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Week 11 Recap

Start of Round 3 of Games is in the books.

Early game between the Islanders and the Habs.  Habs have all 15 players dressed for this game and Islanders are down to 10 skaters.  Islanders score the only 2 goals in the opening frame.  The same Islanders get the only goal in the 2nd period taking a 3-0 lead into the final period.  Both Habs goalie Ervin and Islanders call up Senkowski look very sharp keeping this game low scoring.  Habs score twice early in the 3rd making it a 1 goal game.  Islanders go back up 4-2 at the 10:49 mark and then score short handed at 7:05 of the 3rd.  Islanders make it 6-2 at the 7 minute mark and this one looked done, start the car Alice!  But… hold on folks, the Habs looking to repeat their similar comeback from their last game find some life in their game and score 4 straight goals in a 3 minute span to tie up the game at 6’s with 3 minutes to go, boy oh boy the Islanders were reeling.  Islanders take back the lead 6-5 with 2:40 left on the ticker.  Habs pull their goalie and press but a bad bounce and the Islanders seal the deal with an empty netter and final victory 8-6.  Great hockey game at both ends of the pond.  Habs went 1-2 on the PP and Islanders were 0-0 but did score a short handed marker.  Habs got goals from Robin Chantaj with 2 and singles from Sharp, Lott, Dupal and an absolute beauty from the pinching Eddie Kuzniewski, what????  Eddie the Polock banging his stick on the ice as he squeezed into the slot and buries it past Senkowski for his 2nd of the season.  He didn’t even raise his hands in celebration, like he does it in his sleep.  Islanders got 2 goals from Connell and singles from McKean, Coffin, Barkin, Riddell, Kidd and Guerra.  PUMP Players of the Game was awarded to Islanders #5 Steve Sparrow (no relation to the very famous Johnny Boy) and to the Habs #1 Barry Ervin.   Habs welcomed back Tony Thomas from the injured reserve and it was nice to see Islander Riddell skate by and welcome Tony as well.  Brenda was also excited to see Tony and thought for sure he would come to visit her but no…it is a new and improved Tony, 15 pounds lighter and less crusty than we have ever seen him, hmmmm how long will that last??

Late game between Boston and Philadelphia.  Both squads very thin on skaters.  Bruins get the only goal in the opening frame.  All Bruins in the 2nd period as they score 4 unanswered goals taking a 5 nil lead into the final period.  Flyers get 2 goals early in the 3rd but that was all these 9 skaters could muster as the Bruins upset the Flyers 5-2.  Flyers went 0-2 on the PP and Bruins were 0-1.  Flyer goals went to Robb and Nicholson.  Bruins get 2 from Nweisser and singles from Flumerfelt, Annan and the game winner from rookie #7 Murray Russell scoring a prettier goal than Eddie the Polock did earlier on.  Russel’s 2nd of the campaign and with an ssisst was awarded easily the Player of the Game for the Bruins.  Flyers award #12 Kevin Nicholson POG.  With the Habs loss and Bruins victory they move into sole 3rd spot and Habs fall down to #4.

This weeks games are scheduled for Friday, December 4 – 9:15pm Montreal will battle the Bruins and at 10:30pm the Islanders will face off against the Oilers.  Philadelphia will get the week off.

Reminder not to forget to buy your 50/50 draw tickets from Mark Plewes this week.  Draw will be held Friday, December 11.  50% of the proceeds will go to the winner and the other 50% back into the league.  Many other great prizes to be won as well.  $5 per ticket or 5 tickets for $20.

Also a reminder that RIDE may be starting this Friday so please be careful and see you all on the ice!

Updated Gallery Pages


We have updated 2 tabs in our Gallery section.

Team Pics Post 2000 has a year by year review and all Team pics we have on file from 2000 to 2015.  Go through the year by year review to rekindle some great memories.

NHL Alumni vs PCOHL PC arena 50th.  A neat review of our game we played against the Maple Leaf Alumni back in 2009 celebrating our arena’s 50th anniversary, great memories.


Great Letter Bryan Trottier wrote to himself 50 years later, found on the Players Tribune

Bryan trottier a leter to myself


Kid, I’m from the future. I’m you, 50 years from now. You’re looking at me like, “You? The guy with the mustache and all the scars? What the heck happened to me?”

Well …

The disco era. That will inspire the mustache.

18 seasons in the NHL. That will give you the scars.

Now I know you’re thinking — that’s impossible. There’s no way. You’re 10 years old, and you just watched Jean Beliveau lift the Stanley Cup on Hockey Night in Canada on your black and white TV in 1966. It seemed like the broadcast was coming from the moon. It didn’t seem real. You tell your parents you want to be Jean Beliveau, but it’s like you’re saying you want to be Superman.

And you — you’re just kid on a farm in Saskatchewan in the ’60s. Life is so simple. There’s precisely one TV channel. You’ve never even seen a “hockey card.” There’s an actual siren that goes off at 9 p.m. in your tiny town that warns all the kids to go home.

When you tell people how you learned to skate later in life, they’ll think you’re messing with them. They’re not going to believe how your handyman father would clear off the frozen creek across from your house after a snowstorm. You know how he walks out there at twilight with a big machete and floods the creek by chopping up a beaver dam? That’s not a normal thing. Other kids’ dads have Zambonis, or at least a hose. Your dad has a machete and some Canadian know-how. Thanks, Mr. Beaver.

Out on that creek is where you’re going to develop your style, skating over the lumps and frozen twigs. Your game won’t necessarily be pretty, but it’ll be perfect for the era you’re coming up in. Let me tell you about that era.

Do you like to fight? Of course not. You’re a shy kid. You love math and art and singing with your dad’s band. But you’re going to have to fight if you want to make it. Luckily, you’re going to meet the perfect person (and I honestly mean the single perfect  person) to teach you those skills when you move away from home to join the Swift Current Broncos at age 15. His name is “Tiger” Williams. Guess how he earned the nickname? During a game, he took exception to a penalty called against him. So he punched the referee. He was five years old. And the referee was his own older brother.

Half the team is going to be smoking cigarettes in the “smoking section” in the corner of the room.

Stay close to this crazy guy. Tiger, in addition to being the NHL’s all-time penalty minutes leader, will be one of your life-long best friends. And he’s going to teach you some valuable lessons. He’s going to literally teach you how to fight. In fact, you and him are going to scrap almost every day after practice, like boxers training for a title bout. He’ll teach you the importance of leverage, and how to protect yourself. But he’s going to teach you how to fight in a much deeper sense as well.

Because, kid, I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to have some tough times when you’re 15 and 16 years old and away from home for the first time. You’re going to want to quit hockey and go back to the farm more times than you can count. Major Juniors will start out pretty brutal. You’re going to get your two front teeth knocked out. You’re going to get ragdolled in a few fights.

But listen: This is going to sound too unbelievable to wrap your head around, but it’s true. Whatever you do, hang in there. Because it’s going to click for you at 17, and you’re going to be drafted by the New York Islanders in ’74, and I swear to God, you’re going to win six Stanley Cups.

Look, I know …

I know you’re thinking that this is all a joke. You’re not a phenom. You’re a pretty good skater, pretty good passer, pretty good shooter. But you’re the kid that coaches always shrug at. “Well … he’s a little too small.”

So how? How the hell does this happen?

The best way I explain it is this. At your first Islanders training camp in ’75, you’re going to walk into the locker room and see Denis Potvin, Clark Gillies, J.P. Parise. Grown men. Grizzled NHL vets. The guys from TV. Half the team is going to be smoking cigarettes in the “smoking section” in the corner of the room. And you’re just a kid.

You’re not going to score a single goal the entire training camp.

But you’re also not going to miss a single body check. You’re going to hit everything that moves. At the end of training camp, even though you couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with a shot because you were so nervous, your coach Al Arbour is going to pull you aside and say, “You know what? We’re gonna keep you around, kid.”

You’ll never leave.

It’s a lesson for life, Bryan. It’s never going to be pretty. It’s never going to happen the way you plan it. Sometimes you just have to go out to the beaver dam with a machete and start chopping wood.

Those Islanders teams will embody that spirit. On nights when you’re all playing like dogs and nothing is going right, Bob Nystrom will say, “I’m gonna go out there and drive to the net 20 times until I deflect a puck. And I’m gonna take 20 minutes in penalties and drive the other team nuts.”

You’ll start to win by any means necessary.

In 1980, you’re going to lift the Stanley Cup for the first time. I don’t want to spoil too much of that run for you, but here’s what’s so incredible about it: Even now, 35 years later, you’re going to remember every single detail of it, from the moment the game-winning goal hits the back of the net to the moment you go to bed that night. The weight of the Cup. The way the engraved names on its rings felt on your fingertips. The way the champagne tasted. The awful smell of the jerseys. If you think you know how fun it will be, multiply that by 100. But it’s not just about fun. It touches parts of your soul that you cannot imagine. It’s not about you. It’s about your teammates. It’s about everyone who got you to that moment.

Think about your family and the long car rides in the snowstorms. Think about the motel rooms. Think about how they always found a way to scrape together the money to buy equipment. You’ll realize that Jean Beliveau isn’t a superhero. He’s just a man. And that’s what makes the feeling of lifting the Cup so overwhelming.

You will break your nose so many times that your taste buds will start to go.

Kid, let me repeat: It will not be easy. You can’t imagine the sacrifice, actually. The best way I can describe it is this:

After you win the Cup, you’ll be sitting in a restaurant having dinner with your mom and dad. This guy a few tables over will keep looking at you. Mom and dad will be oblivious, but you’ll think, I guess he wants an autograph.

You’ve got two black eyes. Stitches. Fat lip. After a while, the guy will walk over with a napkin.

“Excuse me, sir,” he says. “I think I recognize you. Are you a boxer?”

That’s what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. But after you win your second, then third, then fourth in a row, people will naturally start to take it for granted. Teams will hate seeing you win. Fans will hate seeing you win. You will break your nose so many times that your taste buds will start to go. You’ll have to force vegetables down your throat at dinner in order to get your team-mandated amount of ‘roughage’ (The Islanders are very progressive with nutrition, relatively speaking, for the time period). But hold on to that Cup with all your might. Do whatever it takes to get the fifth.

Because if you don’t, you’ll never forget it.

All things end, Bryan. Even dynasties.

In 1990, you’ll sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins. You’ll be brought there for one reason — to get Mario Lemieux and a young, talented Penguins team to the next level. To make them understand what it takes.

The day you land in Pittsburgh and get to your hotel, your agent will call you and drop a bombshell. “Hey, Bryan, little problem. Mario has a degenerative back condition. He needs surgery. He’s going to miss the first half of the season.”

Then you’re going to do something that may seem a little crazy to you right now. You’re going to drive over to the hospital and tell the front desk attendant, “Hi, I need to see Mr. Lemieux.”

She’ll say, “Um, sir, there’s no Mr. Lemieux here.”

And you’ll say, “Oh yes there is. He must be under a different name. I play for the Penguins, ma’am.”

She will look at you like you’re an alien, but eventually you’ll talk your way to Mario’s room, where he’ll be recovering from surgery with his wife by his side.

You’ll walk in, introduce yourself, and say, with a straight face, “Listen Mario, you have to get healthy right away.”

And he’ll look at you like, Yeah, of course I want to get healthy, you lunatic. I just had surgery.

But you’ll say, “No, really, you have to get healthy. We’re going to do this. We’re going to win the Stanley Cup.”

Like I said, I know this seems a bit extreme. But you need to let him know you care. You need to let him know how much it means to you.

Your coach in Pittsburgh will be “Badger” Bob Johnson. Appreciate this man, because your time with him will be cut prematurely short. He’ll be the most positive human being you’ll ever meet. He will make you realize, perhaps for the first time, that you’re playing a kid’s game for a living. That every day at the rink is a good day, no matter what.

You’ll lose a game 7-1, and Badger will come into the locker room and say, “Well boys, eight goals tonight. But we scored the prettiest one. See you at practice tomorrow.”

First thing the next morning, he’ll say to Kevin Stevens, “Kev! You’re an animal! I wanna hear you roar like a lion!”

And Kevin will roar like a lion.

Hockey will be fun. When you go out on the road, Kevin will overtip every single waitress and doorman and cab driver. When they look at him in disbelief at the wad of bills, he’ll say the same line every time.

“Ah, come on, buy yourself a hot dog!”

You’ll cry with laughter around this guy. You can learn a lot from the way Kevin disarms everyone and treats them the exact same way — from the general manager to the equipment guys.

When Mario returns after missing 50 games, you’re going to witness pure greatness. Pure grace on ice. He’ll be one of the most generous and straightforward people you’ll ever meet in the game. He will be your Jean Beliveau.

He’s quiet for a superstar, but when he speaks up, you’ll be able to hear a pin drop. Before a critical playoff game that year, you’ll feel the nerves in the room. Something will need to be said.

Then Mario will stand up, look around the room, and say, simply, “Come on, boys. Let’s go.”

And the room will go absolutely nuts. You will feel like a kid again. In that moment, you will know it: They have what it takes. And you’ll win back-to-back Cups with the Penguins.

Pretty cool, huh? One small thing, though. There’s this thing in the future called YouTube. I know this is hard to wrap your head around, since you currently only have one TV channel, but hear me out. Watch what you say on the ice, kid. You’re going to be so hyped up to beat the Minnesota North Stars in the ‘91 Finals that you’re going to try to get in a guy’s head.

His name is Brian Bellows.

You have nothing against the guy. It’s just gamesmanship. But you’re … well, you’re going to use some salty language. You’re going to call him a superstar, among other things.

I know you’re thinking, Okay? No big deal. You can’t hear what the guys are saying on the bench.

Well, in ’91, they’re going to have a hot mic on you and your buddy Kevin Stevens.

Someone is going to save that tape in an archive somewhere.

Then by the mid-2000s, something called YouTube will exist, which will allow pretty much all of recorded human history to be watched by anyone, at any time.

By the late-2000s, this clip will have circulated quite a bit. You’ll go into an elementary school in Minnesota to talk to the kids, and a third grader will yell out, in his little voice …

“Hey Bellows! You’re a superstar, Bellows!”

And you’ll shoot the teacher a nervous glance, praying this kid doesn’t finish your now-semi-famous rant.

So remember, kid: there’s always a mic somewhere. Be careful.

A final word of advice from the future: Enjoy all of it. Even some of the crap. Don’t buy that convertible Fiat. Don’t wear that orange open-collared suit. And please be nice to your little sister — your goalie out on the creek. When you pick her off in the shoulder with a slap shot, remember that she’s six years old and wearing nothing but a winter coat for protection.

Your future self,


Week 10 End of Round 2 Recap


Round 2 is now in the books, here is a recap of last weeks games.

Early match between the league leading Islanders and the Bruins.  Bruins missing their top gun and Islanders missing 4 skaters.  This game had something I have never seen in 15 years of game recaps.  Bruins out score the Islanders 2-1 after the opening frame as the Islanders opened the scoring with a short handed goal.  Bruins take it to the Islanders repeat in the 2nd frame out scoring the league leaders 2-1 again taking a 4-2 lead into the final frame.  Islanders score their 2nd short handed goal and both Bruin goals were also short handed on the same penalty. Hmmmmm.   Islanders edge closer to the Bruins in the opening 20 seconds of the 3rd then score their 3rd short handed goal of the game to tie it at 4’s with under 10 minutes to go.  Islanders take their first lead of the game, 5-4, at the 7 minute mark.  Islanders score their 4th straight goal of the 3rd at 2:38 now leading 6-4.  Bruins push and make it a 1 goal game with a buck and a half left on the clock and continue to push the rest of the way but Farm hand call up Art Senkowski shuts the door and Islanders win 6-5.  Very exciting game as 5 short handed goals were scored in one game, I’m sure a record never to be repeated.  Both teams went 0-3 on the PP.  Islanders goal scorers 2 each for Michael Kidd and Rob McKean and singles for Steve Ferrin and David Riddell.  Bruins goals 2 from Joe Cosentino, and singles from Ron Cormier, Bryon Wright and Robin Flumerfelt.  PUMP Player of the Games goes to Islanders Michael Kidd and Bruins Gord Ide.  Both coaches spoke with the media post game that a power play focus will be needed in practice this week.

Late game between the Flyers looking to stay close to the Islanders and the Oilers looking to move up the standings.  Flyers down 3 skaters and Oilers down their big guns for this one.  All Flyers in the opening period scoring 3 unanswered goals.  Flyers out score the Oilers 3-1 in the 2nd taking a 6-1 lead into the final period.  A draw in the 3rd as both teams get 1 each for a final Flyer win 7-3.  Flyers went 1-1 on the PP and Oilers were 0-1.  Flyers markers a hat trick for Alan Robb, 2 goals from Tony Carlisle and singles from Pat McCormick and Dan Barrett.  Oilers get 2 goals off the wood of Brian Spence and a single from Neil Kelly.  PUMP Players of the Game goes to Flyers Alan Robb and Oilers Brian ‘Spinner’ Spence.

So, Round 2 of 5 rounds of exhibition games in the books.  Islanders and Flyers lead the league with 13 and 12 points each.  Habs, Bruins and Oilers all bunched up with 6, 5, and 4 points each.  McCallum leads the league with the best goals against average and Ervin has the highest.  Islanders McKean is tearing up the scoring lead and is on pace to possibly break some records.  Habs spend the most time with Brenda and the Flyers the very least.  Oilers rookie sensation Chamberlain leads all rookie scoring categories.  The usual bandits lead their teams in the usual categories.

This weeks games kicks off our 3rd Round with the Islanders facing off against the Habs at 9:15 and Flyers will skate with the Bruins at 10:30.  Oilers get the week off on Friday, November 27.

The Exec have decided not to make any moves at this time for greater parity but may possibly do some minor changes in the next few weeks if we need to replace any out going players with new replacements, stay tuned.

Mark Plewes will be around again this week selling our 50/50 Holiday Raffle tickets.  $5 each or 5 for $20.  Please support as all proceeds will go back into our budget for new jersey and socks next season, our 30th.  Top prize Cash and lots of other great prizes, lights, wine, sports prints, Staples stuff and more!!!!!

I think the Holiday season RIDE program is around the corner please be aware.   Also remember our Friday Night league is a friendly league so be responsible and respectful on how you conduct yourself on the ice, keeping your sticks down and NOT crashing the net.  We are older and more fragile than we ever have been.  Take it easy lads, just a boys fun league.

See you all on the ice!!

Week 9 Recap

OK some interesting outcomes last week.

Early game between our bottom 2 teams the Habs and the Oilers.



Goalies for this massive tilt, Rispoli for the Oilers and Ervin for the Habs.  Was this pic taken before the game or after???  Who will come out on top you say?  Both squads down top skaters for this game.  The opening frame was devasting for the Habs as the Oilers bang out 5 goals and Habs just manage 1.  Oilers go out on top 6-1 early in the 2nd frame.  Habs get a bit of jump and score 3 times making it a game at 6-4.  Oilers get 2 more goals in the 2nd but these feisty Habs get 2 themselves to close out the 2nd period with the Oilers on top 8-6.  Last goal wins maybe.  Habs make it an 8-7 game at the 9 minute mark.  A lull in scoring for the next 6 minutes until the Habs tie up this match at 8’s with just under 3 minutes to go.  Habs complete the surprising comeback taking the lead for the first time with 90 ticks left on the clock.  My oh my, Oilers press the rest of the way but Ervin shuts down the farm door and Habs win, Habs win, oh Tabarnac!!  Both squads went 0-1 on the PP.  Habs get 4 goals from Rukavina, 2 from Randa and singles from Desrosier, Chantaj and Peacock (best looking Oldtimer, I meant best name).  Oilers goal scorers, 2 each from Leenaars, Kelly and Burke and singles from Ree and Brideau.  Players of the Game went to Habs Rukavina and Oilers Brian Burke (my head my head!)  What a game just like the 80’s fire wagon hockey!

Late game between our top 2 squads with the winner getting bragging rights for at least a week of calling themselves #1.  Islanders and Flyers faced off at 10:30 pm. Both these titans scored 1 goal apiece in the opening frame and deja vu in the 2nd as they headed to the final period all square at 2 a piece.  McCallum and fill in Senkowski looked sharp at both ends.  Islanders took a 3-2 lead at 12:46 of the 3rd and a crushing 4-2 lead at 9:48.  One more Islander goal and thats how this one finished Islanders 5 Flyers 2.  Good hockey game.  Flyers went 0-2 on the PP and Islanders were 0-0.  Islanders get 2 goals from league leader McKean, running away with the scoring race early on and on a 3+ points per game tear.  Singles from Tygesen, Riddell and Connell.  Flyers get goals from the Italian Stallion Diluzio and the ‘munja cake’ Dan Barrett.  Players of the Game went to Islanders fill in backstop Art Senkowski and Flyers Dan Barrett a beast on the blue line.

So thats it, reminder to get in on our 50/50 Holiday Fundraiser and buy tickets from Mark Plewes.  $5 for 1 and $20 for 5.  Any corporate prize donations would be greatly appreciated.  Draw to be held December 11 between games.

This weeks games for Friday, November 20 (where is this year gone?)  9:15 Islanders battle the rested Bruins.  10:30 Flyers face off against the stunned Oilers looking to rebound this week.  Habs get the week off and were awarded by ownership with extra large poutine for all the players and a night out at the ballet????

See you all on the ice!


Week 8 Recap

Early match last week between the Habs and the Flyers.  Flyers looking to get a bit of revenge on the Habs as they were Flyers only blemish this season so far.  Flyer score twice in the opening frame and if not for Habs backstop it should have been more.  Habs make it 2-1 midway through the 2nd period but Flyers get their 2 goal lead back before the 2nd period buzzer sounds.  Both goalies very sharp in this tilt up to this point.  The final frame was all Flyers as they pound the Habs with 5 unanswered goals as the Habs gas tank went empty.  Final score Flyers 8 Habs 1.  Habs rookie Desrosiers scores his first career PCOHL goal.  Flyers got a hat trick from Dr. Joel May, 2 goals each from Manning and McCormick, and a single from Diluzio.  Habs went 0-2 on the PP and Flyers went 1-4.  Players of the Game went to Habs Denis Desrosiers and Flyers Joel May.

Late game between Boston and Edmonton.  Oilers out score the Bruins 3-1 after the first period.  Bruins out score the Oilers 2-1 in the 2nd period making this a 4-3 Oiler lead with one period to go.  Bruins tie up this tilt at 11:37 of the 3rd period as great action at both ends of the pond.  This game remained all square until the Oilers score 2 goals 10 seconds apart with 5 minutes to go.  A couple more buried by the Oilers for an 8-4 victory.  Bruins went 0-1 on the PP and the Oilers were 1-1.  Bruins markers 2 from Cormier and singles from Cosentino and Annan.  For the Oilers 2 goals each for Leenaars and Nelson and singles for Maguire, Chamberlain, Spence and Rundle.  Players of the Game went to Bruins Ron Cormier and Oilers Rob Leenaars.

Boys a friendly reminder to be very aware of how you conduct yourself on the ice, especially if you are a big guy.  Driving to the net to try and score and wiping out our goalie is not what our Friday night league is about.  Most likely and hopefully it is unintentional it still doesn’t make it right  Now you cause the defenseman to do what he needs to do to protect his goalie and try and keep you out of the crease, this all leads to a defenceless goalie getting injured.  The Exec are reviewing this specific action and will let the league know that it will be dealt with harshly regardless if you call it a ‘hockey play’ or not.

Also a reminder our 50/50 Holiday Fundraiser tickets are printed and this week Mark Plewes will be around selling them.  1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20.  If anyone also can donate any prizes for more winners please bring them to Mark Plewes who plays for the Flyers.  Members, family and friends can all purchase these tickets.  Half the proceeds will go to the winner and half will go to our league budget.  Next season is our 30th and we are planning on getting new sweaters and socks.  Early in the new year we will be canvassing all members for their recommendations on teams for next season before we make our final decision.  Give it some thought and let any of the Exec know.

OK so this weeks games, Friday, November 13 are as follows;  9:15 Oilers vs Canadians and 10:30 our top 2 teams will battle it out as the Flyers face off against the Islanders, should be a doozy.  Bruins get the week off.

See you all on the ice!

Week 7 Recap

Week 7 in the books.

Early tilt between the high flying Islanders and the Oilers.  All Islanders in the opening frame as they out score the Oilers 3-0 after one.  Islanders continue to push as they out score the Oilers 4-2 in the 2nd period taking a 7-2 lead into the final frame.  Both squads score single markers in the final period for an Islander win 8-3.  Both squads went 0-1 on the PP.  Islanders get 2 goals both from league leader McKean and Harty, singles from Ferrin, Riddell, Tygesen and Connell.  Oilers goals from Brideau, Maguire and Rundle.  Players of the Game was awarded to Islanders David Riddell and Oilers Tim Rundle.  Islanders leap frog the idle Flyers for top spot.

Late game between the Habs and the Bruins.  Habs down 2 defencemen and their backstop Ervin.  Bruins also down 4 key skaters.  Habs debut their new rookie sensation, Denis Desrosiers, an even greater Habs fan than Jeff Kostick and Flumerfelt, if even thats possible.  Bruins score the lone goal in the opening frame.  Habs get 3 goals in the 2nd frame as the Bruins score twice as this tilt goes into the final frame all square at 3’s.  Habs Dupal scores a PP goal early in the 3rd.  Bruins tie it up at 4’s with just under 5 minutes to go.  Habs Patrick Sharp is the hero scoring the game winner for the Habs with 43 ticks left on the clock.  The boys tried to carry Sharp off the ice on their shoulders but it was a gong show.  Bruins went 1-3 on the PP and Habs went 1-2.  Habs get goals from Rukavina, Steve Kostick, Dupal and 2 goals from Sharp.  Bruins goal scorers Cummings, Annan, Cosentino and rookie Russell with his first of his career.  Habs rookie Desrosiers had 2 assists and begins his PCOHL career undefeated.  Post game media comments from Denis was all about his moving from a Friday night church league to PCOHL, “It’s a much different room here than my church league, oh boy!!!!”.

Upcoming games for this week Friday, November 6, 2015.  9:15 pm Montreal vs Philadelphia  10:30 pm Edmonton vs Boston.  Islanders get the week off.

See you all on the ice!