Fridays games recap.

Early game between Finland and Poland.  The top team Fin’s coming off a rare loss with the Canadians looked to bounce back to their winning ways in this tilt with the 2nd place Poles.  And yes sir re Jakub they came out firing on all cylinders out scoring Poland 4-1 in the 1st period.    Finland gets the lone goal in the 2nd frame and the final period went scoreless.  Finland wins 5-1 and with the victory have now officially locked the top seed for the playoffs with 6 weeks to go.  Impressive.  Poland went 0-2 on the PP and Fins were 0-0.  Finland gets  2 goals from both Kevin Nicholson and Dr. Joel May and a single from Brian Spence, team primary sponsor.  Alan Robb gets the Polish lone goal.  Players of the game goes to Finlands Kevin Nicholson and to Polands Alan Robb.  Please Mrs. Robb look away, oh boy….

Al Robb POG


Late game between Canada and Sweden was a good one.  Canada scores the lone goal in the opening frame.  Swedes score twice in the 2nd timing it up at 2’s, but the fiesty Canadians take back the lead at the tail end of the 2nd 3-2.  The Swedes score twice early in the 3rd and jump out in front 4-3 for the first time. Frantic action at both ends of the pond.  Swedes get a late goal and close this one out with a 5-3 victory.  Penalty free game, yes!!!!!   Sweden gets 2 goals from league leader Patrick Sharp and singles from Moe Connell, Billy Lott (what a shot????) and Neil Kelly.  Canada gets markers from Leo Brideau (who was assigned to shadow Sharp all night but failed haha) David Thompson and Paul Harty.  Players of the Game goes to Canada’s #1 Bobby Ide and to Sweden’s #10 with his 4th straight award #10 Moe Connell.



Next weeks games on Friday, February 3 will end our 4th round.  9:15  USA will face off with Sweden and at 10:30 Poland will do battle with Canada.  Finland will get the week off.

See you all on the ice!