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Final Team Pics

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Championship Night Recap

Well well well what a night this past Friday as we completed our 28th PCOHL season.  29 fans in the stands, might be a record crowd.  Even saw some parents watching on the Boston side, not sure if Dad was going to give his son the regular $5 bill.

First off the the famous ‘Kiss your Sister Game’ for the Bronze medal as the Islanders faced off against the Flyers.  This tilt was a beauty right from the opening puck drop.  Islanders scored first in the opening 90 seconds.  Flyers tied it up to end the first at a draw.  Islanders jumped back on top at 12:12 of the 2nd but the Flyers responded less than a minute later.  Flyers jumped out in front with 5:26 left in the 2nd and the Islanders made it 3-3 after 2 frames.  The final period belonged to both McCallum and the ageless Bobby Ide as they booth shut out all shooters.  The Bronze medal then belonged to a sudden death shoot out as both first players selected, Robb for the Island and Diluzio for the Flyers, took their scoring prowess at the same time.  I tried to watch both but it was tough.  I witnessed Robb fumble the puck on his deek but seemed to find it and slide it under McCallum.  Diluzio made a small move but was stopped by Ide and the Islanders celebrated.  As we got ready for team pics both teams chanted for Brenda to join them.  Islanders got 2 goals from Alan Robb and singles from Carlisle and Fletcher Mr. April.  Flyers got goals from Rundle, Diluzio and Tygesen.  Both teams went 0-1 on the PP.  Players of the game went to Islanders Alan Robb and Flyers Dwayne Tygesen.  Great game and got the record crowd all charged up for the upcoming Gold game.  Congrats to the Islanders our Kiss your Sister Champs!


The last game of our 28th season for all the marbles between our season long top 2 seeds, Boston and Edmonton.  As the crowd filed in you could feel the excitement in the arena.  Bruins with a full squad and Oilers down 3 players to upper and lower body injuries, not sure who that favoured.  Bruins looked strong for the majority of the opening frame scoring the first 2 goals.  Oilers got on the board finally with 1:20 left in the period and then tied it up at 2’s with 29 ticks left on the clock.  This seemed to faze the Bruins but the period change seemed to calm them down and they got back on their train as they scored the only goal in the 2nd frame for a 3-2 lead.  Rispoli for the Oilers kept them in this one as it was all Bruins in the 2nd period.  Oilers took 2 penalties late in the 2nd and the Bruins on a 2 man advantage to open the 3rd looked to close this puppy out but the Oilers managed to kill off this large disadvantage and then like the hockey gods meant it to be saw them tie up the game soon after the big penalty kill.  Oilers then took their first lead of the game at 9:40 of the 3rd followed by another back breaker for the Bruins just 16 seconds later.  Oilers on top 5-3.  Bruins then took a couple of back to back penalties and in the midst of that a penalty shot awarded for the Oilers.  Bruins Gord Ide came up big on the Penalty shot and their penalty killers fended off these high flying Oilers and pushed hard with 5 minutes to go down by 2.  Rispoli was solid, the Italian Hamburglar, did not allow the Bruins to get back into this one.  Oilers get one more goal and skated to Gold with a solid 6-3 win.  What a game!  Oilers goal scorers 2 each for Rick Burke and Rob Leenaars, singles for Cosentino and a beauty from our oldest member Bruce Freeman with excellent hands.  Bruins got goals from Peacock, Cormier and Flumerfelt.  Players of the game went to Oilers #21 Rick Burke and Bruins #44 Tony Thomas playing on a bad wheel.  Lots of visits to Brenda in this one with 18 minutes of penalties.  At one time looked like the refs got into it pretty heavy with the Oilers bench as a disagreement seemed to get heated.  Lots of drama.

Oilers Stanley Cup


The Exec also selected our Conn Smythe winner and it was unanimous, rookie Tim Randa from the Oilers ran away with the playoff scoring race with 17 points a record that may be tough to beat for many years.  Congratulations Tim Randa and all the Oilers as they have a year of bragging rights as our 28th Champions.


A special thank you to our refs and to Brenda our time keeper for all your work this year.


So great season Boys, enjoy your summer and if you haven’t given us your application or deposit please contact Sal Guerra as soon as possible to secure your spot for next season.  We will have our Annual Meeting early September at our draft and also our Fall golf tournament.  Once details are confirmed we will let you all know.  Year end celebration will happen in the next few weeks and will let everyone know date and location.  Let us know if there are any special requests to play with anyone next season due to driving or other reasons, we will do our best to accommodate but no promises.  Any other suggestions to make us even stronger please let us know.

Have a safe and happy summer, cheers.




Championship Night Tonight!



Tonight is our Championship Night.


8:15 puck drop between the Islanders and the Flyers, who will be kissing their Sister?

Kiss your sisterThen the big one at 9:30.  Will it be Boston?boston stanley cupOr will it be Edmonton?gretzky cup


Bring your friends and family and come see how our 28th season finishes off.




PCOHL Playoffs Week 5 Recap

Our final round robin playoff games are in the books and we are set for our upcoming very exciting Championship Night.

Early game was to be a preview of our Gold Medal game as both Edmonton and Boston have qualified for that final game of this campaign. Both teams resting some of their star players for this one.  All Oilers in the opening 30 minutes and 2 periods.  5 unanswered goals and a little bit of feistiness as both squads trying to establish some kind of an edge for the big tilt.  Final period saw both teams score twice and the Oilers win 7-2 going undefeated in the round robin playoff games.  Bruins went 0-2 on the PP and Oilers were 0-1.  Oilers get 2 goals from the ageless Bruce Freeman.  2 goals from rookie Tim Randa who also finished the night with 4 assists for a 6 point night and running away with the playoff scoring race.  Singles for Cosentino, Ianno, and Kelly.  Bruins get singles from Brideau and Flumerfelt.  Players of the Game goes to Oilers #12 Tim Randa and Bruins #9 Leo Brideau.

Late game with some more meaning to it as the Habs faced off against the Flyers.  Winner gets the Bronze game and loser starts its golf season today.    Flyers with 11 skaters and the Habs with only 8 was not a good sign for these hapless Habs on a record breaking 14 game losing streak.  Flyers get the only 2 goals in the opening period.  Flyers continued to pore it on in the 2nd frame out scoring the Habs 3-1 for a 5-1 lead rolling into the final period.  The final period closed out as a 2-2 tie as the Flyers win handily 7-3.  A tired bunch of Habs shake hands for the last time this season as these boys in red most likely will never get matched again for their accomplishments this season.  Habs went 1-2 on the PP and Flyers go 0-1. Flyers scorers saw rookie Diluzio getting a hat trick, 2 goals fro Tygesen and singles for Rundle, and Cummings.  Habs get goals from Kryslak, Rukavina and McCormick.  Players of the Game went to Flyers Marcello Diluzio and Habs backstop Art Senkowski.  Special thank you to Art for filling in for the injured Barry Ervin and for his class and character playing this season with not much support in front of him.  Art hopefully will come and join us as a full time member, great job Art you are exactly what this league is about.

Ok so  much for the mushy stuff.  No changes from our regular season finish as the top 2 seeds will face off this Friday in the late game at 9:30 pm at Port Credit arena.  Bring out all your family and friends to see this very exciting game and my call is it will be much closer than their past meeting.  Bruins and Oilers, doesn’t get any better than that.  the early game should be fun as well as it is our famous ‘Kiss somebody’s Sister’ tilt for this seasons Bronze medal.  Islanders will battle the Flyers.  Both squads finished 3rd and 4th in the regular season as they did in the playoff round robin.  So all is well in the Oldtimers universe.

We will have our Annual Meeting 30 minutes after the Gold medal game.  I’m hoping to take some team pics after both games so hang out on the ice for a bit after you shake hands.  Get your sweater and socks in this week.  If you are away please try and pass them onto any of your teammates.  Apps and $50 despots need to also be handed in by Friday as well to secure your spot for next season.  If you are leaving please let us know, so far we know of only one player not returning next season.

Good luck to all and see you at the rink.


Playoff Reminder


Friendly reminder we have our last playoff round robin games tonight Sunday, April 12.  8:00 pm Boston plays Edmonton in a meaningless game regarding points BUT will set the stage for a repeat match up on Championship Night for Gold.  The 9:15 game will feature Montreal vs Philadelphia.  Philly needs a tie or a win to get to the Bronze medal game and end Montreal’s season.  A Habs win will put them in the Bronze medal game and end the Flyers season.

Championship Night is set for Friday, April 17.  The Bronze medal game, or ‘Kiss your Sister’ game will go at 8:15 puck drop.  Islnaders waiting to see if they will face the Flyers or Habs.  The Gold medal game will go at 9:30 pm as the Oilers will face off with the Bruins for all the marbles and a year of bragging rights as Champs.  Tonight and next Friday games will be played at Port Credit arena.

Don’t forget to hand in your sweater and socks upon your last game.  Also a reminder that your application and waiver forms filled out fully and a $50 deposit for next season is due no later than April 17.  Let us know if you will NOT be returning next season so we can plan accordingly.

Good luck and see you all on the ice!

PCOHL Playoffs Round 4 Recap

A Monday Night special as our 4th round of games is in the books.

Early game had a lot of implications for all 5 teams as the Oilers and the Flyers faced off.  This was a goal tenders dual.  Oilers get the lone goal in the first period.  Flyers tied it up with 5:59 left in the 2nd period.  As action was hot at both ends the Oilers jump back on top 2-1 at 4:07 and score again in the last minute of the 2nd now with a commanding 3-1 lead with a period to go.  Flyers make it a 1 goal game midway through the 3rd period with a power play goal and now both teams were on their heels.  Oilers protecting their 1 goal lead and Flyers pressing to tie the game.  Both goalies shut the front door the rest of the way and Oilers get their 3rd straight playoff victory 3-2.  Flyers went 1-1 on the PP and Oilers were 0-2.  Oilers get goals from Freeman, Randa and the game winner from Cosentino.  Flyers goals from Diluzio and Kostick.  Pl,ayers of the Game went to Oilers #20 Moe Connell and Flyers #16 Jay Cummings.

Late game between the 4th and 5th seeds Islanders and Canadians.  Excellent game through the first 2 periods.  Habs open the scoring in the opening minute.  Islanders get 2 goals 13 seconds apart with 2 minutes to go in the period.  Habs tie it up in the dieing seconds at 2’s as the period ends.  The 2nd period belonged to Ide and Senkowski as both goalies stopped numerous break aways and many other big saves.  Islanders get the lone goal late in the period to go ahead 3-2 with 15 minutes left to play.  The final period was what Montreal has played all season long UGLY.  Islanders out score the Habs 4-1 for a final victory of 7-3.  The battle of the brothers was won by Murray and Robin once again.  Islanders went 0-1 on the PP and Habs were 0-0.  Islanders get 2 goals from Dupal and Carlisle and singles from Salapoutis, Plewes, and Manning.  4 assists from our Prez Robb.  Habs get 2 goals from Maguire and a single from McCormick.  Players of the Game went to Islanders #16 Chris Salapoutis and Habs #18 Kenny Coffin.

So with these results and one more week of round robin games 3 of the 5 teams have booked their tickets and hotels for our Championship Night.  Oilers will play the Bruins in back to back games.  They will meet this Sunday night to set the stage for their Gold medal match next Friday.  Should be an interesting 6 periods of hockey between these two titans of this season.  The Islanders get this week off but have confirmed a spot in our infamous ‘Kiss your Sister’ game next week.  The Habs and the Flyers will square off this week to determine who will face off against the Islanders for Bronze or who will book their golf tee times early.  A Flyers win or tie will give them that last spot, a Habs win after a 14 game losing streak will put them in against the Islanders.

So thats the poops and scoops boys.  This weeks games will be played Sunday, April 12 at Port Credit arena.  The early game at 8:00pm will see a preview of our Gold medal game as the Oilers will try and send a message to the Bruins.  The big game will go at 9:15 as the Flyers and Habs will face off and try and end the other guys season.  Islanders will be off and scouting the 2nd game in preparation of their Bronze medal journey.

Reminder to hand in your sweater and socks once you have played your last game.  Also to bring in your applications and $50 deposits to secure a spot for next year.  If you know you will not be returning please let us know.  Any PUMP receipts please give to Jeff Kostick.

Good luck the rest of the way and see you all on the ice!

Happy Easter

Wishing you and all of yours a Happy Easter!

easter hockey

PCOHL Playoffs Round 3 Recap


A mid week special for us this week as we completed our 3rd round of playoff games.

Early tilt between the Oilers and the Islanders.  Oilers score 3 times in the opening period and the Islanders get 1.  The 2nd frame finished 2-2 and the Oilers held a 5-3 lead with 15 minutes to go.  Oilers make it 6-3 early in the 3rd as the Islanders get 2 late goals making this a bit tense for the top seed but they held off the pesky Islanders for a 6-5 win.  Oilers went 2-4 on the PP and Islanders were 0-0.  Oilers got 2 goals from Randa and singles from Baratta, Leenaars, Burke and Cosnetino.  Islanders goals 2 each for Annan and Dupal and a single from Carlisle.  Players of the Game were awarded to Oilers Tim Randa and Islanders John Annan.

Late game between the Bruins and the Flyers.  Flyers with 9 skaters for this match.  Flyers much stronger in the opening period as they out score the Bruins 2-1.  Bruins score the only 2 goals in the 2nd taking a 3-2 lead after 2.  It was all Bruins in the final frame as they score 3 times for a final victory of 6-2.  Bruins go 0-1 on the PP and Flyers 0-0.  Bruins get a hat trick from little guy Flumerfelt and singles from Nelson, Harty and rookie Sharp with his 3rd in the playoffs.  Flyers scorers were Cummings and Tygesen.  Players of the Game Bruins Robin Flumerfelt and Flyers Scott McCallum.

So here are the poops and scoops with 2 nights and 4 games left in our round robin playoffs.  Bruins and Oilers will be playing Championship Night, but still to be determined if they will go in the big game or the Kiss your Sister tilt.  Flyers, Islanders and Habs all still have a shot in playing Championship Night.  Islanders are the only team that cannot make the Gold medal game and a win against Montreal on Monday night will get them into the Bronze game.  Flyers and even the lowly Habs still have a shot at both the Gold game and the Bronze game as well as both could be eliminated.  If Oilers beat the Flyers monday night in the early match then our Gold medal game is set as the oilers will play the Bruins back to back games and will be locks for the Gold match.  Habs win out and Flyers beat the Oilers and Bruins beat the Oilers the last week then we would have the Bruins in the Gold game and 3 teams tied for 2nd, highest +/- would have a shot at Gold.  So bottom line still much to play for in our final 2 nights and 4 games of round robin playoffs.  Can you feel the excitement????

Next games goes Monday, April 6 at Port Credit arena.  7:45 Oilers play the Flyers.  9:00 Habs face off against the Islanders.  Bruins get the week off.

Good luck to all teams and see you all on the ice!

PCOHL Playoff Facts


Some fun facts from our history.

In 27 seasons the 1st place regular season champs have won 12 Playoff Championships, thats a 37% success rate.

In the last 13 years of detailed stats, we will call that our modern era, here is some other interesting facts.

1st place regular season team has played in the gold medal game 11 times and won 5.

2nd place regular season team has played in 6 gold medal games and won 4 times.

3rd place regular season team has played in 4 gold medal games and won 2 times.

4th place regular season team has played in 3 gold medal games and won 1 time.

5th place regular season team has played in 2 gold medal games and won 1 time, that would be last years Flyers.

Its never over until its over, thats why we have to play the games.