8 Flyers available for this game as a small rash seemed to spread amongst most of the injured reserve boys from the previous week, who’s soap did they all use????   3 Islanders then dressed for them.  Oilers get the only goal in the opening period.  Flyers out score the Oilers 3-2 in the 2nd to tie up the match at 3’s.  Flyers take the lead early in the 3rd and then 10 minutes of scoreless frantic hockey at both ends of the pond.  Oilers tie it up at 2:44 on a power play and then win this game at 1:25.  Great game, I think.  Flyers got singles from Mihalic, Carlisle, McCormick and Messenger whose wife is asking what she can do with the big jackpot of $30 Rob won on the weekend.  Oilers goals all singles, Brideau, Nelson, Ree, Freeman and Atchison getting the late game winner and carried off the ice on Oilers shoulders.  Oilers went 1-1 on the PP and Flyers were 0-1.  Players of the Game went to Flyers Jimmy Martin and Oilers Rob Leenaars, ahhh the beauty and the beast!!!

So a quicky recap of our first 4 rounds of play.  Flyers and Islanders tied for top seed and looking to get March break off with 21 points each.  Oilers in 3rd spot with 16 followed by the Bruins with 13 and the schlepps Habs with 9.  With 8 points available for each team the Habs best finish can be 3rd.  All other 4 teams can all finish 1st.  Every team has beaten each other so far, except Bruins have a tie with the Islanders and 3 losses.  Islanders have scored the most goals with 90, Flyers have the least against with 63 and Habs are last in goals for 73 and most in goals against with 110.  Habs also lead the league in penalty minutes with 64 the other 4 squads are all basically the same around 44.  Bruins and Flyers lead the league in power play success and the Oilers have the best penalty killing success.  Flyers are a best +20 in even strength goals and Islanders are best with a +5 in special team goals, they also lead the league with 6 short handed goals, might be a record I think.

On the individual front Islanders Rob McKean, playing on a fun line all season, leads the league with 30 goals and 19 assists and 49 points.  With 4 games left he looks like he will break our single season goals and points record that has been held since 2000-2001.  Record is 36 goals and 58 points, he can smell it.  Scottie McCallum and Bobby Ide are fighting it out for the Vezina trophy that goes to the best goals against average.  Scottie is at 3.94 and Bobby is at 4.25.  Now not to upset Scottie but Bobby is like 50 years older than you and he had eye surgery, hip surgery and I think had his tubes tied as well this fall you better win or we will let you have it bad.  Oilers Chamberlain leads all rookie scorers and next best Habs Desrosiers is a million miles north somewhere for a month.  Flumerfelt and Diluzio are tied for 3 game winning goals each and are also both in contention for the Johnny Sparrow crown in leading the league in penalty minutes, ahh just one misconduct from running away with it.  Can Tony Thomas go 2 years in a row not winning the penalty minute crown??????  Dr Joel May is tops with 3 power play goals, you just can’t catch the dentist.  So lots of fun still left in our last round of games and remember boys its a fun league, keep your sticks on the ice and be respectful of each other and keep the pops consumption to after the game not before.

This week kicks off our final round with the Islanders playing the Habs at 9:15 and Flyers play the Bruins at 10:30, Oilers get the week off.  Games scheduled for February 12 our LOVERS Special.  If you are getting a penalty bring Brenda a rose.

See you all on the ice Boys!

Super Bowl fundraiser final summary.

Here is a summary of all of the winners.

Steve Ferrin $50

Pat McCormick $50

Leo Brideau $50

Bryon Wright $50

Barry Ervin $100

John Annan $100

Robert Messenger $300

Alan Robb $300

Special thank you to all the members family and friends who bought squares.  $500 will go into our budget and the other $500 will be a very special donation on behalf of all the PCOHL members which we will announce in the next few days.  Again thank you boys.


Super Bowl Final Score Winners

OK final score Denver 24 Carolina 10  square 4 – 0 is the big winna!

Sheet #1 Alan Robb from the Flyers

Sheet #2 Rob Messenger from the Flyers

These 2 dudes win $300 each please tell their wives it was only $30.

Congrats Boys!!!


Super Bowl 3rd Quarter Winners

Denver 16 Carolina 7 so square 6 – 7 is the winner

Sheet #1 goes to Patty McCormick from the Flyers

Sheet #2 goes to Bryon Wright from Boston

Both boys get $50!