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Week 2 Playoff Recap

Sunday night we played our week 2 playoff round robin games.  The early tilt between the well rested record breaking Fins vs the newly rejuvenated 5th seed Canada playing off their big big Poland crush game in week 1.  Swedens Gord Ide filling in for the absent Rsipoli for the Fins looking to pay them back for Rispoli’s big game for Sweden the previous week.  Finland scores 2 unanswered goals in the 1st.  Finland stepped on the gas in the 2nd period out scoring the Canucks 4-1 with a solid 6-1 lead after 2.  Finland continued to show the league they are for real and out scored the Canucks 2-1 in the final frame for a dominating 8-2 win their first in the playoffs and now on a 6 game win streak.  David Thompson and Bryon Wright score for Canada.  Finland got 2 goals from Joel May and Marcelo Diluzio and singles from Joe Cosentino, John Annan, Brian Spence and the game winner from Kevin Nicholson.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP and Canada was 0-1.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s Leo Brideau.



Handsome devil!!!!!!

And for the Fin’s a return favour from fill in backstop Gordie Ide.

Gord Ide.SWE

Is that equipment legal size????  Oh Gordie is just big!!!

The late game was an absolute beauty.  Both Poland and USA desperately needing some points after opening week losses and not being the only team to not play Championship night.  Both squads score single markers in the opening frame.  The 2nd period was taken over by the goalies as McCallum and Senkowski (wanna be Polock) were outstanding.  Much more of the same thing in the final frame as neither team could solve either goalie and this one ended as a tie. 1-1.  For our league to finish 1-1 is pretty special.  Alan Robb scored for Poland and Dan Barrett for the Americans.  Both squads went 0-2 on the PP.  Players of the game went to Polands Scottie McCallum.



And for the Americans Mr. Art Senkowski.


So 3 teams with 2 points and 2 teams with 1 point.  Looks like we will go right down to the final week of round robin games.

This week we are back on for Friday, March 31, 2017.  BUT note earlier times.  At 7:15 pm Finland will face off with USA.  And at 8:30 pm Sweden will do battle with Poland.  Canada gets the week off.

Updated applications were sent out last week via email to each of you and/or you can print it off our web site as well.  Please fill out and hand in to Gary Julius, any Exec or your team reps, with your $50 deposit to secure your spot for next season.  All Apps and money goes to Sal Guerra on Finland.

See you all on the ice boys!!!!

Week 1 Playoffs Recap



Our Playoffs first round robin games is in the books, our St Patty’s day special last Friday.  Some of the boys really got into it.

Version 2 IMG_4315 (1)


A Polock who thinks he is Irish.  Things that make you go mmmmm.  And Jimmy, where did he find that coconut.  Why didn’t Leo wear his green hockey pants???

OK so our first round games were exact repeats of the previous weeks last regular season games.  First off 5th seed Canada vs 2nd seed Poland.   Poland had a 3-1-1 record vs Canada in the reg season and put a whoop ass on them in their last game just 7 days earlier, 8-2.  Las Vegas had this game as a blow out as the Polocks were hot going into the playoffs.  Well well well, the sand baggers (that would be the Canucks) out scored the Poles 5-1 in the opening frame.  The Kolbasa loving Poles did not know what hit them.  Things settled down in the 2nd frame as both squads scored once with Canada leading 6-2 with a period to go.  Canada did not let up and scored 3 unanswered goals in the final frame for a stunning 9-2 win.  WTF????   Canada who finished the season with 10 points, just 1 more than last years 5th seed Habs who shocked the world and made it to the Gold game.  Canada is well on its way to repeat what the Habs did last year.  My oh my.  Barbosa and McCormick scored for the Poles.  Canada got 2 goals from Mike Kidd and Gary Julius (what? DAD scored twice on Scotty?????)  singles from Brideau, Harty, Dupal, Barkin and Wright.  Both teams went 0-0 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to Poland’s Paul Barbosa.




And for the Canuckle Heads the ageless, 2nd oldest member, Gary DAD Julius Team Canada’s sponsor.

Gary Julius - Canada


The late game was a beauty between Sweden and USA.  The 3rd seed vs the 4th seed.  Sweden won the season series 3-2 but got shellacked by the Americans the week before 7-2.  Sweden with just 9 skaters for their opening match missing their top forward and other key players.  Things did not look good for the Swedes for this one.  USA Mihalic doned the Croatian green outfit to try and throw off the nordic boys.  Finland goalie Rispoli filling in again for the Swedes absent backstop was mentally prepared for another 80 shot barrage as he faced the previous week.  Sweden scored the lone goal in the 1st period and Rispoli must have eaten some green pasta fazoo because he was amazing stoping every American shooter.  The 2nd frame was tighter than Joe Peacocks cheeks as both teams scored once with Sweden on top 2-1 after 2.  But the Swedes were tiring fast and hoping Rispoli could continue his magic.  USA tied up the game 3 minutes into the 3rd and then took the lead at the 8 minute mark.  Swedes were folding.  But no quit in these Swedes after a big save by Rispoli Sweden tied it up at 3’s with 5 minutes to go.  With the clock ticking and both Senkowski and Rispoli turning away all shooters Sweden found the back of the net on a re direct with 30 seconds on the clock.  A late empty netter for Sweden sealed the improbable win 5-3 for Sweden.  Great hockey game that was penalty free too.  Very nice.

USA got goals from Karabinis, Leenaars and Maguire.  Sweden got 4 goals from Rukavina and a single from Freeman, who by the way is our oldest member in the league.  He scored a beauty back hand upstairs, not bad for a 70 year old.  Players of the Game went to USA Robert Leenaars.



And for Sweden it was an easy choice, Frank Rispoli who almost single handedly won this game.


So 2 upsets for sure and from here on in all games will be at earlier times and a few day changes too BUT all games will be at Port Credit arena.  This week there will be NO GAMES Friday, March 24, 2017.  Next Playoff games will go Sunday, March 26, 2017 at Port Credit arena.  The early game has a 7:45 pm start time and will feature our top seed Finland vs the ‘Shock the World, Sandbaggers’ Canada.  The late game has a puck drop at 9:00 pm and its a big one, Poland vs USA looking for their first win.  Sweden gets the week off.  Let your team reps know if you will be absent.

See you all on the ice Boys!!!

Week 25 Recap

Our regular season has come to an end last week or as some of you state our pre season haha.

The early match featured the high flying Polocks vs Canada (the sand baggers) playing without their top 2 forwards.  1-1 after the 1st period.  3-1 for Poland making it a 4-2 hockey game.  All Poland in the final frame as they score 3 times for a 7-2 victory.  Poland goes 2-2 on the PP and Canada 0-1.  Canada gets goals from Ron Chantaj and the ageless Gary Julius.  Poland gets 2 goals from Frank Nweisser and singles from Barbosa, Coffin, Byer, McCormick and Flumerfelt.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s Mike Kidd.


And the crazy Polock goes to Steve Sparrow returning after a long injury.

POG Steve Sparrowski

nice…looks like he sells sausages by the skydome.

Late game between Sweden and the USA.  All Donald Trump in the 1st 3-0 USA.  More of the same in the 2nd as USA out score the nordic squad 3-1 for a 6-1 lead after 2.  Americans continued their dominance in the 3rd out scoring the Swedes 2-1 for a final victory of 8-2.  Both squads went 0-0 on the PP.  Swedes get goals from Cormier and Thomas.  USA gets 2 goals from McKean and singles from Mihalic, Karabinis, Maguire, Rundle, Russell (with a big celebration woohoo) and Carlisle.  Players of the Game goes to USA Art Senkowski.


And to Sweden they initially give it to fill in goalie Frank Rispoli who told the media that he hasn’t faced that many shots all year with Finland.


But then changed it in the dressing room to Billy Lott when we discovered he high sticked his own team mate during the game.

Lottand Burke

Awww Mr. Brian Burke, the man with the nicest feet in the league.


Namaste Mr. Burke, namaste.

So we are done our 30th regular season.  A few congrats are in order.

USA Dan Barrett wins the Art Ross for leading scorer this season with 38 points.  A 5 assist night in his last game passed Finlands Diluzio for the trophy.


Finlands Frank Rispoli wins the Vezina with a league best 3.00 goals against average 4th best in history.


And Polands Robin Flumerfelt wins the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals scored with 20.  He was also 1st in PP goals with 3 and 2nd best in game winning goals with 3.  Robin also took home the non celebrated John Sparrow belt for most penalty minutes with a whopping 16 to lead the league.  mmmmm lawyers????


Only a mug a mother can love.

And easily the scariest individual pic I took the last few weeks has to go to this guy.



Finland finishes on top as our #1 playoff seed with a 34 point season and with their 16 wins they now break a record held since 2002-03 season that the Green team has held in both those categories.

Also 4 teams all broke the team record of penalty minutes in a single season which was 46.  Finland, Sweden, Canada and the USA were all less than that record.  Only Poland did not match it.  Our lowest total penalty minutes ever in history, congrats lads.

Poland finishes 2nd and may be heading for a dual with Finland in the Championship game if Las Vegas odds makers are correct.  Sweden finishes 3rd, USA 4th and our last place team Canada finishes 5th.  Canada had 1 more point than last years 5th seed Montreal who went on to play in the Gold medal game last year.  Canada is looking to repeat that this season.

Our playoffs begin this week.  Friday, March 17 we will get a repeat of last weeks games.  9:15 Canada will open their playoffs against Poland and at 10:30 Sweden will do battle with the USA.  Top seed Finland earns the march break off night.

See you all on the ice boys and good luck to all 5 teams.



Week 24 Recap

OK last weeks recap, 2nd last week of regular (pre season) games.

Early game between Sweden and Canada.  2-1 for the Swedes after the opening frame.  Canada scores 2 unanswered markers in the 2nd to take a 3-2 lead after 2.  Canada goes on top 4-2 with an early 3rd period goal. Sweden battles back and makes it 4-3 with 2:30 left on the clock.  Sweden pulls its goalie and presses and ties up the game 4-4 with 36 seconds left and thats how this one ends. 4-4 tie.  Canada went 0-1 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  Canada gets 2 goals from sophomore Denis Derosiers and singles from Jay Cummings and Bryon Wright.  Sweden gets a hat trick from Joe Peacock and a single from Patty Sharp.  Players of the game goes to Canada’s #5 Denis Derosiers with a 3 point night.


And Swedens Player of the Game, breaking a long streak of Moe, goes to #7 smiling Joe Peacock with a 4 point night.


The one on the right is for all the PCOHL wives who sometimes check out our website…your welcome!

Late game between Finland and Poland our top 2 seeds and maybe a Championship preview.  Poland missing most of their big guns for this one and both teams already are set for their playoff schedule.  All Finlandia in the 1st period as they score 3 times.  Finland gets the lone goal in the 2nd taking a 4-0 lead into the final frame.  Poland breaks McCallums shut out bid with a late goal and this one finishes 4-1 for Finland.  The Fins went 0-1 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Poland lone goal from Brent Byer and Finland gets 2 goals from John Annan and singles from Joel May and Brian Spence.  No Flumerfelt in this one so no crazy Poland pics for you to enjoy.  Players of the Game goes to Finlands John Annan with a 3 point night.


And POG for Poland goes to #1 Scottie McCallum.


So with the Canada tie all of our Playoff teams are now confirmed.  USA will take the 4th seed and Canada will take the 5th seed.  That means this weeks games, Friday, March 10, our last night of the regular season will be 9:15 Canada vs Poland and 10:30 Sweden vs USA.  The exact same teams will meet the following week March 17 as our opening night of playoff round robin begins.  Same times same teams.  #1 seed Finland will be off for 2 weeks to prepare for their Championship run.  So some interesting battles over the next 2 weeks.

Individual picture taking went very well last week.  Will continue to take them this week.  All of team USA is needed.  Still need Brideau, Wright, Chantaj and Dawe from Canada.  Murray Barrett from Finland.  Burke, Chamberlain and Riddell from Sweden.  Flumerfelt, Tygesen, Robb and Sparrow from Poland.   Thanks for your patience.

See you all on the ice and remember we are a beer league!

Playoff Schedule has been confirmed by the City

Boys attached is our playoff schedule now confirmed by the City.  The only outstanding matter is between Canada and USA and who will finish 4th and 5th.  We have posted the updated schedule under Events.  Finland, Poland and Sweden are set.  Please note different times and we lost 2 Friday nights and have picked up 2 Sunday nights.  All games will take place at Port Credit arena.