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Championship Night Recap

Our 32nd season of Port Credit Oldtimers Hockey League came to an end this past Sunday, April 14 with 2 very exciting games.

Early game our infamous Kiss Your Sister Bronze Medal match between the regular season champs Sweden and their arch rivals Finland.

All Swedes in the opening frame scoring 3 unanswered goals.  Finland bounced back in the 2nd scoring twice and Sweden getting one.  Final period was all Swedes as the Finns ran out of gas and Sweden scoring twice for a Bronze medal victory 6-2.

First Period

1.  SWE Tygesen 6 (Brideau, Wright) 3:43

2.  SWE Tygesen 7 (Sparrow) 2:58

3.  SWE P. Freeman 1 (Wright, Sparrow) 1:46

Penalties – SWE B. Freeman 9:26, SWE Tygesen 0:49

Second Period

4.  SWE Wright 1 (B. Freeman) 11:46 Short Handed

5.  FIN Fasulo 1 (Sharp, Rinaldo) 7:42

6.  FIN Messenger 2 (May) 4:44

Penalties – SWE Martins 12:34, SWE Mihalic FIN Rinaldo X2 6:24

Third Period

7.  SWE Tygesen 8 (Martins) 14:18

8.  SWE Brideau 4 (unassisted) 6:13

Penalties – FIN Rinaldo 8:56

Sweden 6. Finland 2

Power Play – Sweden 0-2. Finland  0-4

Goalies – SWE Rispoli WIN 3-1-1. FIN McCallum LOSS 1-3-1

Players of the Game – SWEDEN #11 Dwayne Tygesen. FINLAND #14 John Fasulo

So here is Team Finland

Finland 2019


And our Kiss Your Sister Champions Sweden

Sweden 2019

Our Gold Medal game was up next with #2 seed Canada facing off against the #5 seed USA, could there be an upset?????

Only one goal in the opening frame as USA scored the 1st of the night.  USA out scored the Canucks 2-1 in the 2nd taking a 3-1 lead.  Canada scored early in the 3rd but the Trumpsters got that back quickly for a 4-2 lead.  Canada got the next 2 goals and tied it up with 6 minutes to go.  USA took back their lead at 4:30.  Canada pressed and tied it up again with 2 minutes to go.  Frantic action but both back stops shut all shooters down.  For a 2nd season in a row a 5 minute sudden death overtime to decide out Champions.  Action at both ends and with 90 ticks left on the clock the Cinderella USA scored winning an unlikely Gold medal.  Tough night for the refs as a hand pass was ruled against the Canadians after extensive review the golden goal was good.

First Period

1.  USA Randa 5 (Ide, Chantaj) 3:43

Penalties – none

Second Period

2.  USA Cormier 1 (Ide) 11:11

3.  USA Cummings 2 (Marshall, Flumerfelt) 5:03

4.  CAN Arruda 3 (Ianno) 0:28

Penalties – none

Third Period

5.  CAN Harty 5 (unassisted) 14:14

6.  USA  Flumerfelt 4 (Young, McKean) 14:06

7.  CAN  Arruda 4 (Guerra) 9:34

8.  CAN  Guerra 1 (Arruda, Robb) 6:22

9.  USA  Randa 6 (Cummings, Young) 4:43

10.  CAN. Chamberlain 1 (unassisted) 2:00

Penalties – USA Kostick 0:28


11.  USA  McKean 7 (Randa) 1:28

USA 6. Canada 5

Power Play – USA 0-0  Canada 0-1

Goalies – USA G, Ide WIN 4-1-0. CAN Senkowski LOSS 3-2-0

Players of the Game went to Canada’s Alan Robb



And for the Yanks Tim Randa



Our Conn Smythe Winner for Playoff MVP goes to USA Rob McKean.  He lead the league in playoff scoring with 12 points, had 3 game winning goals alongside the Gold medal OT winner and here we see the boys mocking the controversial no call hand pass.  Very funny lads.  McKean very 1st Gold medal in our league.  Congrats Robert.

IMG_7363 2


Some more on ice celebrations as McKean, Kostick, Cormier and Gordie Ide are jubilant on the ice.

IMG_7360 2


And here are our Silver medal team and gold medal team shots.

Canada 2019


USA 2019


And lets not forget our 2018-2019 Schhlepp Champions Team Poland!!!!!!!

Poland 2019

A very big thank you to all of our members for another exciting season.  A special thank you to all the Exec and a farewell to Alan Robb, John Annan and Mike Rukavina who will be back on the ice but taking a break from the Exec for next season.  Thanks to Brenda and the Referees as well.

If you have not handed in your sweater and socks please contact John Annan and make arrangements to get him them.  Also if you still need to get your application and $50 deposit in contact Sal Guerra as soon as possible.

Have a safe and happy summer and see you all in the Fall for our 33rd campaign.


Week 5 Playoff Recap

Last games of our playoff Round Robin went Friday, April 12

Early game between Sweden and Canada

First Period

1.  SWE Nweisser 1 (Russell) 8:12

2.  SWE Mihalic 1 (Chantaj) 1:22

3.  SWE Russell 3 (unassisted) PP

Penalties – SWE Tygessen 4:29, CAN Burke 2:01

Second Period

4. CAN Burke 2 (Ianno) 7:49

5.  SWE B. Freeman 2 (Brideau) 4:27

6.  SWE Cosentino 1 (Russell) 1:20

Penalties – SWE Cosentino CAN Julius 8:27, Can Robb 7:19

Third Period

no scoring

Penalties – SWE McClaughlin 13:14, CAN Fletcher 3:49

Sweden 5.  Canada 1

Power Play. Sweden 1-3  Canada 0-2

Goalies – SWE Rispoli WIN 2-1-1. CAN Senkowski LOSS 3-1-0

Players of the Game Sweden – #1 Frank Rispoli and for Canada #7 Robert Morettin



Late game between USA and Poland

First Period

1.  USA McKean 4 (Cormier) 11:21

2.  USA Maguire 3 (Barbosa) 6:15

3.  USA  Randa 2 (Flumerfelt) 5:38

4.  POL  Diluzio 2 (Kelly, Tavares) 2:05

Penalties – POL Dupal 13:22

Second Period

5.  USA McKean 5 (Maguire, Barbosa) 14:30

6.  USA McKean 6 (Maguire, Barbosa) 13:39

7.  USA  Randa 3 (Nicholson, Chantal) 13:09

8.  POL  Rukavina 3 (Peacock) 9:01

9.  USA  Barbosa 4 (Maguire, McKean) 4:55

10.  USA Marshall 1 (Flumerfelt) 3:16

11.  USA Randa 4 (McKean) 1:01

12.  USA Maguire 4 (Nicholson, Chantaj) 0:03

Penalties – none

Third Period

13.  POL  Diluzio 3 (Kelly, Falcone) 9:33

14.  POL  Diluzio 4 (unassisted) 2:52

USA 10. Poland 4

Power Play – POL 0-0 USA 0-1

Goalies – USA G. Ide WIN 3-1-0. POL  B. Ide Loss 0-4-0

Players of the Game – USA #1 Gordie Ide


And for Poland #9 Marcelo Diluzio


Championship Night

Sunday, October 14, 2019

Kiss Your Sister Bronze Medal Game 8:00 pm

Finland vs Sweden

Gold Medal Game 9:15 pm

USA vs Canada

Schlepp Champions


Week 4 Playoff Recap

OK so after week 4 this past Friday night 3 teams have now locked their positions for Championship Night.

Early game between the #1 seed Sweden and #3 seed Poland was a must win game for both squads.

First Period

1.  Sweden, Tygessen 3 (unassisted) 12:09

2.  Sweden, Brideau 2 (Wright, Russell) 11:05

3.  Poland, Rukavina 2 (Krajewski) 4:47

4.  Sweden, Martins 2 (Tygessen, Cosentino) 4:13

5.  Poland, Thomas 1 (unassisted) 3:38

6.  Sweden, Brideau 3 (Martins, Tygessen) 1:08

Penalties – none

Second Period

7.  Poland, Thomas 2 (Waters) 13:25

8.  Poland, Falcone 1 (Kelly, Ide) 10:00

9.  Sweden, B. Freeman 1 (Wright) 5:34

Penalties – SWE Cosentino, POL Thomas 6:05

Third Period

10.  Sweden, Tygessen 4 (Maritns, Chantaj) 12:55

11.  Sweden, Tygessen 5 (Martins, Brideau) 4:27

Penalties – none

Sweden 7. Poland 4

Power Play – SWE 0-0  POL 0-0

Goalies – SWE Rispoli WIN 1-1-1. POL Ide LOSS 0-3-0

Players of the Game went to Swedens #6 Leo Brideau and for Poland #4 Tony Thomas


Late game between the #5 surging seed USA and #4 seed Finland.

First Period

1.  USA, Chantaj 1 (Flumerfelt, Nicholson) 11:58 Power Play

2.  USA, Chantaj 2 (Barbosa, Kostick) 9:25

3.  USA, Barbosa 2 (Maguire) 6:03

4.  USA, Barbosa 3 (Maguire) 2:51

5.  USA, McKean 2 (Maguire, Cummings) 2:09

6.  USA, McKean 3 (Kostick, Flumerfelt) 0:11

Penalties – FIN Rinaldo 13:18

Second Period

no scoring

Penalties – FIN McDougall 10:24. USA Cummings 8:55. USA Barbosa 2:05

Third Period

7.  USA, Flumerfelt 3 (unassisted) 13:25

8.  FIN, Connell 1 (Barrett, Rinaldo) 11:41

Penalties – USA Young 10:31

USA 7. Finland 1

Power Plays USA 1-2  Finland 0-3

Goalies   Finland McCallum LOSS 1-1-1. USA Senkowski fill in WIN 2-1-0

Players of the Game went to Finlands Back of Pucks


And for the yanks Paul Barbosa


So with one more night of playoff round robin games this Friday, April 12, 2019 we have only one more final seeding to be determined.

We know Canada is in for the Gold game, Finland has locked a spot in the infamous Kiss your Sister Bronze game and the Polocks are eliminated from Championship Night.

If the USA tie or win versus Poland on Friday night they will face off for Gold against Canada and Sweden will go for Bronze.  If Sweden beats Canada on the last night and Poland beats the USA then Sweden will go for Gold and USA will go for Bronze.  All other scenarios will put #5 seed USA in the Gold game and Sweden in the Bronze.

Friday, April 12 early game at 8:15 pm will feature the #1 seed Sweden in a must win game vs the #2 seed Canada.  At 9:30 pm Poland can play spoiler as they face off with the USA squad.  Finland get the week off.

Championship Night will go Sunday, April 14 with the Kiss Your Sister Bronze game at 8:00 pm and the Gold medal game will go at 9:15 pm.  Get your tickets early should be a sold out crowd for our 32nd season.  Poland players please bring your shirts and socks as we will collect after your game this Friday.

Also a friendly reminder for all members to get their 2019-2020 applications and $50 deposits in before our final night to secure your spot for next season.  Let the league know if you will NOT be returning next season as soon as you can so we can plan accordingly.

See you all on the ice!!!!