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Player News


Flyer David Ridell recently suffered a heart attack.  David is stable and scheduled for surgery on Monday.  Please send David all of your good thoughts for a healthy and speedy recovery.


Week 18 Recap


2 blowouts last week as we continue to complete our 20 game pre season schedule.

Early match between the Canadians and the Flyers.  All Broad Street Bullies in the opening frame as they out score the Habs 4-1.  The National anthem wasn’t even over when the Flyers scored in the opening seconds.  Habs tighten it up a bit in the 2nd as they allow only one goal scored by the Flyers.  Both teams score 2 goals in the final period for a final Flyer victory of 7-3.  Habs get 2 goals from the Ukie man Kryslak and 1 from their rookie blue liner Dan Barrett.  Two Flyers score hat tricks, Cummings and new guy Diluzio and a single from the doctor May.  Flyers went 1-1 on the PP and Habs were 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Habs #9 Craig Kryslak and Flyers rookie #28 Marcello Diluzio.  The Habs loss, their 6th in a row, now officially can only finish as high as 4th spot with 5 games left.

Late match between our top 2 squads the Bruins and the Oilers.  Both teams missing their #1 forwards for this tilt.  Opening period was well fought on both sides as they close out the 1st tied at 2’s.  Bruins step it up in the 2nd frame scoring the only 2 goals taking a 4-2 lead into the final period.  And that final period was all golden as the Bruins score 5 times for a final victory of 9-2.  Bruins on a roll winning their 6th straight game.  Cosentino and rookie Randa score for the Oilers.  Bruins Tony Thomas gets a hat trick and singles to Cormier, McKean, Julius, Nelson, Sharp and Peacock.  Bruins go 1-1 on the PP and Oilers go 0-2.  Players of the Game went to Bruins #30 Gord Ide and Oilers #12 Tim Randa.

So there it is.  This weeks games, January 30 are as follows 9:15 Oilers vs Canadians.  10:30 Flyers vs Islanders.  The Bruins get a well deserved week off.

Have a great week and see you all on the ice!

Super Bowl Pool


We have just 19 squares left to fill our board.  Contact Mark Plewes at if you would like to take one of the last squares.  Or Mark will be around this Friday night selling these last ones and hopefully we can draw the numbers and let everyone know what they have.  2 weeks to the SuperBowl as the Patriots will meet the Seahawks on February 1 in Arizona.  Good luck to everyone.


Week 17 Recap

Last weeks games recaps.

Early tilt between the Islanders and the Oilers.  1-1 after the open ing frame.  Oilers take a 2-1 lead after 2 periods of play.  Islanders back stop Bobby Ide played a huge game here and frustrated the Oilers the entire night.  His buoys rewarded him with the tieing goal at early in the 3rd and Ide closed the door the rest of the way.  Final score 2-2.  Good game with playoff atmosphere. Fletcher and Dupal scoring for the Islanders and Karabinis and Kelly getting the Oilers on the board.  Oilers went 0-1 on the PP and NYI was 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Islanders #14 Billy Jackes and Oilers guy was #10 the Greek Stallion Georgie Karabinis OPA!

Late game looked to be a blow out before it started as the Bruins and the Habs faced off.  Bruins score in the dieting seconds of the 1st frame to take a 3-2 lead.  Bruins end the 2nd period up 5-3 and looked strong to finish this one out but the Habs showed some life as they tie up the match at 5’s with 5  minutes to go.  Bruins finally were awarded with under 3 minutes to go and win this tightly fought match 6-5.  May have been the Habs best game of the season even though they suffered their 5th straight loss.  Maguire getting a hat trick for the Habs, Kidd and Barrett getting the other goals.  Bruins get singles from Thomas, the game winner, Flumerfelt, Peacock, the ageless Julius, Cormier, and Guerra.  Habs scored shorthanded and were 1-1 on the PP, Bruins went 0-2 on the PP.  Players of the game went to Habs #25 Dan Barrett and Bruins #9 Leo Brideau.  Great game.

This week, january 23 we have the Habs facing off against the Flyers at 9:15. Followed by the Oilers meeting the Bruins for another big game at 10:30.  Islanders get the week off.

See you all on the ice!

Super Bowl Pool



Mark Plewes will be out this week selling super bowl pool squares.  $10 a square.  1st quarter score winning square gets $50.  Halftime score winning square gets $100.  3rd quarter score winning square gets $50 and final winning score square gets $300.


Week 15 & 16 Recap

Ok back in action and here is a quick recap of the last 2 weeks of games.

Jan 2 9:15 game – Flyers vs Oilers

Oilers get the lone goal in the opening frame.  Oilers out score the Flyers 3-2 in the 2nd period for a 4-2 lead.  One more Oilers goal early in the 3rd for a final Oilers win 5-2.  Messenger and Rundle score for the Islanders and Baratta with 2, Cosentino, Randa and Kelly for the Oilers.  Islanders went 1-1 on the PP and Oilers were 0-1.  Players of the Game went to #9 Rob Messinger for the Island and #17 Tony Baratta for the Oilers.  Flyers 6 game win streak comes to an end.

Jan 2 10:30 game – Bruins vs Islanders

Both squads score a single goal each in the opening period.  Bruins jump out in front 3-2 after 2 periods.  2 unanswered goals in the final make this a Boston 5-2 win.  Jackes and Chantaj score for the Islanders.  Brideau, Flumerfelt, Peacock, Lott and Thomas get the Bruin markers. NYI went 0-2 on the PP and Bruins went 0-0.  Players of the Game #7 Murray Barrett for the Islanders and #44 Tony Thomas for the Bruins.

Jan 9  9:15 game – Flyers vs Bruins

3-0 Boston after one period.  6 more Boston goals scored in the 2nd period as Flyers get only 2.  Flyers squeegie 2 more goals in the final frame as Boston cruises to a 9-4 win and their 4th win in a row.  Messenger, Riddell, Tygesen and May score for the Flyers.  Hat tricks for both Flumerfelt and Harty on the Bruins, McKean with 2 goals, Peacock with the lone goal.  Flyers go 0-0 on the PP and Bruins go 0-1.  Players of the Game for the Flyers goes to #9 Rob Messenger, his back to back awards, nice.  Bruins POG goes to #11 Paul Harty.  Bruins win their 4th in a row.

Jan 9  10:30 game – Islanders vs Canadians

2-2 after one period.  Islanders blow up the Habs and take a 6-3 lead into the final frame.  Final period both squads score twice for a final victory for the Islanders 8-5.  Habs get 2 goals off the wood of Maguire, Sparrow, Kryslak and Kidd getting the other goals.  Islanders get a trick from Nicholson (yep thats right Kevin scores 3 times), Annan and Salapoutis get 2 goals each and a single from Robb.  Habs go 0-2 on the PP and Islanders go 1-1.  Islanders make some room between the Habs in the standings and Habs continue their struggles losing their 4th in a row.  Bruins now officially cannot finish 5th with their 20 points and the Habs with 5 and 7 games remaining.

So check out all the stats and we have been adding photos into the Gallery tab as well.

This weeks games Friday January 16 are as follows – 9:15 Islanders vs Oilers and the late game 10:30 will feature the top team Bruins vs the last place team, the sand baggers, Montreal.  Flyers get a much deserved week off after ending their 6 game win streak with 2 straight losses.

Have a good week and please remember – we are a beer league, relax and enjoy!

Latest News!


I did not get the game sheets from last week so there will be a delay in the updates and will get a double banger on the weekend.

Some news for everyone.  Montreal backstop Barry Ervin has suffered a mid level body injury and is done for the season (boy there is a lot I can say).  Barry wants to return next season but needs to get healthy and recover for next September.  Art Senkowski has agreed to fill in for the remainder of the season as Montreal’s goalie.  Many of us know Art and know he would be a great fit in our Friday night boys club.  Art teaches in Port Credit and may now actually be the best looking Pollock in the league, sorry Eddie.

Please join me in welcoming Art and give him a big “Gindobra” when you see him.  And best wishes for Barry in his recovery, Barry call the doctor after 4 hours please!


Super Bowl Pool


We will be running a Super Bowl Pool over the next few weeks.  Mark Plewes will visit all the dressing rooms starting this Friday night and for the next few weeks.

Real easy and no NFL knowledge needed at all just some luck.  10 x 10 squares will be sold at $10 per square.  Once all the squares are sold we will draw the AFC and the NFC numbers.  After the 1st quarter winning square will receive $50.  At halftime the winning square will receive $100.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the winning square will receive $50.  And the final score winning square will receive $300.  If all squares are sold League will add $500 to its budget.  So if the score is 34 for the NFC team and 21 for the AFC team the square that has NFC 4 and AFC 1 wins that prize.  Same square wins if the score was 14 to 41.

We will draw the numbers for both the AFC and the NFC on Friday, January 30 at the arena unless we sell the squares out earlier then we will draw the numbers earlier.  This years Super Bowl is on Sunday, February 1 at Arizona.

Good luck and thanks for your support.  Squares can be purchased for all PCOHL members and friends and family.  Please see Mark Plewes to buy your square.

Good luck!


Happy New Year 2015!


Good bye to 2014 yeah and hello to 2015.  This Friday, January 2 we kick off our 2nd half of our 20 game pre season schedule and our last games of Round 3.

The 9:15 game will feature Philadelphia vs Edmonton and our 10:30 game Boston will face off against the New York Islanders.  Montreal get the week off.

See you all on the ice!