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Holiday Fundraiser

A very special thanks to Scott McCallum and Mark Plewes for running this Holiday Fundraiser.  Great job Boys!  Also a thank you to all the members who donated prizes.


Robin Chantaj was the BIG winner, winning the 50/50 Cash Prize of $650.  But please tell Robin’s wife that it was only $50.  Lots of other prizes went out and their were winners on every team.


League raised $650 that will go towards new sweaters that we are targeting to launch for our 30th season 2016-2017.


Again thank you Mark and Scottie!

Week 14 Recap


Last games of 2014 last night.  Early tilt between the Flyers and the Islanders.  The rested Islanders looked like the week off was exactly what the doctor ordered as they scored the opening 2 goals and looked sharp but with under a minute to go in the first period the Flyers score twice at 0:47 and 0:32.  That seemed to sack the Islanders right in the solar plexus (the champ!).  The 2nd period both teams played a trap system and neither could find the back of the twine.  Islanders took a 3-2 lead in the first minute of the 3rd but these Flyers fought back with the tiring goal at 9:24 and thats how this puppy finished, 3-3.  Flyers stay unbeaten in 6 and the Islanders get their first point in awhile.  Flyers went 0-3 on the PP and New York was 0-1.  Allan Robb gets 2 goals and Murray Barrett (the better looking one I think) gets his first of the season for the Islanders.  Tim ‘Runkle’ Rundle gets 2 goals for the Flyers and the Doctor, Joel May gets the other goal.  Players of the Game went to Islanders David Dupal and Scottie McCallum for the Flyers.

Late game between the Habs and the Oilers.  Oilers looked to bounce back after being shut out the previous week and they came to play taking a 2-0 lead after one period.  Habs maybe getting 2 shots on Rispoli in that opening frame.  Both teams scored once in the 2nd period for an Oiler lead 3-1 after 2.  Oilers did not give the Habs any room on this night and out scored them 2-1 in the 3rd for a final score of 5-2.  Habs went 0-2 on the PP and Oilers were 0-1.  Habs got goals from Sparrow and Ken ‘celebration’ Coffin.  Oilers got singles from Connell, Baratta, Mihalic, Burke and Daly.  Players of the Game went to Habs Art Stemkowski and Oilers Bill Daly.

So that will close out 2014 as we will have NO games next week.

On behalf of the Exec we want to extend our best wishes to all of our members and their families over the Holidays and wishing you all good health and happiness in 2015.

Cheers and enjoy your time off!

Week 13 Recap


2 good games last week and low scoring which is not a very common term for Friday night hockey at Port Credit.

Early game between the top 2 teams, Bruins and the Oilers tied for top spot and both teams with a win each against each other. 36 total minutes in penalties as Xmas is fast approaching and looks like the stress of the season wore on some of the boys. Bruins get the only goal in the first 2 periods. Gordie and Frankie standing tall at opposite ends of the pond. Bruins took a 2-0 lead at the 9 minute mark of the 3rd period and then got the clencher at 3:20. Final score 3-0 Bruins and the seasons very first and rare shut out for Gordie Ide. Well done as the Bruins take sole possession of best in the league. Both teams went 0-4 on the PP. Bruins got goals from McKean, Harty and Guerra. Players of the Game went to Gordie Ide for the Bruins and Harve Mihalic for the Oilers.

Late game between the soaring Flyers and the struggling Habs. Flyers playing short handed and missing a few top skaters looked good for the Habs. Flyers score the lone goal in the 1st period. Habs score the only 2 goals in the 2nd period taking a 2-1 lead into the final frame. Flyers tie it up at 9:24 then take the lead at 5:44 of the 3rd. Habs pushed but to no avail as Flyers score one more time for a final victory of 4-2. That was Flyers 5th straight win, longest win streak this season as they are red hot. Habs go 1-1 on the PP, Flyers were 0-0. Habs get goals from Kryslak and Lightowler. Flyers goal scorers were rookie Diluzio, Messenger, May and Ferrin. Players of the Game for the Habs goes to Al Lightowler and for the Flyers Marcello Diluzio.

OK so one more game left for 2014 this week, December 19. At 9:15 the Flyers will face off against the rested Islanders as the Flyers look for their 6th straight win. The 10:30 tilt will showcase the Habs and the Oilers who will look to rebound from their shut out loss last week. Bruins get the week off.

Plewes and McCallum will be around before the 1st game and just before the 2nd game selling our Holiday 50/50 draw tickets. The boys tell me they are up to 30+ prizes on top of the 50% CASH prize payout. Buy up some more tickets this Friday. They will be drawing all of the winners during the 2nd game just after puck drop in the arena somewhere and will try and hand out as many of the prizes as they can if the winners are at the arena. Good luck Boys!

See you all on the ice and remember keep your sticks on the ice, we are a just a Beer League!

Careful with RIDE please!

Weekly Update

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