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Week 23 Recap

Last nights games recap.

Early tilt between USA and Poland.  All Trumpsters in the 1st period as they score 3 unanswered goals.  Poland dominated the 2nd period 3-1 as USA now led 4-3 after 2 periods.  Final period was all Amerika scoring 3 times for a final win of 7-3.  Poland went 0-2 on the PP USA was 0-0.  Poland got goals from Brent Byer, Joe Cosentino and Frank Nweisser.  USA got 2 goals from both Marcelo Di Luzio and John Annan and singles from Peter Freeman, Joel May and Dan Barrett.  With the win USA is now tied up top with the idle Swedes.  Players fo the Game went to Polands Frank Nweisser and for USA Marcelo Di Luzio.

Late game between Finland and Canada.  Canada out duels Finland 2-1 after the 1st period.  All light blue in the 2nd as Finland scores 3 times for a 4-2 lead after 2.  3rd period saw both teams score once for a final Finland victory of 5-3.  Both squads went 0-1 on their PP’s.  Canada got 2 goals from Robin Flumerfelt and rookie sensation Dave Skingley back from the IR.  Finland got 3 goals from Ron Cormier and singles from Tim Freeman and Dwayne Tygesen.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Ron Cormier and to Canada’s Robin Flumerfelt.



2 more weeks of regular season games and no playoff spots have been confirmed.  This weeks games on Friday, February 28 are as follows 9:15 Sweden vs Canada and at 10:30 Finland vs Poland.  USA get the week off.

See you all on the ice!!

Week 22 Recap

Ahhh. VD day last Friday and lots of love was in the air at Port Credit Arena.

Early match featured our battle of the brothers Finland vs USA.  USA started this one with no goalie for the first 7 minutes of the game.  And USA had a shutout during that time mmmmmm.  Finland scored twice and the Americans got 1 after the 1st period.  Both teams scored once in the 2nd period for a Finland lead 3-2 after 2.  USA tied it up midway through the 3rd but Finland scored twice in less than 50 seconds.  USA got one back with a bit over 5 minutes to go but that was it and Finland wins this tilt 5-4 and win the reg season series 3-2.  Gordie Ice, Tim Freeman and Murray Barrett get the last laugh for a few weeks anyway until the playoffs begin. 20 minutes of penalties on this lovers day.  USA went 1-2 on the PP and Finland was 0-1.  USA got 2 goals from Murray Russell and singles from Steve Ferrin and Joel May.  Finland got 2 goals from their rookie sensation Tim Freeman and singles from Rob Leenaars, Ron Cormier and fill in player Ron Lonsdale.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Tim Freeman and USA Joel May.

Late game between Sweden and Poland.  2-1 for Sweden after 1.  2-1 again in the 2nd frame as Sweden takes a 4-2 lead after 2 periods.  All Sweden in the final frame as they score 2 more times for a final victory of 6-2.  Poland went 0-1 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  Poland got goals from Bryon Wright and Joe Cosentino.  Sweden got a hat trick from Leo Brideau, 2 goals from Mike Rukavina and a single from Joe Peacock.  Players of the Game went to Polands Bryon Wright and Swedens Leo Brideau.  Sweden leap frogs USA for top spot and Leo edges just one point behind Canada’s Patty Sharp for the league scoring lead, should be a fun finish.

This weeks games on Friday, February 21 are as follows 9:15 USA plays Poland.  10:30 Finland vs Canada.  Sweden gets the week off.

See you all on the ice boys!!

Sad News

Some sad news this week. Marcelo Di Luzio lost his brother Marco suddenly at age 58.  Please extend your thoughts and prayers to Marcelo and his entire family during this difficult time.

Visitation will take place Monday, February 17 both at 2 pm to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm.  Visitation will be at the Turner and Porter Peel Chapel at 2180 Hurontario Street (Hwy 10 & QEW) in Mississauga.

Funeral will take place on Tuesday, February 18 at 9:30 am at St. Catherine of Siena Church at 2340 Hurontario Street in Mississauga.

2020 – 2021 Applications and 2020 Playoff Schedules Updated


We have updated our new applications for 2020-2021 season our 34th season next year.

We also have now received official confirmation and a contract from the City for our spring playoff ice.  We have a few new days of the week and as well different times.  Please follow up with your team mates in the upcoming weeks.  The Thursday night games are before Good Friday.


Week 21 Recap

Start of our final round of regular season games last week.

Early tilt between Sweden and Finland the Scandinavian Rivalry!  Close 1st period as Sweden out scores Finland 3-2.  Finland gives it right back to the Swedes in the 2nd out scoring them 2-1 for a 4-4 tie after 2 periods.  Sweden takes back the lead at 9:43 of the 3rd and Finland ties it up at 7:01.  Then the Finn’s pulled their backstop Gordie Ide for his brother Bobby Ide from team USA.  WTF????????   Sweden scored late and win this match 6-5.  Penalty Free game yeah!!!!!!   Sweden got 2 goals from Joe Peacock and singles from Mike Rukavina, Paul Barbosa, Eric Fletcher and Steve Kaaaaallllluuuuuuzzzzznnnnnyyyyyy!!!!!  Finland got all singles from rookie sensation Tim Freeman, father Bruce Freeman, Dwayne Tygesen, Rob Leenaars and Tim Martins who went straight to Swedens Rukavina and said “what?????”  Players of the Game went to Swedens Scott McCallum and to Finlands Tim Martins.

Late game between Canada and USA.  Canada out duels the Americans 3-1 after the 1st period.  Deja Vu in the 2nd as they take a 6-2 lead after 2 periods.  Final period saw both squads score once for a convincing Canuck win 7-3.  USA got goals from Peter Freeman (maybe call this night the Freeman night as all 3 boys scored), Steve Ferrin and Murray Russell got the other goals.  For The Canadians Patrick Sharp continues to roll at an unprecedented pace scoring twice and with 2 helpers he now has passed USA Diluzio for the scoring lead.  Patty has 17 points in his last 5 games wtf????   On Fire!!!  Canadian George Letsos also had 2 markers, singles for Paul Harty, Pat McCormick and Robin Flumerfelt.  Lots of visitors with Brenda in this match.  Canada went 0-3 on the PP and USA was 0-4.  Canadian Flumerfelt got his first minor penalty in over 2 years in this one and had tears in his eyes at the end of the match.

This weeks games will be our LOVERS special on Friday, February 14.  Early game at 9:15 USA vs Finland a battle of the Barrett brothers, Ide brothers and Freeman brothers.  USA and Finland have split their season series at 2 wins a piece and this game will decide the season winner, should be exciting.   Late game at 10:30 Sweden vs Poland.  Canada and Patrick Sharp will have the week off thank god for the rest of us.

Our playoff schedule has been verbally confirmed by the City and we have updated it on the bottom of the Team stats page, please check it out as times and some days will change as they always do based on what is available from the City in the spring.

Also wanted to add one more note on the historical stats scoops.  4 active members are celebrating this season as their 20th season in the league, Gary Julius, Neil Kelly, Jimmy Maguire and Patty McCormick congrats boys.  We have 11 active members out of 75 that have more than 20 seasons in the league.  We believe Ron Chantaj is our longest active member at 30+ seasons followed closely by Billy Dawe, Gordie and Bobby Ide, Kevin Nicholson, Frank Rispoli and Mark Plewes.  And then 4 members somewhere between 21 and 25 years Mike Rukavina, Sal Guerra, Johnny Annan and Richard Chalovich.  A big congrats to the 11 old farts in the league that will need walkers soon.  Remember to call the doctor after 4 hours boys!!!

A friendly reminder for just a few more members to complete our website survey please.  McCormick, Kelly, Letsos, Gunther, Nicholson, Lewis, Diluzio, Bobby Ide, Kostick and Tony Thomas.  You would have received an email from Survey Monkey, check your spam folders just in case.  Thanking you all in advance for your support.

See you all on the ice and remember keep your sticks on the ice we are a BEER league!!!

Historical Records now all updated

Boys we finally have updated all of our historical records up to the end of last season.  A couple of things to note before we give you some high lights.

We have player (goals, assists and points) and goalie stats for the last 19 regular seasons.  2000 to 2019.  We have no stats for the first 13 regular season games.  We started tracking penalty minutes in the last 17 seasons only and taking attendance in the last 16 seasons only.

Playoffs we have all stats kept the last 18 seasons only, 2001 – 2019.  We do have records of all 32 seasons of gold medal winners because of the trophies we still have.

We call the last 19 seasons our modern era and the first 13 seasons our vintage era.

Last year was our lowest amount of penalty minutes ever recorded with an average of 3.3 minute of penalties per game or a total of 166 minutes.  Will not happen this year as we are already at 216 minutes with an entire round of games still to go.

Regarding medals Leo Brideau is the king with 17 medals in the last 18 years.  Dr. Joel May is next with 14 medals in his 18 seasons.  The king of Gold medals goes to Finlands Mark Plewes who has 8 in the modern era and 1 in the vintage era for a total of 9 gold medals.

Untitled 2


Rob Messenger is next with 6 in the modern era followed by a few boys with 5.  But looking combined modern and vintage eras Plewes has 9, Dave Sawyer, Kevin Nicholson and Brian Frenchie Dupuis each have a combined 7 gold medals.  And yes Rukavina has ZERO gold medals in over 20 seasons.  He has 4 Silvers and 6 Bronze medals and that’s it.  But a couple of other suspects are keeping Rukavina honest, Bryon Wright with ZERO in 12 seasons and Tony Thomas with ZERO in 10 seasons. hahaha.  With Goalies Scott McCallum leads active goalies in the modern era with 4 gold medals.  Combined eras Doug Collier has 6 golds, Gord Ide and Frank Rispoli have 5, Bobby Ide and Scott have 4 each. Barry Ervin has 3 gold medals and Art is stilling hunting for his first.

Since tracking attendance the last 16 seasons Pat McCormick sits on top with 302 games played at just under 97% attendance, good boy.  Atchison and Guerra at 294 and Robin Chantaj at 293.  Who of our active members is the worst attendance?????  Tony Carlisle at 56% followed by Billy Dawe at 63%.

Career regular season scoring last 19 seasons.  Rukavina, McCormick and Brideau sit on top with a wide gap to the next group.  Leo joined the other 2 this season breaking the 600 point record and he has played one less season than the other 2 schlepps.  Joel May passed the 400 point mark this season.  Ron Chantaj passed the 300 point mark this season as well.  Robin Flumefelt is now over 200 career points.  Diluzio is on fire and moving up the career standings each season.

Career goals scored has Rukavina and McCormcik and now Brideau joining them with over 300.  Jay Cummings scored his 200th goal this season.  Sal Guerra got his 100th career goal last week and Eric Fletcher needs 5 more to hit the century mark.  Dwayne Tygesen has also passed 100 career goals this year as well.  Patrick Sharp looks to break into the top 50 after this season for sure.

Regular season penalty minutes in the last 17 seasons of recording them has seen Johnny Sparrow on top with 201 minutes in only 8 seasons.  Ron Chantaj is sitting at 175 career minutes and if he stays healthy looks to possibly catch Sparrow in the next few years, with a misconduct or two maybe sooner.

Goalies regular season modern era stats has Bobby Ide leading almost in all categories.  He has the lowest goals against average of 4.49 of all active goalies.  Most shutouts with 14 Rispoli is next with 6.  Bobby leads everyone with reg season wins of 166 and best win percentage of 53.2%.

Playoff scoring is all Leo Brideau with 166 leading Rukavina by 38 points and McCormick by 47.  Leo leads in goals and assists as well by a large margin.  Mr. April hahahaha.

Career penalty minutes goes to Gary Julius with 69.  Out of active members Chalovich, Ron  and Robin Chantaj and Alan Robb all with 49 minutes in the box with Brenda.

And finally career playoff goalie stats Senkowski leads in best goals against average with 2.87 and is tied with Barry Ervin with 2 playoff shut outs.  Bobby Ide has the most play-off wins with 39.  Scott McCallum  has the best playoff win% with 57.8%.

So there are some highlights for you all to enjoy please visit the historical stats section and find all of your career stats.



Week 20 Recap End of Round 4

OK we just wrapped up our 4th round of regular season games last Friday.  Opening game was a fiesty affair as our top 2 teams USA and Sweden battled for top spot.  22 minutes of penalties and Brenda had more visitors than ever this season.  All USA in the opening frame as they out score the Swedes 3-0.  Sweden out duels the Americans in the 2nd 2-1 for a USA lead of 4-2 after 2 periods.  3rd period saw the Swedes again out score the Americans 2-1 but not quite enough as USA takes this puppy 5-4.  Sweden went 0-5 on the PP and USA was 0-2.  Sweden got goals from Leo Brideau, Eric Fletcher, Paul Barbosa and Sal Guerra.  USA got 2 goals from league leader Marcelo Diluzio and singles from Johnny Ridge, Peter Freeman and John Annan. Players of the Game went to USA’s Bobby Ice who stopped many shots this night and looked like the younger Bobby we all love.  Sweden POG went to Eric Fletcher with a solid night on the pond.

Late game between Canada and Poland.  1-0 for Poland after 1 period.  Poland out scored the Canucks 4-3 in the 2nd for a 5-3 lead after 2.  Canada out scored the Polocks 2-1 in the final frame but not enough as Poland wins 6-5 in another nail biter.  Poland went 2-3 on the PP and Canada was 1-1.  Canada got 2 goals from Patty Sharp who is on fire and leads the league in the Rocket Richard race with 22 goals.  George Letsos, Rick Gunther (blast form the past) and Pat McCormick scored singles.  Poland got all 6 single markers, Brent Byer, Frank Nweisser, Joe Cosentino, Frank Arruda, Fill in Ron Lonsdale and Agostino Falcone with a 4 point night.  Player of the Game went to Poland’s Agi Falcone and for Canada Patty McCormick.


Where is he right now for this picture and who is taking the picture???  Just wrong man!!

So with one more round of games left to play, 4 for each team, USA sit on top with 23 pts followed by Sweden with 21.  Both squads have locked into 1st or 2nd place for the playoff round robin games.  Finland, Canada and Poland sit tied for 3rd with 12 pts each.  Canada leads the league in goals scored with 81 and Poland has allowed the most with 93.  Finland leads the league in power play at 33% and penalty kill at 100%.  USA spends the most time with Brenda with 64 minutes and Poland the least with 28.  Individually Diluzio Sharp and Brideau lead the league in scoring.  Is Patty Sharp a new F1 next year????  Maybe?????  USA Johnny Ridge and Johnny Fasulo along with Swedens Peacock lead the league in penalty minutes.  Finlands Tim Freeman leads the league in rookie scoring.  So an exciting finish in our upcoming 5th round of games will kick off this Friday, February 7 at 9:15 Sweden will skate against Finland.  At 10:30 USA will face off with Canada.  Poland get the week off.

Thanks to all for participating in our Super bowl squares fund raiser.  Also please complete our website survey that was sent to you via email.

See you all on the ice and KEEP YOUR STICKS ON THE ICE!!!! We are a beer league and everybody gets a tee

Super Bowl Final Winners

Well well well that was different and with a final score of 31-20 or 1-0 for KC both winners are the same dude.  Yup Ron Cormier from Finland has the 1-0 square on both sheets winning $300 + $150 for a total of $450 cash

Thanks to everyone who played lots of fun

Super Bowl 3rd Quarter winners

Well well 0 – 0 square again so our halftime winners just won more cash

$10 square sheet winner is Paul Harty for $50

$5 square sheet winner is Frank Nweisser for $25


Super Bowl Halftime Winners

OK I messed up on Josh it should have been Jack…tomato potato

Halftime Winners

$10 squares winner for $100 cash is Paul Harty from Canada

$5 squares for $50 is Frank Nweisser from Poland