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Week 14 Recap

2 games last Friday night just hours before Santa came to visit.

The early game between Sweden and Canada.  Both teams scored single goals in the opening frame.  More of the same in the 2nd period as both squads score twice for a 3 – 3 tie after 2 periods of action.  Sweden step it up in the final frame scoring 3 goals in the first 9 minutes.  Canada gets one back with just under 3 minutes to go making it a 6-4 game.  A big Red press the rest of the way but Sweden hangs on for the win 6-4.  Canada went 1-3 on the PP and Sweden was 0-1.  Sweden goals, all singles, Rukavina, Sharp, Peacock, Kelly, Cormier and Freeman with the game winner.  Canada goal scorers were Desrosiers, Dupal, Wright and fill in Mihalic.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s infamous hairdresser David Dupal and for the Swedes Ian Chamberlain.  Going to be a merry merry Christmas at his house.



Swedes had quite the holiday celebration going on in their room after the game and most of Canada and other non Swedes showed up as well.  Cannot show any pics but all I can say is 2 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late game between the surging Polocks and Fins.  Our top 2 teams playing unbeaten hockey for a few months.  These guys tied the last time they met.  And as exactly the same as our opening tilt.  Both squads score once in the 1st and both scored twice in the 2nd.  3 – 3 tie after 2 periods of hockey.  The final frame belonged to the Fin’s as they scored 5 times winning this battle 8-3.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Poland goal scorers Barbosa, Nweisser and Robin Chantaj.  Finland got a hat trick, and all 3 goals in the final frame a natural, from Enzo Ianno (not sure what part of Poland he is from) and singles from Diluzio, Ferrin, May, Guerra, and Spence.  Players of the Game went to Finland’s #19 Enzo Ianno and to Poland’s #14 Robin Chantaj.



Now thats a handsome Polish Sunshine Boy!!!!

Now if any of you did not get what you wanted for Christmas it really falls on the Polish Christmas Grinch who knows if you have been good or bad so you need to talk to him because he went around and stole all the good stuff.



Thats right Eddie the Gin Dobre Grinch!!!

So we have one more set of games to end 2016 and end our 3rd round of reg season games (or as Leo keeps telling us our 20 game pre season schedule).  This Friday, December 30, 2016 at 9:15 Canada will do battle against Poland.  At 10:30 Sweden will face off against USA.  Finland get the week off.

Then the following week will kick off our Round 4 of games on Friday, January 6, 2017.  At 9:15 Canada will meet the USA.  How many goals will these 2 squads score in this one?????  And at 10:30 Finland will meet its Nordic rivals Sweden.  Poland gets this week off.  I’m only giving these games as the recap most likely will be late next week.

So Happy New Year to all of you and a friendly reminder to keep your sticks down, be a bigger man and walk away from any crap and lets keep the verbal diahria to a minimal with each other and with our referee’s please.  Smile and enjoy your self and in the BIG picture does it really matter for you to yell at someone in this league mmmm..

See you all on the ice!!!

Holiday Draw Winners



We had our draw last week and here are the winners.  But just before I list them out a few thank you’s to the usual contributors.  Johnny Annan for printing off the tickets for us.  Mark Plewes and Scott McCallum for selling tickets every week.  Thank you to all the guys who donated prizes.  Rukavina for all the lights, Leo Brideau for all the Staples stuff.  Dan Barrett for all the booze and olive oil.  Rob Leenaars for the golf balls.  And Art Senkowski for getting some cool ball caps made up.  Thank you so much boys so outside of the big prize, cash, we had just under 25 additional prizes.


Here are the wieners as they say in Mexico.

Big prize of $550 goes to Finlands Eric Fletcher.  But really if Mrs. Fletcher is reading this it was only $50. haha

On Finland Joe Cosentino won a fancy briefcase.  Frank Rispoli wins a dozen Pro V1 golf balls.  Marcello Diluzio wins LED track lights.  Steve Ferrin wins a ball cap.  Sal Guerra wins a ball cap.  Steve Waters wins LED lights.  And Henry Krajewski wins a bag of a lot of mini whiskeys.  Finland not only in 1st place but had the most winners.  When the puck is bouncing your way so is all your luck.

On Sweden Patrick Sharp wins a back pack.  Ron Cormier wins a tablet bag.  Bill Lott wins wine and olive oil.  David Riddell wins a LED desk lamp.

On USA Tony Carlisle wins wine and olive oil.  Tim Randa wins a bag of mini whiskies.

On Canada Bryon Wright wins a computer bag.  Denis Desrosiers wins wine and olive oil.  Gary Julius wins the hockey goal lights.

On Poland Pat McCormick wins wine and olive oil.  Ken Coffin wins LED track lights.  Gord Manning wins a LED desk lamp.  Paul Barbosa wins a bag of mini whiskies. Robin Chantaj wins a bag of mini whiskies as well.

And last but not least Steve Macdougall, our temp player, wins an Old-timers Ball Cap.

Congrats to all the lucky winners and all the best to all the members of PCOHL wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year.


Week 13 Recap


Last weeks games recap.

Early match between USA and POLAND.  Lots of boys absent with mid to lower body injuries, I think.  Poland scores the lone goal in the opening period late.  Poland jumps out in front 2-0 early in the 2nd but the Americans score mid way making it a 2-1 game after 2 periods.  The 3rd period with some unruly feistiness amongst these 2 squads and 7 goals scored.  Poland scores twice and USA only once in the opening 5 minutes of the 3rd making it a 4-2 Polish lead.   USA score twice in 21 seconds at 7:20 and 6:59 timing up this tilt at 4’s.  Poland jumps back in front at 5:41 but there was no giving up with the Americans as they tie it up once again with 2 and a half minutes to go.  Thats how this game ended 5-5 tie.  Poland gets goals from Flumerfelt, Nweisser, Coffin, Robb and rookie Barbosa.  USA gets 2 goals from Dan Barrett and singles from McKean, Russell and Rundle.  USA went 1-4 on the PP and Poland was 0-2.  Players of the Game went to USA #5 Dan Barrett and Polands #3 Frank Nweisser.


Where is the black stash and what is Frank doing with his fingers…smell you later?????

Late game between Finland and Canada.  Finland out scores the Canadians 3-1 after 1 period.  Finland adds another in the 2nd for a 4-1 lead.  Both teams scored single goals in the final period for a 5-2 Finland victory.  Canada went 1-2 on the power play as Finland gave their 1st power play goal on the season.  Finland was 0-0.  Finland goals 2 for Joe Cosentino and singles for Ferrin, Annan and Ianno.  Canada gets goals from Cummings and Ron Chantaj.  Players of the Game went to Finlands #7 Steve Ferrin and Canada’s #12 Bryon Wright.

A bit of a rant boys.  We all must be responsible with our sticks.  We had an accidental high stick in the earlier game and I find it inexcusable.  Not all players have a full gage or some with no visor and as a player you need to be aware of how you control your stick.  If you are trying to lift the stick of an opponent and you miss raising it above your waist will cause damage and that is not what our league is about.  Yes it is a hockey play but your stick should never be going above your waist.  A serious injury will happen and it should not if every player is aware of that.  Also stuff happening after the refs have left, the handshake and in the hallways is also not what our league is about even if one of the players was just joking.  Not funny at all and if that continues then those players should not be in our Friday night league.  Hey hockey sometimes brings out the worst in us but someone will get hurt and our league is about some friendly competition but more of an end of the week skate and more about the dressing room banter and bonding.  Be the bigger man and walk away from the junk in all occasions versus initiating even more.  Not cool and hey its the Holiday season.  Sorry about this but needs to be said.

OK this weeks Ho Ho Ho games are as follows.  9:15 Sweden will face off against Canada and at 10:30 Finland will skate with the Polocks.  USA get the Xmas game week off.  Let your team reps know if you will be away.  Reminder that RIDE is out in full force and the last 2 weeks specifically in a few spots on Lakeshore and in the Library parking lot.

On behalf of all the Exec we want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and health and happiness in the new year.


Week 12 Recap

A couple of beauty games last week.

Early tilt between the top seeded Fin’s and the struggling Americans.  The Fin’s score the only goal in the 1st period with 29 ticks left on the clock.  The Americans tie up the match at 1’s late in the 2nd period.  This game was all about the 2 goalies as both Rispoli and Senkowski played outstanding and basically shutting out all shooters.  The final period was frantic but no one could solve either Frank or Art and this one ended in a 1 1 draw.  Playoff hockey and well battled and no penalties yes!!!!  Dr Joel May scored for the Fin’s and Dan Barrett scoring for the US of A.  Players of the Game was a no brainer as both Frank Rispoli and Art Senkowski earned that honour.  Allowing only 1 goal in our Friday night league is equal to 3 straight shutouts.

Lat match between the rested Polocks and the Swedes.  This game also was exciting.  Swedes out score the Poles 3-2 after the opening frame.  Poland gets the lone goal in the 2nd squaring the match up at 3’s with 15 m minutes to go.  Poland scores twice early in the 3rd as they take it to the Swedes up 5-3 with 6+ minutes to go.  Swedes make it 5-4 with just under 2 minutes to go and surge late but Polish backstop McCallumski shuts the door and gives Poland the 5-4 victory.  Another great battle.  Sweden gets 2 goals from David Riddell playing his 1st game of the season off the IR.  Patty Sharp and Moe Connell get singles.  Poland got 2 goals from the fiesta Polock Ken Coffinski and singles from rookie Paul Barbosa, veteran Alan Robb and league leader Robin Flumerfelt with the game winner.  Sweden went 0-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Polands Ken Coffin.  Nice look Mr. Coffin, don’t show Mrs. Coffin this picture, its too close to Xmas.



And for Sweden David Riddell.  Hope Mrs. Riddell is ready this week.



This weeks games go Friday, December 16 at 9:15 pm USA will do battle with POLAND.  And at 10:30 pm FINLAND will face off with the now high scoring CANADIANS.  Sweden gets the week off.

Reminder our 50/50 draw will take place after the 1st game this week.  See Mark Plewes or Scott McCallum for last minute tickets.

See you all on the ice!

Holiday Updates


We will be drawing our Holiday 50/50 Draw this Friday after the first game so anyone still interested in buying tickets see Mark Plewes or Scott McCallum this week.  A healthy wine and olive oil donation was made from Dan Barrett for prizes so lots of good stuff to win over and above the big prize.

A thank you to Gary Julius for giving us all a calendar and discounts on all kinds of stuff.

A final Holiday opportunity is if anyone is interested in purchasing premium Olive Oil that Dan Barretts company is offering.  I am a big Olive oil fan and when you can get the real stuff at this cost is very good, as a gift or for yourselves.  See below for details and contact Dan directly if interested.


Reminder to be safe and aware that RIDE is out for the Holiday season.

See you all on the ice!!



Week 11 Recap

Last weeks games produced 28 total goals, not a fun night for the back stops.

Early game between the Nordic rivals Finland and Sweden.  Pretty well full squads for both.  Both teams score single goals in a very tight opening frame.  Sweden jumps on top early in the 2nd but our top team Finland score twice to take a 3-2 lead into the final period.  The Fin’s flex their muscle with 2 early 3rd period goals taking control of this game.  Sweden makes it interesting scoring with 90 ticks left on the clock and down 5-3.  Finland close it out with a late goal and final victory of 6-3 and their 3rd straight win against rival Sweden and unbeaten now in 7 straight games.  Sweden’s anemic power play struggles continue as they go 0-3 and the Fin’s 0-0.  Sweden got all 3 goals off the wood of Patrick Sharp.  Finland gets 2 goals each from Murray Russell, the better looking brother, and Enzo Ianno.  A few breakaways for Enzo in this one.  Singles from Kevin Nicholson and Joel May.  Players of the Game goes to Finlands #19 Enzo Ianno and Sweden’s #6 Patty Sharp.  Check out the new bod on Pat!!!!


Late game between the winless Canadians and the struggling Americans.  Last time these 2 rivals met they skated to a 9-9 tie.  And very much the same for this one as it took me an hour to input all the stats.  3-2 for Canada after the 1st period.  4-2 for Canada in the 2nd for a total score of 7-4.  2 quick goals for the USA made it a 7-6 game with 11 minutes to go.  But that was as close as it would get as Canada pounded the Americans for 5 more goals and the USA managed 1 for a final Canada win of 12 – 7.  Canada’s first win in 9 games as they celebrated well into the night.  USA went 2-2 on the Power Play as they lead the league in that department.  Canada was 0-0.  Ok now all the goal scorers.  USA got hat tricks from both Dan Barrett (the uglier brother) and last years scoring champ Rob McKean.  A single from Tim Randa.  Dan with a 5 point night and the Greek God Karabinis with a 3 point night as well.  And for Canada, maybe a record, but every single player dressed, 13, all registering points.  Boudens, Desrosiers and Dupal each with 2 goals.  Singles from Wright, Harty, Brideau, Kidd, Thompson, and Julius.

So this weeks games Friday, December 9 are as follows; 9:15 USA will face off against Finland and 10:30 Sweden will meet Poland.  Canada gets a much deserved week off.

Reminder to get your Holiday 50/50 raffle tickets this week and if there are any more prizes please drop them off to Rukavina or Plewes.  Draw will take place Friday, December 16 at the arena between games.

See you all on the ice and a friendly reminder to take it easy on the referees with the verbal attacks, they are doing the best they can as we all are on the ice.

Holiday 50/50 Fundraiser Update!

Ok some sweet prizes are coming in and wanted to share with you.



A Nextech Premium Briefcase.  Made of durable light ABS.  Organizational pockets for pens, cards, and a velcro closure pocket.  Adjustable legal size file folder divider and a computer compartment fits up to a 17.3″ laptop computer.  Reinforced corners for extra protection and integrated 3 digit combo locks.  mmmm   sweet,  every Polock should have one.



A Targus Mobile VIP Traveller Bag.  Airport Security Checkpoint Friendly.  Sling Suspension system.  Water Resistant and integrated trolly strap.  Yes another great gift for that someone special!!!!



For the man who has everything…a reebok back pack with very trendy design.  What more can I say!!



And this bad boy had no tag on it but it really is cool…I think.  A hp branded mini hard shell pack.  I think for your iPod when your travel but I could be wrong.  A prize is still a prize.



An architect LED desk lamp.  Multi angle adjustable desk lamp with an elongated head.  (that did not sound right)  White finish with a 36″ reach.  Touch sensor switch with full range dimming and adjustable light colour to mimic natural daylight.  The happy light!!!!



The black premium LED desk lamp.  This puppy also has an elongated head and foldable design with adjustability in the neck and the base.  Sounds like a yoga teacher.  5 step dimming and also adjustable light colour to mimic natural daylight.  This cadillac of desk lamps also features a USB port for charging applicable electronics.  Lamp height is 16″.  Now thats big!!



The LED hockey goal light.  A winner will get 2 goal lights this year so he can have one at each end of the driveway when playing road hockey.  Or they can easily be used in the home for the spouse and every time some one scores you can turn on this bad boy and celebrate…ride the stick…do the bolt…salute..windmill…you know what I mean.



Ah something to impress the Mrs at home.  An allen + roth 3 Head Decorative LED Track Light.  A very contemporary chrome design with round adjustable frosted acrylic shades.  Very nice!!!!



This guy is pretty sweet too. A style selections 2 bar LED decorative track light with a brushed nickel finish.  A 48″ length that is adjustable and would be perfect in that tight location.

So as more prizes come in I will update you all.  See Mark Plewes each week and get your tickets fast.  $5 each or 5 for $20.  Draw will take place Friday, December 16 at the rink.



Mark Update

Boys here is an update from Mark Woods as I know many of you ask me about him every week.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and wish him a recovery and hopefully to put back on his skates and join us on the ice again soon.  I think secretly he wants to be a Polock!!!!!


Thanks for staying in touch. I’ve been off chemo now for about 10 weeks.

Our holiday was great and I had lots of energy for touring around. It was nice to have our girls there with us. We were together for the first 6 days in the Algarve, they spent 5 days in Barcelona without us and then met us in Lisbon for the last 3 days. 

Upon our return I had another CT scan and they determined that the tumour hadn’t grown in the 8 weeks I had been off chemo so they gave me another 8 weeks holiday. So about the end of January they’ll test me again to see what has happened. If it has grown I’ll need to make a decision about more treatment or not. I asked my oncologist for a prognosis and she said I had about 2 years, maybe more. I figure the longer I’m around the better chance there is for a breakthrough in treatment.

My feet are still tingly and numb. Right foot in particular. Not painful, just annoying. I’m tired most of the time. Not real fall asleep tired just no real get up and go. But I walk the dog and try and keep busy around the house with chores. I’m still working 4 days a week from home on special projects for JDRF. It’s good to have other things to concentrate on. 

I like the new teams and sweaters for the league. Well done. It looks like people have embraced the concept with the various awards that have been developed. Looks like fun. I’ll drop down one night to catch a bit of the action.