Week 15 End of Round 3 Recap

Last games of 2019 and the end of our third round of reg season games.  Early game between Canada and Poland was not a goalie friendly match.  Canada out scores Poland 4-3 in the opening frame.  Poland explodes for 6 goals in the 2nd and the Canucks just get 1.  Poland on top 9-5 after 2.  Canada comes back with 3 straight unanswered goals in the 3rd making it a 9-8 game but they ran out of clock and Poland wins 9-8 final score.  Poland went 1-2 on the PP and Canada went 1-3 and scored short handed in this one.  Poland got 4 goals from Alan Robbitski, 2 goals from Frank Arrudaski and singles from Jim Maguireski, Brent Byerski and Joe Cosentinoski.  Canada got 4 goals from Paul Harty, 2 goals from Patty Sharp and singles from Rob McKean and Rick Gunther.  Players of the Game went to both #15’s Polands Alan Robb and Canada’s Paul Harty.

Late game between the top 2 teams Sweden and USA.  2-1 for the Swedes after one period.  2-1 for the Americans in the 2nd for a 3-3 tie after 2.  The final frame saw a very tired Swedish team run out of gas as the Americans score 4 unanswered for a big 7-3 victory.  Sweden went 1-2 on the PP and USA was 0-0.  USA got 2 goals from Marcelo Diluzio, Dan Barrett and Steve Ferrin.  A single marker from Murray Russell.  Sweden got goals from Mike Rukavina, Paul Barbosa and Leo Brideau.  Players of the Game went to Swedens Paul Barbosa and for the Yanks Steve Ferrin.  A wop and a pork chop walked into the bar………

So 3 rounds of 5 in the books.  Sweden is on top with 16 its followed by USA with 15, Finland with 11 and both Canada and Poland with 9.  The usually bandits lead the league in scoring with Diluzio on top and Tygesen and McKean on his tail.  Johnny ‘Cowboy’ Ridge leads the league in rookie scoring and in penalty minutes, Stan Mikita action.

So start of round 4 and the new year 2020 games on Friday, January 3 are as follows; 9:15 Canada vs USA and at 10:30 Finland vs Sweden.  Poland get the week off.

Wishing all of you and your families a Happy New Year, lots of love and best wishes.

See you all on the ice!