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Week 23 Recap

Last weeks games recap.

Early game between USA and Poland was a nail biter.  USA playing with only 9 skaters in this one.  Poland end the 1st on top 2-1.  Both teams score twice in the 2nd for a Poland 4-3 lead.  More of the same in the final frame as both score twice but Poland holds on to a 6-5 victory over a tired American team.  Nice game.  Poland went 1-1 on the PP USA was 0-0.  USA gets 2 goals from Tim Randa and 2 goals from Rob McKean.  A single from Dan Barrett.  Poland gets singles from Brent Byer, Pat McCormick, Alan Robb, Robin Flumerfelt, Frank Nweisser and Paul Barbosa.  Players of the Game goes to USA #5 Dan Barrett and to Poland #11 Dwayne Tygesen.  Another yikes moment….

POG Dwane Tygesenski (1)

With the Poland victory they secure the #2 seed for the playoff schedule. Nicely done Polocks!!!!  And with the USA loss Sweden locks into the #3 seed for the playoff run.

Late game between Finland and a depleted Canadian squad.  A feisty effort from the Canadians in this one against the top team in our loop this season.  Finland scores twice in the 1st and once in the 2nd for a 3-0 lead after 2 periods.  Canada makes it a game early in the 3rd but thats how this one finished.  Finland 3-1 victory.  Finland gets 2 goals from Johnny Annan and a single from league leader Marcello Diluzio.  Canada gets its lone goal from temp fill in Moe Connell.  Finland went 1-2 on the PP and Canada was 0-0.  Players of the Game went to Finlands #8 John Annan and to Canada it goes to #2 Gerry Boudens.

This weeks games goes Friday March 3.  Early game at 9:15 will feature Sweden vs Canada.  10:30 game will show case Finland vs Poland, maybe a preview of our Championship game mmmmmm.  USA gets the week off.  So our top 3 seeds are now set.  USA has a 3 point lead on Canada for the 4th seed but only have one game left as Canada has 2 so still needs to be decided.

See you all on the ice boys!


Very funny mens league rant…enjoy

Week 22 Recap

Last weeks games recap as follows.

Early match between Finland and USA.  All light blue in the opening frame as the Fin’s take a 3-0 lead into the 2nd.  USA have a stronger period in the 2nd and out score the Fins 2-1.  Fins still on top 4-2 with 15 minutes to go.  The Americans score 2 goals in the first 57 seconds of the 3rd to tie up the surprised Fin’s.  Finland go back on top 5-4 a minute later but the Americans tie it up again just under 9 minutes to go.  Finland go back on top 6-5 with 7 minutes to go and score an empty netter to victory 7-5.  Great hockey game.  Finland went 1-3 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  Finland got 2 goals from league leader Marcelo Diluzio, and singles from Murray Barrett (the better looking brother), Steve Ferrin, Sal Guerra, Dr. Joel May and Joe Cosentino.  American goals, 2 from Rob Leenaars and singles from Murray Russell, Jimmy Maguire and Tim Rundle.  Players of the Game goes to Finlands #15 Joel May and from the USA #19 Rob Leenaars.

Late game between the #2 and #3 seeds Poland and Sweden.  Strong opening period as both teams only manage a goal each.  The 2nd period saw the Poles go off on the Swedes like a fat kid on a smartie as they score 6 times to Swedes single goal taking a commanding 7-2 lead.  The final frame saw the Swedes out score the Polocks 2-1 but the fat lady was already well into her song as the Polocks win 8-4.  Poland went 1-1 on the PP and Sweden was 0-1.  Poland got hat tricks from Alan Robb and Robin Flumerfelt and 2 goals from Patrick McCormick.  Sweden got 2 goals from the always smiling Joey Peacock and singles from Moe Connell and Ron Cormier.  Ron was a bit discumbongulated as both his regular amazing feet lineman Burke was away and his regular Friday night ride Gordie Ide was away, a lost puppy.  Players of the game went to Swedens #10 Moe Connell continuing his outstanding play and the long time owner of the horned head gear.



And for the Polocks we continue to struggle with these images but hey something to show your co workers.  #6 Gordon Manning….nice.

2017-02-17 23.50.04











So this week February 24 at 9:15 USA will do battle with Poland and at 10:30 Finland will face off against Canada.  Sweden gets the week off and will go to the spa.

So here is still what is up for the remainder of the last 3 weeks.  Finland has locked the #1 seed.  Poland needs 2 points in its last 3 games to secure the 2nd seed.  Sweden needs to win its last 2 games and get help against Poland to get the #2 seed but have locked the #3 seed with the USA loss last week.  USA and Canada are still battling for the 4th and 5th seeds with the USA holding a 3 point lead on Canada.  But the Canadians have an extra game in hand.

See you all on the ice and remember we are a Beer League, take it easy!

Week 21 Recap

Ok our final round of regular season games took place last Friday.

Early tilt between the top seeded Fins and 3rd place Sweden.  This Nordic rivalry was a good one.

All Finland in the 1st period as they out score the Swedes 3-1.  Fins jump out in front 5-2 early through the 2nd but the Swedes bounce back and close out the 2nd period all tied up at 6’s.  The final frame was intense the Swedes took 3 minor penalties.  Fins score at just under 8 minutes to go and thats how this one finished Fins 7 Swedes 6.  Swedes hit the post in the dieing seconds.  Fins got 4 goals from Marcelo Diluzio and singles from Kevin Nicholson, Brian Spence and Enzo Ianno.  Swedes got 2 goals from Moe Connell, Moe with a 4 point night.  Singles from Tony Thomas, Mike Rukavina, Ian Chamberlain and Brian Burke with the big celebration!!!!   Swedes went 1-3 on the PP and Finland was 0-3.  Players of the Game went to Finlands Marcelo Diluzio and a no brainer for the Swedes once again Moe Connell.


Swedes brought out their First Aid Kit and it seemed like they rushed the hand shakes to get back into their room.  We are all getting old.

first aid kit

Patty your re the best Team Rep ever!!!

Late game between Canada and USA.  Both squads experiencing middle body injuries needed outside help to get to their 10 skater minimums.  Canada out scored the Americans 2-1 in the 1st.  All USA in the 2nd as they score 4 unanswered goals taking a 5-2 lead into the final frame.  Both squads scored 2 goals each in the 3rd for a final USA victory of 7-4.  USA went 0-1 on the PP and Canada was 0-0.  Canada gets a hat trick from sophomore David Thompson and and a single from Jay Cummings.  USA got 3 goals from fill in Steve MacDougall, 2 gaols from Jimmy Maguire and singles from Tim Randa and Jeff Kostick.  Players of the game went to Canada’s David Thompson and USA Jimmy Maguire.

This weeks games go Friday, February 17.  9:15 USA will do battle with Finland and at 10:30 Sweden has a big game against Poland as they both chase the 2nd seed for the playoffs.  Canada gets the week off.

See you all on the ice boys!

Maybe a new Fundraiser???

Week 20 End of Round 4 Recap


Last week we ended our 4th round of regular season play, or as Leo states our pre season.  Early tilt between Sweden and USA was a tight battle.  Sweden scores the lone goal of the opening frame.  USA score twice in the 2nd as do the Swedes as the nordic boys take a 3-2 lead into the final period.  USA tie it up at 3’s at 11:18 and then take the lead 4-3 mid way through the 3rd.  The Swedes tie up the game with 4 minutes left to play.  Swedes press and score at 1:52 as Joe Peacock bumps linemate Sharp off the puck and moves in with a goal.  Patty gives Joe a ‘what was that’ look.  Joe just looked at him and said ‘3 TIMES!!!!!’   The Americans pull their goalie and press but Swedes star Moe Connell scores in the empty net to close this one out with a 6-4 victory.  Good hockey game!  Swedes get 2 goals each from Moe Connell and Joe Peacock and singles from Rukavina and Cormier, Gordies chauffeur.  USA get goals from Rundle, Leenaars, Maguire and Russell.  USA go 2-4 on the PP and Sweden was 0-0.  Players of the game goes to USA #1 Art Senkowski with a solid game between the pipes keeping this one close all game.  Sweden POG goes to their big bad stud Moe Connell for the 6th week in a row.  Dude is on a roll.



Late game between Poland and Canada was also a good one.  Both teams playing without many key players in this one.  1-1 after the opening frame.  Both squads score once again in the 2nd but Poland score in the last 70 seconds in the 2nd taking a 3-2 lead after 2 periods.  Poland outscores Canada in the final frame 3-2 for a final victory of 6-4.  Polands backstop McCallum kept his Polocks in this one as Canada was clearly the dominant team in the 3rd.  Canada went 1-2 on the PP and Poland was 0-0.  Poland got goals from Nweisser, Tygesen, McCormick, Young and 2 big goals from temp fill in Sal Guerra.  Canada gets a hat trick from Leo Brideau and a single from Bryon Wright.  Poland Robin Flumerfelt who is on rehab for penalties ended his 225 minute penalty free streak with a holding minor in the 2nd period.  He will have to return his coin and start from the beginning again, poor guy.  Players of the Game was awarded to Canada’s #4 Billy Dawe and Poland gives it to their fill in dude Sal Guerra who posed proudly with his partner the Commish, not that there is anything wrong with that.  I think Sal secretly wants to be a Polish Italian.  mmmmmmmm  I don’t want her you can have her she’s too fat for me, she’s too fat for me hey!!!!!



Ok so round 4 done and we all have played 16 games and 1 more round of regular season games to go.  Finland has locked the number 1 seed for the playoffs.  Poland and Sweden looks like they will battle it out for 2nd and 3rd.  The USA still have a shot for 3rd, 4th and possibly the 5th seed.  Canada will play out the season with the 4th or 5th seed available for them.   Finland and Poland lead the league with 78 goals for and the Fins have the best goals against mark with 47, 13 better than 2nd best Sweden.  Poland leads the league with 52 penalty minutes and spend the most time with Brenda.  USA have the lowest penalty minutes with 28.  USA’s Dan Barrett and Rob McKean lead the league in scoring.  Swedens Patty Sharp and Polands Flumerfelt lead the league in goals scored with 15, can one of them hit the magic 20 goal mark this season???  Dan Barrett is running away with the assists lead with 22, truly unselfish player who can give Joe some lessons.  And Polands Flumerfelt has the Johnny Sparrow belt in his sights with 16 minutes in the box.

So a couple of things.  We have a playoff schedule confirmed.  It is posted under Events 2017 Playoff schedule and also under the Team stats after the reg season schedule.  Check it out as we will play all games at Port Credit arena but lose 2 Friday nights in our playoffs and will play Sunday night to make those up.  Also all times are earlier than we normally play.  Finland is already set with the #1 seed.

This week we kick off our 5th round of regular season games on Friday, February 10, 2017 our Valentines Day Joe Peacock Lovers Night Special. 9:15 pm Sweden will face off against Finland.  And at 10:30 pm USA will battle their arch rivals Canada.  Poland gets the Lovers Night off to spend with their better halves and for the Polocks that could mean making sausages all night hahaha.

See you all on the ice lads and remember keep your sticks down and your mouths closed and enjoy the game and the dressing room banter.

Super Bowl Squares Winners

Oh my what a super bowl.  That Lady Gaga is something else eh?

Ok here are the big winners last night from our annual PCOHL Super Bowl Pool.

1st Quarter winner of $50 goes to Canada’s Tom Marshall. (0-0)

Halftime score winner of $100 goes to USA Jim Maguire. (3-1)

3rd Quarter winner of $50 goes to Finlands Steve Ferrin.  (9-8)

And the big winner of the final score of $300 goes to Finlands Marcelo Diluzio.  (4-8)

Thanks to John Annan for printing out the sheet and to Mark Plewes and Scott McCallum for selling the squares.