The PCOHL Exec would like to send out a big shout out to our referee squad, the Barrett Brothers. We will be holding a 50/50 draw over the summer to help them with their optometry bill, so please buy tickets.

Murray Barrett and Dan Barrett

It was a great celebration after the Gold Medal game with friends from both squads enjoying the moment together.

Italian player Tony Carlisle
Dave Vincelli, Frank Arruda and Marcello Diluzio
Italians raise the cup

And then an impromptu barbecue broke out in the parking lot thanks to Team Slovenia!

Marcello DiLuzio and Murray Russell
Pat McCormick and Leo Brideau
Murray Russell and Mike Russo
Dave Vincelli, Bryce Lewis, Tony Deluca and Matt Goddard
Paul Riopelle, Frank Arruda, and Dave Woodside
League Prez Frank Rispoli, Mike Rukavina and Murray Barrett
Neil Wilson and Tony Carlisle
Robin Chantaj, Dan Barrett and Scott Wilson