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Week 6 Recap Start of Round 2

OK our start to our 2nd round is in the books.  Winless Canada faced off against the 2 and 2 Americans.  All Canada is the opening period as they score the only 2 goals in the 1st.  Crazy stuff in the 2nd as Canada scores 1st to take a 3-0 lead.  The Americans then score 3 goals in 3 minutes to tie up the match.  Canada then scores 3 times late int he 2nd taking a 6-3 lead but the Americans score twice in the last minute of the 2nd trailing 6-5 at the end of the 2nd period.  Exhale please.  USA ties up the game at 6’s in the first 2 minutes of the 3rd.  Canada scores 30 seconds later to take back the lead.  USA then scores 3 unanswered taking a 9-7 lead in this one with 4 minutes to go and their first lead of the game.  Canada makes it 9-8 late in the 3rd and then pull their backstop in the last minute and score with 17 seconds left on the clock to tie up the game 9-9 and earn their first point of the season.  Canada Jay Cummings the hero scoring that late goal was carried off the ice.  Penalty free game, nice!!!!!   The 18 total goals was only 2 off our league record of 20 in one game back from 2005.  USA goal scorers, 2 goals each from Jim Maguire, Rob McKean and Rob Leenaars and singles from Tony Carlisle, Tim Randa and Harve Mihalic.  American Player of the Game went to #19 Rob Leenaars.  Canada goals, a hat trick from sophomore Denis Desrosiers, 2 goals from Leo Brideau and from Jay Cummings (both their firsts of the season, finally!!!!) and singles from Mike Kidd and Jeffery Barkin.  Canada’s has joined Sweden in celebrating their Player of the Game with a special hat and here is their winner, #5 Denis Desrosiers.



Thats a nice can of Coca-Cola Denis.

Late game was a showdown for top spot as both 3 and 1 Sweden faced off against Finland.  Finland gets the only 2 goals in the opening frame.  Finland then jumps out front 4-0 in the 2nd period as Sweden finally gets on board in the very late part of the 2nd period.  Tough battle in this one as it felt like a playoff game.  Both backstops playing very well.  Sweden gets 2 goals late in the the 3rd making it a 4-3 game with just over 3 minutes to go.  But the Finns close this one out with a late goal and a final victory of 5-3.  Good hockey game.  Sweden went 0-2 on the PP and Finland was 1-2.  Sweden got goals from Bruce Freeman, Patrick Sharp and Neil Kelly.  Finn goal scorers 2 from Steve Ferrin and singles from Eric Fletcher, league leader, Enzo Ianno and Joe Cosentino who also had a few posts on the night.  Finlands Player of the Game went to #7 Steve Ferrin.  Sweden honoured #9 Bruce Freeman, our oldest member or maybe after bringing this baby home may be our youngest.



Now you see Peacock sitting beside Bruce and he had the Nordic head dress all last week.  He told Bruce to make sure he disinfects the hat very well before putting it on.  Bruce disregarding that advice and put the hat right on, Joe was shocked and just got dressed and left.  Mmmmmmmm.

Ok this weeks games goes Friday, November 4 at 9:15 pm Poland plays Sweden.  And at 10:30 pm Finland will face off against the USA who is the only team to have beaten Finland this season so far.  Canada gets the week off and Denis can take that fury thing on his head to Montreal and attach a visor and fill it with poutine.

See you all on the ice boys!

Week 5 Recap End of Round 1

Round 1 is in the books and all 5 teams have played each other once.

Last weeks game recaps as follows.

Early game saw the Polocks face off against the Canadians.  Poland out score the Canucks 2 to 1 after the 1st period.  Deja vu for the 2nd frame as Poland takes a 4 to 2 lead.  And once again the exact same production in the final period for a Poland victory of 6 to 3.  Canada goes 0 for 2 on the PP.  Poland gets a hat trick from Robin Flumerfeltski, 2 goals from Alan Robbski and a single from Pat McCormickski.  Canada gets 2 goals from Ronald Chantaj and a single from Billy Dawe.  Players of the Game went to Polands Flumerfelt and to Canada’s Ron Chantaj.

Late game between Sweden and USA was a tight one and a barn burner.  USA scored the only goal in the 1st period dieing seconds.  Sweden tied up the game at 10:51 of the 2nd but the Americans took back the lead late in the period.  The final period saw Sweden get 2 goals 20 seconds apart on one shift and thats how this puppy finished.  Sweden 3 USA 2.  Good hockey game.  USA went 1-1 on the PP.  Jim Maguire and Tim Randa scored for the US and Sweden got singles from Rukavina, Sharp and Peacock.  Players of the Game went to USA fill in goalie Mike Jende and to the Swedes #7 Joe Peacock.



Joe gets to take home the Swedes Player of the Game hat and you could see the excitement in his eyes as he called his loved one and told her to stay up after the game.

After one round Sweden and Finland tops in the league with 3 and 1 records followed closely by the Polocks and Americans with 2 and 2 records.  Team Canada, Sandbaggers, sit at 0 and 4 after the opening round.  Gordie Ide leads the league with a stellar 2.25 GA average.  Alan Robb and Danny Barrett tops in scoring with 9 points.  Fletcher and Peacock lead the league with 2 game winning goals each and Tony Thomas sits on top of the penalty minutes John Sparrow crown with 6.  Finland and Poland have scored the most goals for with 21 in 4 games and Canada sits at the bottom with only 8.

Round 2 begins this Friday, October 28, our Spooky Special, with the early game puck drop of 9:15 as Canada does battle with their rivals USA.  The late game at 10:30 will show case our top 2 teams Sweden and Finland.  Poland get the Halloween weekend off to spend time making their own costumes, mmmmm.

See you all on the ice!


Week 4 Recap

Recap of last weeks games.

Early match between Finland and Poland.  Great game between these 2 rivals.  Both squads score lone goals in the opening period.  Poland gets the only marker in the 2nd taking a 2-1 lead into the final frame.  3 early goals from the Fin’s gives them a 4-2 lead.  Poland makes it 4-3 at the mid way mark but Finland responds with 2 goals in 30 seconds just after the Polish goal.  Poland scores twice to make it a 6-5 Finnish lead and they pull their goalie but the Fin’s close this one out with an empty netter and a final victory of 7 to 5.  Both teams went 0-1 on the PP.  Finnish goals 2 from Cosentino and singles from Waters, Ferrin, Diluzio, Steve Kostick and Ianno.  Poland gets 2 goals from Coffinski (the newfie Pollock) and singles from Manningski, Kuzniewski, and Tygesenski.  The press congratulated Eddie the Poland Leader for his game winning goal the previous week and he stated he did NOT score.  Even the referee’s love Eddie so much they give him goals even if he is on the bench.   Players of the Game went to Polands Kenny Coffin with a 4 point night and Finlands Joe Cosentino with a 3 point night.  The Fins move into top spot with the win and a 3 and 1 record and get this week off to rest.

Late tilt between Sweden and Canada.  Sweden’s backstop Gorde Ide their previous weeks Player of the Game was injured with a mid body, back side injury.  He stated something about vacuuming the house with no clothes and a slip and fall accidentally on his viking hat.  Could not walk for a week.  mmmmmmmm.   So Sweden called up USA goalie Art Senkowski for this one.  Arts agent is working the Polish management team to see if he can get traded to his home country.  Canada with a full squad for this one but it was all Sweden winning handily 7 to 0 as fill in Art stood on his head and collected a shut out that Gordie Ide will carry in the stats column.  Both teams went 0-2 on the PP.  Sweden goal scorers, 2 for Peacock and singles for Freeman, Sharp, Rukavina, Connell and Thomas.  Players of the Game went to Canada’s #4 Billy Dawe and obviously Sweden goalie fill in Art Senkowski.  A shut out ion this league is huge.



Art do not vacuum the house naked with this hat on!!!!!!

Ok this weeks games go October 21.  9:15 the 0 and 3 Canadians will face off against the 1 and 2 Polocks.  At 10:30 both 2 and 1 Sweden will battle with USA.  Top team Finland gets the week off.

See you all on the ice and remember keep the drinks to after the game not before.


Week 3 Recap

Sorry for the delay boys.

OK Our Turkey Classic last week.

Opening game with the undefeated 2 and 0 USA playing the winless best looking team Poland.  The Polocks opened the first period with fire out scoring the Americans 3 to 1.  The red white and blue boys between periods shouted at each other on their bench saying “Boys this is Poland, wake up!!!!”  Well the Polocks continued to play well and out scored the Americans 3-2 in the 2nd for a 6 -3 lead.  The final period saw the only marker scored by Poland for their first international victory EVER 7 to 3. POLAND WINS, POLAND WINS!!!!!!    My oh my and guess what?????   Eddie the Polack, team captain, scored the winning goal, what???  Is that correct or did the Polocks switch sweaters?   7 different Polocks scored in this one, Robb, Kuzniewski, Barbosa, Tygesen, Flumerfelt, Young and McCormick.  USA goals came from McKean, Russell and Rundle.  USA went 0-1 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to USA #5 Dan Barrett and for Poland it went to #2 Brent Byer.  No offence to Byer BUT why not Eddie????  Donald Trump called into the PCOHL office and said that the game was referreed with great bias against the Americans and believes that Poland should never have even been in this game.  But he also mentioned that he respects and admires all Polish girls across the world.  MMMMMMM.

Ok late game between Canada and Finland (who really should be Italia).  Finland scores the lone goal in the opening frame.  Both squads get 2 goals in the 2nd period.  It was all Finland in the final frame as they out score Canada 4-0 for a final victory of 7 to 2.  Finnish backstop Rispoli was a way and Mike Jende was called up from the farm team and boy oh boy I hear the little man stood on his head, especially against Canada stud Brideau.  Finland got 2 goals from both Eric Fletcher (on fire so far) and Cosentino and singles from Dr. May, Ferrin and Diluzio.  Canada got goals from Thompson and Harty.  Finland went 1-1 on the PP.  Players of the Game went to Finland call up Mike Jende and Canada’s Bryon Wright.

This weeks games on October 14 are as follows: 9:15 the rested Swedes face off against Canada and at 10:30 Finland will do battle with Poland.  USA get the week off.

See you all on the ice!!!

Just a friendly note boys if you are enjoying many beverages during the day please be responsible when you come out to play, best NOT to dress and protect yourselves and anyone else in the league.  Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing each and everyone of you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving.  We all have much to be thankful for and on behalf of the Exec we wish you all the best.  Enjoy your time off and see you all on the ice!!


Week 2 Recap

Week 2 in the books.

Early game between our 2 undefeated teams USA and Finland.  Both squads score single markers after the opening frame.  USA score the lone goal late in the 2nd period taking a 2 to 1 lead into the final period.  USA out score the Fins 3-2 in the 3rd period for a final victory and score of 5 to 3.  Finland went 0-1 on the PP.  Finland got 2 goals from Tim Rundle and singles from Karabinis, Carlisle and Randa.  Finland got 2 goals from John Annan and a single from fill in player Cummings.  Players of the Game went to both backstops Frank Rispoli for the Finns and Art Senkowski from the USA with back to back honours.

Late game between Sweden and the opening game for the much loved Poland squad.  Poland opens the scoring with a short handed goal and then took a 2-0 lead midway through the 1st period.  The Swedes get their bounce back scoring twice late in the 1st tieing it up at 2’s.  It was all Swedes in the 2nd frame as they score 4 times in 2 shifts really taking a 6-2 lead.  Poland made it 6-3 early in the 3rd but it was the Swedes night in ruining the Polocks debut as they score 2 more times late for a final 8-3 victory.  Poland went 0-2 on the PP and Sweden went 0-1.  Poland got goals from Alan Robb, Gordon Manning and Paul Barbosa.  Sweden got 8 single markers from Rinaldo, Peacock, Cormier, Lott, Rukavina, Burke, Chamberlain and Sharp.  Players of the Game went to Polands Eddie Kuzniewski (no surprise!!!!) and Sweden’s Gordie Ide



Oh boy!

This week features our Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving special on Friday, October 7, 2016.  At 9:15 USA takes their 2 and 0 record into Poland and the 10:30 game will feature Finland and the rested Team Canada.  Sweden gets the week off and Gordie gets to keep the hat an extra week, lucky Mrs. Gordie Ide I say.

See you all on the ice!