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Week 5 Recap

Our last night of Round One of games went last Friday.

Early game between Poland and Canada.  The Polock’s went to visit the Ripleys Aquarium on this road trip and a few players dropped their shorts and jumped into the Shark Tank.  They wanted to swim with the dolphins as a team bonding experience.  both squads scored once in the 1st.  Canada got 3 in the 2nd and Poland scored twice.  Final period was all Canucks as a tired Polish squad could not keep up.  Final score Canada 6 Poland 3.  Poland went 0-2 on the PP Canada was 0-1.  Canada got 4 goals from rookie Frank Arruda and singles from Eric Fletcher and Brian Burke (what happened to Eddie?).  Poland got 2 goals from Marcelo Diluzio and a single from Joe Peacock.  Rukavina missed 5 breakaways in this one and took a ribbing from Joe’s girlfriend who is slowly becoming PCOHL #1 Fan!!!!!   Players of the Game went to Polands Marcelo Diluzio and for Canada (hope you are reading this Mrs. Arruda) Frank Arruda.

Late tilt between the Trumpster lead USA and Sweden.  A goaltenders duel for sure in this one.  Only 1 goal in the 1st for Sweden.  Deja vu in the 2nd. Final frame saw both teams score once but the mighty Swedes prevailed with a 3-1 victory.  That for us is a low scoring game and not very common.  Sweden got 2 goals from our 72 year old fireplug Bruce Freeman and a single from Steve Sparrow NO relation to the very famous John.  USA goal came off the wood of Robin Flumerfelt who is penalty free so far this season.  JUST SAY NO to Brenda Robin.  Players of the Game went to Sweden’s Bruce Freeman and for the Americans Robin Chantaj.


I think we got his good side??????

So our 1st round of games in the books.  Sweden last years record breaking futility squad sits a top of the standings with 7 points.  Canada is 2nd with 5, then the Fins with 4, USA with 3 and the lowly naked shark tank swimming Polocks with 1.  Swede Joe Cosentino leads the league in scoring.  Canuck rookie Frank Arruda is on a tear to break the rookie scoring record.  Finlands Patty McCormick and Polands Agostino Falcone have not scored but lead the league in helpers.  They are Lovers not scorers!

This weeks games go Friday, October 26 our Halloween special.  9:15 Canada will do battle with their arch rivals USA. 10:30 the Nordic rivals Finland and Sweden.  Poland will get the week off as they are off to a Perogie Festival!


Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Recap early tilt between Sweden and Canada.  All Swedes in the 1st scoring twice.  The Canucks bounce back big time in the 2nd out scoring the Swedes 3-1 as both teams are squared up at 3’s.  2 quick Swedish markers in the first 90 seconds.  Canada gets 1 back midway through the final frame.  With the Swedish wives not present for this one their men scored 2 more times for a final Sweden victory of 7-4.  Canada went 0-1 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  Sweden got 2 goals from the ageless Ron Chantaj, 2 from Murray Disco Russell and 2 from fireball Joe Cosentino.  A single goal from Tim Martins.  Canada got 2 goals from Eric Mr. April Fletcher and singles from big John Annan and Paul Harty.  Players of the Game awarded to Swedens Ronnie Chantaj and to Canadas Eric Fletcher.

Late match between Finland and Poland.  1-1 after 1 in a tightly fought battle.  Finland out scored the Polocks 3-2 in the 2nd for a 4-3 lead.  Both squads exchanged markers early in the 3rd but Finlands Scotty McCallum shut the Polish onslaught (sounds like a porno). Final score Finland 5 Poland 4.  Good Hockey game.  Finland went 1-3 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Finland got 4 goals from the speedy Patty Sharp!!  Wait?  What?  Big night for Mr. Sharp and I hope Mrs. Sharp is reading this and rewards the big guy appropriately.  Single goal from Tony Carlisle.  Poland got single goals from Neil Kelly, Steve the Italian Stallion Ferrin, Steve Atchison and Marcelo Diluzio.  Players of the Game went to obviously the one man wrecking crew Finland Patrick Sharp and to Polands backstop Bobby Ide.

Week 3 Recap

Week 3 our Thanksgiving Weekend Special Recap.

Early tilt between Poland and USA.  All Americans in the first period as they score 3 unsanswered goals.  The 2nd period saw both squads score twice as USA took a 5-2 lead into the 3rd.  Americans made it 6-2 early.  Polocks got 2 goals back making it 6-4 with just over 2 minutes to go.  A push by the white and red stumbled as the Americans scored in the empty net to make it a final win of 7-4.  Both teams went 0-1 on their PP’s.  USA got 4 goals and 1 assist from Tim Randa and singles from Rob McKean, Tommy Marshall and Robin Flumerfelt.  Poland got a hat trick from the very handsome Joe Peacock, not that their is anything wrong with that and a single from Marcelo Diluzio.  Players of the Game went to the 2 big goal scorers USA Tim Randa (looks like he is out on a 3 day pass).

randa pog

And for the Polocks Joe Peacock who had a special friend out watching and I think rewarding Joe for his outstanding performance.  An old pic but hey its Joe!


Late match between Finland and Canada with both squads missing key players.  All Canada in the 1st scoring 4 times.  No goals in the 2nd period and again deja vu in the final frame as Canada got all it needed in the opening frame with a solid 4-0 victory and a rare Friday night shit out for back stop Art Senkowski, who by the way is still sulking he is not wearing the ‘Gin Dobre’ jersey this season.  2 goals from Enzo Ianno and singles from Eric Fletcher and Brian Burke.  No penalties in this one.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Joel May and for Canada goalie Art Senkowski.

So next weeks games on Friday, October 12, 2018 are as follows.  9:15 pm Sweden vs Canada and at 10:30 pm Finland vs Poland.  USA get the week off.

On behalf of the PCOHL EXEC we want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy what should be the most important things in life with your families.



Interesting Poops and Scoops on our age!

Some interesting facts of our 75 members.

As of October 1, 2018 our average age is 56.1.

We have 1 dude in his 70’s, and our oldest member Bruce Freeman from Sweden at the ripe age of 72.  We then have 15 other members in their 60’s.  Julius on Canada is 69, Plewesie on Finland is 67, Bobby Ide on Poland is 66 and Billy Dawe on USA is 65.

We have only 8 players in their 40’s.  Our youngest is Poland’s Agostino Falcone, a good Irishman, is 44 and is turning 45 later this month.  Next youngest is Peter Freeman from Sweden who is 45 and is the son of our oldest Peter Freeman…pass me the puck DAD!!!!!!!!