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Week 10 End of Round 2 Recap

Ok 2 round of reg season game sin the books.  Last weeks recaps.

Early game between USA and Sweden was a good one.  USA out score the Swedes 2-1 after the first.  1-1 in the 2nd keeping the Americans on top 3-2.  Sweden ties up the game at 3’s early in the 3rd.  USA jumped back on top with under 7 minutes to go.  Sweden ties it up again a minute later and this one finished 4-4 tie.  USA went 1-2 on the PP and Sweden was 0-2.  Sweden got 2 goals from Joe Cosentino and singles from Ron Chantaj and Tim Martins.  USA got 2 goals from Jim Maguire and singles from Robin Flumerfelt and Ron Cormier.  Players of the Game went to the Swedes #14 Joe Cosentino and for the Trumpsters the ageless Tommy Marshall.  Aw nice pic.


Late game between Canada and Poland.  Both squads coming into this tilt on a 2 game winning streak.  All dumb Polocks in the first as they out score the surprised Canadians 3-1.  Canada gets the lone goal in the 2nd making it a 3-2 game.  Poland jumped back on top by 2 in the opening 90 seconds of the 3rd.  Canada gets one back at the 9 minute mark.  Poland presses the rest of the way and gets one more to win this match 5-3 and are now on a 3 game win streak, what?????  Canada went 0-1 on the PP Poland was 0-0.  Canada got goals from John Annan, Paul Harty and Eric Fletcher.  Poland got singles from Neil Kelly, Marcelo Diluzio, Paul Pork Chop Tavares, Agostino Falcone, great name, and Steve Atchison.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s Newfie #4 Kenny Coffin.  For the Polock’s #14 Neil Kelly gets the nod.  We miss old man Kelly for sure as Neil would have gotten an extra 5 bucks for this honour but hey we now have Peacocks new squeeze as our number one fan.


Another good match to end our 2nd round of regular season games.  And could things get any tighter??  Sweden on top with 10 pts, Canada with 9, USA with 8, Poland with 7 and Finland with 6.  4 points separate the top and bottom, LOVE the parity!!!!   Diluzio leads the league with 10 markers, Dan Barrett and McCormick with 10 assists and Joe Cosentino leads all total scorers.  Atchison and Fasulo spend the most time with the lovely Brenda with 8 minutes each…and does Flumerfelt have a single penalty yet…just say no Robin.  Letsos and Falcone lead all rookies with 9 points.

This weeks games goes Friday, November 30 at 9:15 Sweden will do battle with their Scandinavian rivals Finland.  And at 10:30 USA will face off against Canada for the battle of North America.  Poland get the week off to make pirogies again.

Hey don’t forget to bring a bit of cash this week and purchase our Holiday 50/50 draw tickets.  $5 each or 5 for $20.  Mark Plewes will be around the rooms selling tickets.  Lots of very cool prizes are also coming in as well.  Will update you on a teaser next week as I get more.  And if you have a donation you would like to give please see Rukavina, Guerra or Plewes.  The more the merrier.  Draw will be held the last week before Christmas.

See you all on the ice boys!


Week 9 Recap

Well well well things are tightening up in the league standings.  Last weeks games recap as follows.  Early game between Poland and Finland.  The Finn’s playing without their top 2 forwards for this one.  Poland scores the lone goal in the opening frame.  Finland bounces back in the 2nd period out scoring the Polocks 3-2 to tie up this tilt at 3’s after 2.  A natural hat trick for the veteran Dr. Joel May for the Finns, 3 break aways and 3 goals and one was short handed, impressive.  Finn’s go on top mid way through the 3rd with their 2nd short handed goal of the game, maybe a first in PCOHL.  Poland ties up the game on a power play marker, their first of the season as the Italian Mortgage Stallion scores.  Poland jumped out on top with 4 minutes to go and an empty netter gave the Polocks their 2nd straight victory on the season 6-4.  Poland went 1-2 on the PP but gave up 2 short handed goals and Finland was 0-1.  Poland got 2 goals from Marcelo Diluzio and singles from Steve Ferrin, Joe Peacock, David Dupal and the game winner from Steve Atchison who had a 4 point night.  Finland got 3 goals from Dr. Joel May and a single from rookie George Letsos.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Joel May, obviously.  For Poland Steve Atchison with his red stringy finger, mmmmm.

Atchison POG

Last weeks POG for the Polocks was Paul Pork Chop Tavares and we were missing his photo.  Proud to be Polish Pork Chop.

Tavares POG

Late game between the league leading Swedes and the Canadians led in scoring by their backstop Art.  Sweden scored the lone goal in the 1st.  Canada scored 2 unanswered in the 2nd leading 2-1 after 2.  The tired looking Swedes could not handle the red and white as Canada scored 2 more times in the final frame winning this one 4-1 and timing the Swedes on top of the standings.  Brenda Free Game Yes!!!!!!  Canada got 2 goals from Bren Byer and singles from Johnny Annan and Brian Burke, oh my head!!!  Sweden got their lone goal from the ageless Bruce Freeman.

So 1 more night of games to complete our 2nd round of regular season games this week Friday, November 23, 2018.  9:15 the rested Americans will skate with the Swedes and at 10:30 the surging Canadians will do battle with the Polocks.  Finland gets the week off.

Mark Please will be selling our annual Holiday 50/50 draw tickets this week.  $5 each or 5 for $20.  Please help support our annual fund raiser.  If there is anyone else who can help Mark out in selling tickets let him know.  WE have many tickets leftover from last year so we will not print new ones and will do the draw a week before Christmas.  Any prizes that can be donated will be greatly appreciated so we can have many winners outside of the grand prize of CASH.  Pleas pass on your donated prizes to Rukavina, Guerra or Plewesie.

See you all on the ice!!!

Week 8 Recap


Last weeks game recaps.  Early game between the Finn’s and the hurting, thats an understatement, Canadians.  The red and white needed a few fill ins for this one as they were well below the min of 10 skaters.  1-1 after the opening frame.  Canada scores the lone 2 goals in the 2nd taking a 3-1 lead.  Final period saw both squads score twice as the Canadians win this battle 5-3. Finland went 0-1 on the PP and Canada was 0-0.  Canada got 2 goals from John Annan and singles from Eric Fletcher and fill ins Diluzio and Young.  Finland got single markers from George Letsos, Patty McCormick and Moe Connell.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s John Annan and Finlands George Letsos.  With all the fill ins Canada has been using this season and all those stats going to their backstop Senkowski he leads the team in scoring WTF?????

Late game between the soaring Americans and the lowly Pollocks.  1-1 after the first and 3-3 after 2 periods of play.  The 3rd period is where the Polish National team usually flounders but NOT on this magical night as they unleashed 6 goals in the final frame.  USA got 3 but Poland wins 9-6.  WOW!!!!  USA went 1-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-1.  Poland got 2 hat tricks, one from the Pork Chop Paul Tavares and one from Beef Cakes Joe Peacock.  Singles from Dan Barrett, Agostino Falcone and Marcelo Diluzio.  USA got 2 goals both from Robin Chantaj and Tim Randa and singles from Tommy Marshall and Ron, Gordie’s uber driver, Cormier.  Players of the Game went to Polands very tall Pork Chop Paul Tavares and to USA Mr. Happy Jay Cummings.

jay cummings

Only a face a mother can love.

This weeks games goes Friday, November 19.  9:15 pm Poland vs Finland and at 10:30 pm Canada vs Sweden.  USA and that horrible hat get the week off.

Friendly reminder if you can donate any gifts for our annual Holiday 50/50 fundraiser that would be fantastic, please bring to the rink and Rukavina, Guerra or Plewes can pick up.

Keep your sticks on the ice and see you at the rink.

Week 7 Recap

Last weeks games recap.

Early match between Sweden and Poland was a beaut!!!  The rested Polocks looked fresh and fast and took the opening frame 3-1.  Sweden found its legs in the 2nd frame and gave it back to Poland with a 3-1 2nd period outcome tieing up the game at 4’s.  Final period was heated at both ends.  With under 5 minutes to go and Poland on a power play Swedens Tygesen scored short handed and this puppy was done.  Sweden 5 Poland 4.  Sweden was 1-3 on the PP and Poland went 0-3.  The ageless Bruce Freeman scored twice for Sweden and Steve Sparrow, Frank Nweisser and Dwayne Tygesen with singles.  Poland got goals from Dan Barrett, David Dupal, Joe Peacock and Marcelo Diluzio.  Players of the Game were awarded to Swedens Bruce Freeman and to Polands David Dupal.

Late game between Finland and USA was tight for one period then a blow out.  2-2 after the opening frame.  All USA the rest of the way as they scored 4 times in the 2nd and 2 more times in the final frame for a victory of 8-2.  Moe Connell and Dr. Joel May scoring for the Finn’s.  The Trumpsters signing some immigrants for their farm team got 2 goals from both Robin Flumerfelt and Jimmy Maguire.  Singles from Jay Cummings, Robin Chantaj, Timmy Randa and the very handsome Jodie Young.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Finland was 0-1 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Joel May and for the yanks backstop Gordie Ide.


This weeks games on Friday, November 9, 2018 are as follows.  9:15 Finland vs Canada and at 10:30 USA vs Poland.  Sweden gets the week off.

See you all on the ice!!!

Week 6 Recap

Last Friday we kicked off our 2nd round of regular season games.

Early match between Canada and the USA.  A injury plagued start to Canada’s season needing some temp players just to get to 10 skaters.  Canada scored the lone goal in the 1st.  The 2nd frame saw both squads score single goals.  Canucks holding on to their 1 goal lead with 15 minutes to go.  Americans tied it at at 11 minute mark.  Canada went back on top with 8 minutes to go.  USA then turned on the jets and scored 3 straight goals in less than 2 minutes, WOW!  A stunned and depleted Canadian team scored late but with the final buzzer USA wins 6-4.  Penalty free game YEAH!!!!  USA got 2 goals from Paul Barbosa and Rob McKean and singles from Robin Flumerfelt and Jimmy Maguire.  Canada got goals from Frank Arruda, Eric Fletcher, Brent Byer and fill in Marcello Diluzio.  Exciting game.  Pump Players of the Game went to Canada’s Bren Byer and to USA Pork Chop Paul Barbosa with a 4 point night.

Barbosa POG


Late game between the 2 Nordic arch rivals Sweden and Finland.  All light blue in the 1st as they take a 2-0 lead.  The 2nd period saw both teams score 2 a piece.  Finland went on top 5-2 in the opening minute of the 3rd.  Sweden replied a few minutes later.  2 more markers from the Fins and a single from Sweden closed this puppy out with Finland victorious 7-4.  Sweden went 1-1 on the PP and Finland was 0-1.  Finland got a hat trick from sophomore Steve MacDougall, 2 goals from Patrick Sharp who is hot hot hot early this season.  And singles from Patty McCormick and Moe Connell.  Sweden got goals from Tim Martins, Bryon Wright, Frank Nweisser and league leader Joe Cosentino. Players of the Game went to Finlands Steve MacDopugall, 5 point night.  Sweden honoured Joe Cosentino with how 3 point night.

This week November 2nd at 9:15 the rested Poland squad will Face off against Sweden and at 10:30 Finland will do battle with USA.  The hurting Canadians will get the week off to heal.

See you all on the ice!