Ok our last set of games ending our 3rd round and beginning a new calendar year. Early game between the surging Scots and Portugal. 2-0 for the Scots after 1 period. Scots out score the Portuguese 4-3 in the 2nd for a 6-3 lead after 2. Final period saw both squads score twice for a final Scotland victory of 8-5. Scotland went 1-2 on the PP and Portugal was 0-3. Portugal got 2 goals from Alan Robb and singles from Joe Peacock, Chris Johnson and Jay Cummings. Scotland had 2 dudes with 7 point nights, 2 goals and 5 assists for both Greg Platt and Patty Sharp. Also 2 goals from the stick of Neil Wilson and singles from Johnny Annan and Frank Nweisser. Players of the Game went to Portugals Alan ‘Fridge Magnet’ Robb.

And for the Scotts and always a funny pic, the ageless Johnny Annan.

Ok late game between our top team Italia and Slovenia. The Slov’s had an outbreak at their farms and only 7 players were available. They picked up the Barrett boys and Mike Russo to help out and boy did they. 1-1 after 1. 2-0 for the Slovs in the 2nd for a 3-1 lead after 2. 2 more Slovenia goals in the front half of the third made it 5-1 but with under 4 minutes to go Italy found their mojo and scored 3 times making it 5-4 with 90 seconds still left on the clock. They pulled their goalie (that sounded bad) and pressed hard (that was bad too) but Art shut the doors down and Slovenia wins 5-4. Quite the last 5 minutes in this one. No visits to Brenda from either side yeah!!!!! Italy got goals from Sal Guerra, Dwayne Tygesen, Jeff Boulton, and Paul Barbosa all 4 players from Siciliy I think. Slovenia got goals from fill ins Mike Russo and Dan Barrett with the game winner. Also Mike Paciuc, Murray Russell and Tony Cipparrone. Italy is still trying to trade for Cipparrone but the Slov’s are holding out for more alcohol. Players of the Game went to Slovenia’s #9 Mike Paciuc and for the Italians the very naked team sponsor, not sure if he was heading in or out of the showers, David Dupal. Is his hair wet or dry???

Ok so 3 rounds in the books and the Italians hold the top spot with 15 its, surging Scots in 2nd now with 14 pts. Struggling Portugal and Slovenia tied with 11 and Ireland just 1 back with 10 pts. The Scots have scored the most goals with 74, least with Italy and Ireland within 59. Most against goes to Portugal with 74 against and the least against and top goalie so far is Italy’s Rispoli with 58 against. Italy and Scotland also spend the most time with Brenda, Slovenia the least. Scots Sharp and Platt lead the league in scoring. Slovenia’s rookie Deware leads the league with 23 goals and Platt leads the league with 17 assists. Patty Sharp on ALL the leader boards including the infamous Johnny Sparrow most penalty minutes with 12 wtf????? Round 4 starts this Friday, January 13 at 9:15 Scotland plays Italy with a huge tilt for top spot. 10:30 Ireland back in action against Slovenia. Pork Chops get the week off making sausages some where north of Porto.

Will get our Super Bowl squares going in a few weeks as well, keep an eye for Plewsie selling squares soon. See you all on the ice lads!!