Playoff Round Robin Kick Off

This week Friday, March 15 we will kick off our new season as we are all tied with 0 points each.  9:15 Canada vs USA and at 10:30 Poland vs Finland.  Sweden gets the week off.  Please note that all games are at Port Credit arena and the days and times will change from our regular season.  Schedule is posted on our website under Events.

A couple of friendly reminders for the playoffs.  No fill in players are allowed and your team needs a minimum of 7 skaters and a goalie for a game to be legit.  Please let your team reps know if you will be away.

Tie breaker rules for the round robin are as follows and in this order;

1)  If 2 teams are tied then head to head, if more than 2 teams are tied then go to #2.

2)  GF/GF+GA for total round robin games

3)  Least penalty minutes total round robin games

4)  Coin Toss

Goalie call up wasn’t really honoured last year so here is our rule.  If your goalie is away first call must go to the team that is OFF that week.  If that can not be filled then to either of the goalies that are playing that night in the other game.  If that is not available to our goalie call up list.

Good luck to all teams in your playoff runs this season.