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PCOHL Golf Day

Saturday 35 golfers teed it up at Lakeview Golf Club and all had an amazing day.  Lots of laughs and lots of good and bad shots as well.  High light without a doubt was our very own Leo Brideau with an outfit that had us all speechless.  The picture below does not do it justice as you just needed to see the entire package, knickers and all.   One of the Barrett brothers had a very bright golf shirt, not that there is anything wrong with that.  Joe Peacock was unbelievable???????  Young dudes won all the longest drives…wait until they get to our age haha.  Bryon Wrights team won the whole thing with an 8 under score.

Special thank you to Harve Mihalic for organizing the event and to all the members who donated prizes, fun day can’t wait until next year!

PCOHL Golf Day

Week 2 Update

OK we now have had all 5 teams on the ice.

The early match between both 0 and 1 Bruins and Habs.  Habs score the first 2 goals in this one but the Bruins get 2 late first period markers to tie it up after one frame.  Bruins get 2 early 2nd period goals.  Habs make it a 1 goal game at 9:12 of the 2nd.  Bruins then score 3 times in less than 3 minutes to make it 7-3.  Habs get a late goal to close out the 2nd period at 7-4.  Habs score twice in the first 6 minutes of the 3rd to make this one a 7-6 game.  But these feisty Bruins score 2 quick goals to extend their lead to 9-6.  Habs get a late goal to close out this tilt with a Bruins victory 9-7.  Not a goalie friendly game thats for sure.  Bruins went 0-1 on the PP.  Bruins goals 2 each for Cummings, Karabinis and Cosentino and singles from Chalovich, Wright and the game winner from Flumerfelt.  Habs got a hat trick from Randa, and singles from Peacock, Sharp, Woods and Steve Kostick.  Peacock lead the Habs with a 4 point night and was awarded Player of the Game.  Bruins Joe Cosentino gets the nod as their Player of the Game.  Habs again toasting their new rookie sensation and excessive Habs fan Derosiers who will make his season debut next week, the anticipation is mounting.  Rukavina is hoping to get some break away tips from the new rookie.

Oilers with their season debut faced off against the red hot Islanders for our late match.  Tight opening frame as the Islanders score the lone goal in the opening frame.  Islandeers out score the Oilers 3-2 in the 2nd frame for a 4-2 lead.  2 of the 3 goals were short handed and really seemed to take the wind out of the Oilers sails.  Islanders show their strength in the final frame out scoring the Oilers 4-2 for their 2nd straight victory 8-4.  Islanders McKean continues to tear it up early in the season with 3 goals and 2 assists.  Ferrin with 2 goals and singles from Sparrow, Tygesen, and Harty with the game winner.  Oilers get 2 goals from Maguire and singles from rookie Chamberlain and Nelson.  Oilers went 0-2 on the PP and Islanders were 0-1.  Players of the game was awarded to Islanders #5 Steve Sparrow with a 4 point night.  he was like Dave Semenko playing with McKean.  Oilers give their nod to #7 Jimmy Maguire.

So we are off and running.  This weeks games on Friday, October 2 are as follows, 9:15 Boston will face off against the Oilers and at 10:30 the rested Flyers will see how they match up against the winless Habs.  Islanders get a much deserved week off.  Which means McKean will not be lighting up the goal lights, thank god.

See you all on the ice!

Website Update

All our career stats has now been updated with last years stats.

Note it is our 29th season.  We have archived the last 15 years of individual stats for all players and goalies.  We will call that our modern era.  We have no individual stats from the first 13 years.  We do have individual award winners and Champions lists for all 28 years and you can find all that on our website.

Some other facts some of you arm chair general managers may find interesting.  This years roster, here is how many PCOHL Stanley Cup rings each team has accumulated.  The Oilers lead the pack with 37 rings.  Flyers are 2nd with 27.  Islanders have 26 Bruins have 22 and the Habs have just 20 rings.  So if experience means anything the Oilers should be the run away winners this season.  Individually Mark Plewes leads the league with 7 rings, he is tied with Frenchie and Dave Sawyer.  Ronnie Chantaj has 6 with 5 ex members.  Brideau has 5 rings also tied with 5 ex members.  Bobby and Gordie Ide, Ree, Rispoli, Nicholson, Woods, Moe Connell, Messenger, Robin Chantaj, Guerra and Atchison all have 4 rings each.

Penalty minutes have declined the last 4 years, yeah!!!, but always go up in the playoffs, proud to be Canadian.

Attendance is just under 11 skaters a team a game and 12 for the playoffs.

So enjoy hunting your name and where you sit in all of our top 50 lists.

We would like to offer an opportunity for all league members to have a link on our front page of our website for a $200 fee.  Non Members will be charged $300.  All proceeds will go back into our budget.  If interested please contact Mike Rukavina.  To date we have had 43,000 hits on our website.

See you all on the ice!

Opening Night Recap 2015-2016 Regular Season

Opening Night of our 29th season is now in the books.  Early tilt between the Habs and the Islanders.  Habs are on a 24 game losing streak from last year and only 4 returning Habs were hopeful that the dreaded record breaking streak would finally end.  Islanders opened the game with 3 unanswered markers for a solid 3-0 lead and looked very sharp.  The new les habitants battled back scoring 3 straight goals tieng up the game with just under 4 minutes to go.  But the feisty Islanders, with a loaded top line of their top 3 forwards scored 3 times in those last few minutes making it a 6-3 game after 2 frames.  Islanders scored their 7th goal early in the 3rd.  Habs get 2 back late in the period and a final Islander goal put this in the books as an Islander win 8-5.  Islanders big line saw last years Art Ross winner McKean score 5 goals and 2 assists.  Linemate Tygessen had 6 helpers on the night and Riddell had a goal and 2 assists.  Sparrow and Kidd rounded out the goal scoring for the Island.  Habs got goals from 5 different skaters, Steve Kostick, rookie Thompson, Lott, Thomas and Randa.  Islanders went 0-2 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to Habs #18 David Thompson and Islanders #19 Rob McKean.  Habs rookie Rinaldo had a fan club and signs out for this match as he finally joins the big leagues.  Their other rookie who was absent, Desrosiers, apparently is a bigger Habs fan than Jeff Kostick and Robin Flumerfelt combined.  I hear he sleeps with a visor on too, ahhhh tabarnac!!!!  Will be an interesting dressing room.  Oh yeah Tony Thomas had a minor and we saw him and Brenda have a nice conversation as she welcomed Tony back to his other regular seat.

Late game between the Flyers and the Bruins was another high scoring affair.  3-1 after the opening frame for the Flyers.  Flyers get 5 more goals in the 2nd as the Bruins could only manage 3.  Flyers on top 8-4 after 2.  Flyers get 2 more in the final frame and the Bruins get 1 for a final Flyer bashing of 10-5.  Senkowski filling in for a double header gets 2 wins in one night, that may be a record as last year he may only had 1.  Nicely done Gindobrey!!!!  Flyers get 2 goals scored by Robb, Diluzio, McCormick and Dan Barrett.  Singles from Carlisle and Manning.  Ex Hab McCormick was not sure how to actually celebrate the victory after the match.  Bruins get 2 goals from Cummings and singles from Annan, Consentino and Fletcher.  Penalty free game, nice!!!  Players of the game goes to Flyers #18 Marcello Diluzio and Bruins #30 Gord Ide.

So away we go.  A special welcome to our membership for the 5 new rookies joining us this season.  Ian Chamberlain on the Oilers, Murray Russell on the Bruins and David Rinaldo, David Thompson and Denis Desrosiers on the Habs.  Hope you enjoy our league.  Habs Patrick Sharp had a baby girl last week, or really his wife did, their first congrats big guy!

This weeks games will go Friday, September 25 at Port Credit arena.  9:15 pm the winless Bruins and Habs will renew their fabled rivalry.  And at 10:30 the Oilers make their season debut against the red hot Islanders.  Flyers get the week off for dry land training.

See you all on the ice!

2015 – 2016 Rosters

Hot off the Press our draft is complete and rosters are now set.  Click below, enjoy!

PCOHL 15 16 Draft

2015/2016 Season about to launch!



Our upcoming 29th season of Oldtimers Hockey is about to kick off.  Opening Night goes Friday, September 18, 2015 at 9:15pm at Port Credit arena.  But before then we all need to know who we will be parking beside and what sweaters we will be wearing for the next 8 months.  Come out tonight to our annual Draft Night at the Port Credit Pump at 9:00, Sunday, September 13, 2015.  Watch the Cowboys and Giants battle on the screen and see how the draft unfolds.  We will also be holding our annual meeting so anything you would like to table to make our league as good as it can be we welcome all your suggestions.

We will post all the rosters on the website by Monday.  Our new regular season schedule is now posted on the website.